Allow me to expound on the latest vendetta by the Trumpsters and Hillary Haters to “get Hillary” – the allegations of pay-for-play.

Hillary had no signed agreement – it was between the Clinton Foundation and President Obama. Any efforts to place a violation on her shoulders are simply downright misleading. I have read the media take on the agreement. I also saw just this morning that at least 2,000 meetings with many individuals were held, so it will be interesting to see how the media deals with this and retools its facts to show that very few in percentage were held with non-government officials. I doubt they will bother.

I also located the much-touted MOU that Judicial Watch, Trump, and other Clinton detractors are using to argue corruption, pay-for-play, etc. I am also linking to her letter dated January 5, 2009, outlining her intended actions if she becomes Secretary of State. Nowhere in the MOU or her letter based on federal law does it require her to give up all contact with foreign and domestic individuals who might have some form of tie with the Clinton Foundation.

The MOU was between the Clinton Foundation signed by Bruce Lindsey CEO and Valerie Jarrett of the Presidential Transition Team. The MOU and her letter clearly detail the conditions under which she can still maintain the necessary global contacts that would be a part of any secretary of state’s duties. The Hillary Haters are trying their best to throw anything they can at Hillary to see what sticks. It is a vendetta and sickness that has been waged ever since Bill Clinton was president.

The problem is that the bulk of the public does not care about accuracy and facts. I am providing the links, and I hope you will read the information. Two of the three critical documents are located on the Judicial Watch site, which most of us know is in the business of destroying the Clintons through any means necessary.

But, I would like to give a summary of the 501(c)(3) and NGO roles that the Clinton Foundation (CF) plays in our global interrelationships and interactions with those less fortunate.

1. The umbrella – or parent non-profit – is the Clinton Foundation. President Clinton is the President and Chelsea is the Vice Chair.

2. Under the umbrella of the CF, seven various organizations work on different global issues to help those less fortunate:

a. Clinton HIV-AIDS Initiative (CHAI)
b. Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)
c. Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI)
d. Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative (CGSGI)
e. Clinton Hunter Development Initiative (CHDI)
f. Clinton Economic Opportunity Initiative (CEOI)
g. Alliance for a Healthier Generation (AHG)

Each of these separate entities works on a different aspect of global need.

Finally, I have included the link to the page on the Clinton Foundation site where one can see the contributors – as agreed to in the MOU.

I am at a point of numbness and despair at what has happened to this country. I have driven and traveled from coast to coast and border to border. I love this country, but I can no longer accept the hatred of those like Trump and his followers. I waver between removing myself from involvement of any kind to thinking that I have to do more.

I am going on 69 years old, and every year it gets harder to find the energy to tolerate the -isms that are still rampant in this country.

The Clinton Foundation does good work, and those who hate the Clintons to the point of fanaticism would have that global work stopped simply because it is a Clinton initiative. How shameful and what a continuing sadness for our country.…/clinton-inc-december-3…/…/hillary-clinton…/…/6eb70baa-696e-11e6…/4426618-clinton-obama