Can we say musical “chairs?” Good grief, how about some new blood in the administration instead of recyclables. Mark Becker has now been named to the Redevelopment Commission.  I am sure Becker is knowledgeable, but it sure looks like he plays hop scotch a lot.

1. deputy mayor
2. director of community development,
3. director of economic development for the City of Fort Wayne;
4. executive director of the Northeast Indiana Fund; and
5. president and CEO of Greater Fort Wayne Inc.

Becker currently serves as a consultant for Parkview Health – wonder if that will cause any conflicts of interest? When do the “people” get to be represented on these commissions?

And, in his place? Why, none other than Eric Doden – a previous mayoral candidate on the Republican ticket, a Pence devotee, and previous director of the Indiana Economic Development Commission (IDEC). Oh, and he was and is involved in the new CityScapes project.

I wonder if the hiring process is now to play musical chairs to see which previous or current administration official – or other “insider” – will be the fastest at grabbing a seat.