One of the most irritating things about Marlin Stutzman is his air of superiority.  While pushing to separate the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that helps families – I assume so that it may be gutted more easily – he has fed at the trough of government largesse for 18 years by holding his hand out for farm subsidies to the tune of $196,268.

Let’s do a little calculating.  Stutzman – keep in mind, just Marlin, not his family – received $196,268 from 1995 – 2012. That calculates to $10,903.77 per year. Breaking it down farther, it equals $908.65 per month.  In Indiana, the average per recipient SNAP amount is $132.46 per month. Assume a family of four, and the family receives $529.84 a month.

In a year, assuming no changes, the family would receive $6,358.08. Stutzman received  $10,903.77 in subsidies.  Looks like Marlin is doing just fine.

Stutzman and Subsidies

And just for fun, here are the amounts his father received through Michigan. $944,000 – isn’t that close to a million dollars from the government trough? So, Marlin and Albert Stutzman received – between the two of them – $1,140,268.  While Stutzman is busily working hard to separate the farm bill from the SNAP program, he continues to belly up to the government trough of farm subsidies – and belly up and belly up.


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  1. cw martin says:

    AND Marlin has fought to rework subsidies to limit their cost to the taxpayer. Unfortunately, farm subsidies- started by FDR- have become a part of life, one that many farmers can’t do without. The SNAP was separated so that a farm bill could be passed without the political infighting that SNAP would bring. Plus, anyway you slice it, that $908 a month gets divided up amongst fuel, equipment, employees, seed, property taxes, etc., a lot faster than $132 dollars worth of food stamps. Apples and oranges, my friend.

    • Exactly how hard has Stutzman fought? He could make an example and not apply for the subsidies or tell his father not to apply. SNAP was separated so it could be slashed more easily. Separating it from the Farm Bill is not going to stop the infighting. As to how the money gets divided, that is not the issue. In both situations, the money will go toward necessities. The issue is I don’t see Stutzman refunding any of the subsidies, yet, he is more than happy to cut SNAP benefits, and they are also something that a family may need to survive.

      I was married to a farmer, and my great-grandfather was a farmer. Currently the U.S. pays out $20 billion a year to recipients. Seems to me if Congress wanted to get rid of that amount – which isn’t much in the overall picture – they could do it easily.

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