Looks like the Donald is getting some of his own medicine.  In an earlier interview, Trump stated he “got lucky” and didn’t get drafted because his number was high.  Trump was born on June 14, 1946.  So, let’s, just for fun, look at how he avoided the draft from 1964 at the age of 18 through 1972 when he turned 26, and the draft was on its way out.

The classifications given to Trump over the eight-year period of time were:

  • 2-S  – 1964  – received July 1964 (student deferment)
  • 2-S – 1965  –  received December 1965 (student deferment)
  • 1-A – 1966  – received November 1966 (unrestricted military service)
  • 2-S – 1966  – received December 1966 (student deferment)
  • 2-S -1968  –  received January 1968 (student deferment)
  • 1-A – 1968 – received July 1968 (unrestricted military service)
  • 1-Y – 1968 – received October 1968 (Registrant available for military service, but qualified only in case of war or national emergency. Usually given to registrants with medical conditions that were limiting but not disabling (examples: high blood pressure, mild muscular or skeletal injuries or disorders, skin disorders, severe allergies, etc.). Class was discontinued in December, 1971 and its members were reclassified as 4-F.
  • 4-F – 1972 – received February 1972

According to Selective Service records, Trump received three deferments while he attended college.  He graduated in 1968, which ended his college deferment.  At the end of his second college deferment, he was re-classified to a 1-A, which surely sent him into a panic as he anxiously watched the mailbox each day for that letter with the salutation – “Greetings” and ended with instructions to report for duty.

Trump actually had the lack of foresight to say he was “sitting at college” watching the draft numbers being drawn.  Excuse me, Mr. Trump, but the lottery didn’t begin officially until 1969 with the first drawing in 1970 and you graduated in 1968.

After graduating from college, he apparently went to work for his father’s business and somehow finagled a 1-Y deferment.  The 1-Y provided that the registrant was eligible but for some health reason, the registrant was unable to serve.  In the next few weeks expect to become privy to Trump’s medical records so we can see just what horrendous medical condition plagued Trump so badly that he was prevented from reporting for duty.

The draft lottery to which Trump refers was in place in 1970, 1971, and 1972.   During all three years of the draft lottery, Trump hid under the blanket of his 1-Y classification.  In 1972, Trump turned 26 and was still in possession of his 4-F classification.  His lottery number for 1972 was 95 – a  number that put him in the first 25% of young men who were subject to being drafted.  In all likelihood, had he not had his 4-F classification, he would have been drafted based on his number of 95.

Trump is now getting a dose of his own medicine, and he will soon find out how uncharitable the right is to candidates who dodged the draft.  For Trump, the games have just begun.

Donald Trump – draft status record – credit to Smoking Gun


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  1. gadfly says:


    I do not presume to know how old you are, but had you been 18 or over during the Viet Nam War, you would have been entirely exempted from the draft due to your sex — so did you dodge the draft? I am not at all sure why you find it necessary to infer that The Donald dodged the draft by attending college, thereby receiving an automatic deferral. As you can see from the Selective Service form, Mr. Trump regularly reported changes in his student status, thus receiving 1-A status when he was not attending classes. Attaining 1-Y and 4-F status would require a physical examination, so whats the beef?

    As for his high lottery number, there is no evidence presented here that he did not have a high number. I am older than The Donald and I have no memory as to my draft status, except to say that I know the student deferment was automatic, so I can forgive him if he “misremembered.”

    I personally dislike Donald Trump’s business ethics, but I don’t think that is right to attack him for a memory lapse.

  2. Well Gadfly – you will have to take up the gender issue with Congress. Personally, I believe women should have to register as well as men. Men are punished by being denied student loans if they do not register.

    I graduated in 1966, so I am 63 and grew up in the middle of the Vietnam War. And, I am not inferring anything; I am stating it. Trump got out of the service by attending college and then coming up with an unknown illness or condition that kept him from being drafted. He “dodged” the draft – plain and simple. The draft in those days had many ways of getting out of going to the service, and young men took them when they could.

    Now, as to his reporting on his status. If you will bother to look at the sequence of events, you will note that, of course he reported every year to keep his 2-S status. You will notice that when he was shunted into the 1-A he, by gosh, went back in and got it changed back to the 2-S as soon as possible. And, when he finally graduated and his college deferment ran out and he was placed in the 1-A in July 1968, three months later, he came up with a medical reason not to go. Anyone who grew up in that time period knows full well that medical exams could be manipulated.

    His high numbers, which you can easily find by going to the Selective Service site and matching the numbers with his birth date, occurred during the years he had the 1-Y and 4-F status, so it didn’t matter. He can brag all he wants; he was already deferred.

    He sat and told a reporter that he remembers watching the lottery numbers being drawn while he was in college at Wharton. A bald-faced lie. He graduated from Wharton in 1968, and the first lottery took effect at the end of 1969, with the first year reporting 1970.

    Criticize all you will. He dodged the draft, and, if he intends to run for president, he might as well get used to his entire life being placed under a microscope.

  3. By the way, I do not believe it was a memory lapse. He is a college grad and is supposed to be an intelligent man. I find it hard to believe he did not know when the lottery began and ended.

  4. gadfly says:


    Being a college grad does not prevent memory lapse — I am living, breathing proof, since I had no idea when the lottery started and stopped.

    You are accusing Trump of finding a doctor to lie about his medical condition. Proof please. Just because the UW Madison doctors wrote false absence excuses for striking Madison teachers does not mean that Trump “found a friend.”

    BTW, Trump’s draft number was 356, issued in 1969 for 1970 according to NRO. A commenter on the article “the Donald and the Draft” noted that he did not serve in ‘Nam because he received a temporary 1-Y classification for being overweight and was told that he would have to come back the next year and for all years of conscription eligibility to determine his status. Instead of having to return the following year, the commenter received a 4-F classification notice in the mail. So it is possible that the Selective Service folks just cleared a bunch of “overweight” 1-Y guys from the rolls.

  5. Gadfly:

    That is what I told you. His numbers were high, but he already had his deferment for the 1-Y which was converted to a 4-F. The numbers meant absolutely nothing since he already knew he wasn’t going to be drafted.

    To sit in an interview and justify his non-service because of his high number is disingenuous. He wasn’t in any danger of going because he already had a deferment. Overweight? I wonder what overweight meant at the time he got a deferment.

    He played sports through high school, so I am assuming he was somewhat fit. But, I will lay you odds someone will find out what his weight was in 1968 when he received his 1-Y/4-F – a classification which apparently lasted for four years without further appearances. Looks like they – oops – forgot about him for four years.

  6. JC says:

    According to my dear old dad, who served in ’66 in the 709th in Bearcat, the lottery was alive and well. I guess the argument of whether it was “official” or not is based on your perspective. From the photos he finally shared with us over Chrismas just this year, I would say that the lottery was pretty “official” to him and many others.
    But the Trumps, GW Bushes, and other politicians (like Obama) keep sending kids (not sons of millionaires) off to feed the economy driven war machine. This is not a democratic or republican issue, it’s about the US keeping its nose out of foreign affairs that do not directly concern us.

  7. JC:

    I appreciate you dad’s service; however, I am talking about the official lottery, which was not initiated until 1969. If you generically equate the draft with a lottery concept, so be it.

    In 1966 my husband was in the Army, and the lottery did not exist at that time. You either volunteered or were drafted. He volunteered. The lottery was initiated to try to give the appearance of “fairness” although even that failed to work since issues were raised about the thoroughness of the mixing of the capsules.

    You make a point which I raised above – that the process could be manipulated. If there are people out there who just don’t believe this, then they need to study the history of the military and the draft. In the early days of the Vietnam War, the two main ways of avoiding service – at least that I saw- were being accepted to college and having a child or children.

  8. Trump is not a serious candidate. Last week, he went into a profanity-laced tirade in which he vowed to impose price controls on oil. I can’t think of any political party currently in existence that would nominate him for POTUS.

  9. Robert:

    I know he isn’t, but he sure is making a fool of himself in the process of not being a serious candidate. Why on earth would he swear like he did? His glower at the Press Club Roast was priceless.

    • Andy S. says:

      Hello Charlotte –

      Glad to read you are doing well and still keeping folks informed.

      Last month’s media Trump hysteria has been something to witness. No better self promoter on the planet than Trump. He definitely would have made P.T. Barnum proud.

      The White House Correspondents Dinner this past weeekend was painful to watch – if one was a fan of Trump.

      I think Trump’s plan was to sit, grim-faced and try to intimidate the crowd with his ‘presence’.

      Turned out, Trump was the one who looked foolish – especially after focusing so much time/attention on birth certificates. All the while Barack sat cool as a cucumber, without giving any hint or inclination one of the most daring military missions in recent times was under well under way.

      • I watched the clips from the Correspondents Dinner, and, it was painful. Trump looked stone-faced and not a slight smile at all.

        Obama looked like he was really enjoying it. Amazing that the mission was soon to be concluded.

        He claims he is going to announce his run. That should be interesting.

  10. xcopper1966 says:

    Excellent debate going on here, glad I clicked ! Charlotte, Kudos on your side, looks like you were well prepared before posting. Im not a fan of Trumps ethics either…..I would enjoy the Debate part 2 entitled SARAH PALIN……..

  11. Norma says:

    Charlotte you are apparently way younger than I thought, or very immature, but student deferments were not draft dodging then, and they are not considered so now. There were also medical and religious deferments. They too weren’t draft dodgers. My husband had several, and also a deferment as a father. You are slandering millions who were in college at that time.

    There are hundreds of reasons for Trump not to run as a Republican–I personally think he’s a Democrat mole–but draft dodger isn’t one of them. He did Obama’s work by acting like an ass-hole, got everyone’s eye off the real issue of O’s incompetence, and now he can go back to entertaining.

    • Oh come now, Norma, student deferments certainly were “draft dodging.” If you took advantage of a situation to keep from being drafted, you “dodged” the draft.

      I would say you are extremely naive – or perhaps much younger than I thought – if you think men didn’t go to college to avoid the draft. I find it laughable that you would actually try to defend Trump. He got his student deferment for four years, graduated, and immediately, somehow came up with a medical deferment that lasted until he was safe from the lottery and the draft.

      It isn’t slander if it is the truth. You might want to rethink your definition of draft dodging. What is slanderous about the statements? If the shoe fits, wear it. I knew young men who got their girlfriends pregnant, got married, and got out of being drafted because they were fathers. The easy way was to go to college.

      Perhaps you have forgotten, but college students were a major force against the war and the draft. Have you forgotten Kent State? Why do you think college students were so active? They knew if the college deferment was abolished, the young men would be on their way to the draft.

      And, just for your edification, I graduated in 1966 – smack dab in the buildup of the Vietnam War.

      I guess Obama’s incompetence got us bin Laden in 2 1/2 years – something that Bushie failed to do in 7 years. Hmm. And remember, Bushie even said he didn’t care about bin Laden. Guess he was certainly wrong judging by the response by the public.

  12. Jim says:

    Hi Charlotte!

    I don’t know Norma and I certainly don’t know her heart, so I won’t aim this directly at her.

    I will say, however, that the “draft dodging” allegations only seem to have political cachet when they are aimed at Democrats. Bill Clinton was a draft dodger. Donald Trump is not.

    Beyond that, we saw in 2002 and 2004 how lies and innuendo about liberals (and even moderate Democrats) can work so effectively at the polls. John Kerry was not a decorated war hero. He was a cowardly “surrender monkey” who lied about his record and trick the military into awarding him numerous medals. Max Cleland was an enabler of Osama bin Laden and a friend to terrorists. This, despite the fact that Cleland left three limbs on the battlefield in Vietnam. And ironically, these allegations against Cleland were aimed at him by Saxby Chambliss. Chambliss recieved multiple deferrments during the Vietnam War…all because of a bum knee. A perfectly honorable and understandable exception. So, why did Cleland run track and play football all during those years?

    I agree with Norma that anyone receiving a deferrment for reasons of health, family obligations or academic endeavors should not be presumed to be draft dodging. They are legally evading service, for reasons permitted by law. I have a brother in law who was 4-D during Vietnam.


    But what irks me about the same relative is that he considered John Kerry a coward. He regarded Max Cleland as a traitor. He told his grandchildren that President Clinton was a draft dodger. (Yet somehow, my B-I-L was not.)

    I also have respect for those who, because of their opposition to the war in Vietnam, refused to serve. I personally think the most honorable response would be to refuse combat duty and accept whatever punishment or sanction the government deemed just. But I understand the impulse to run to Canada. Particularly where such a grossly unnecessary and immoral war was concerned.


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