Dan Coats is a whiner.  We pay our elected officials to complete a job which includes up to the day they leave office.  But that seems to be too much for Coats to bear, and, instead, he would rather have seen our “lame-duck” officials sit back, take it easy, leave any number of important issues undecided, and head for the hills come January.

Of course, Coats would rather have had he and his new Republican cronies take control of all those issues to decide in favor of their wealthy contributors.   After all, the wealthiest of the wealthy could have counted on Coats and his buddies to extend the tax cuts permanently, ensuring continued gracious support from them come election time.

And, Coats assured those departing no-goods who actually got a job done that “we will be watching you”  Here is his statement:

“Congress should have voted against raising taxes and against new spending, and then packed up for home to enjoy the holidays with family and friends.”

He accused Democratic leaders of threatening members with an extended session to win votes on “unpopular” bills.   Two-thirds of the public vigorously opposed extending the tax cuts to the top earners over $250,000.  Was that the unpopular bill of which he spoke?

Although disagreement cropped up within the Democratic party over the tax cut bill, the Democrats got some good bills passed.  Just what did Coats decide he didn’t want done?  Did he want the tax cuts to expire so that the issue could become a given with the wealthy winning tax cuts into eternity?  And the rest of the taxpayers seeing an increase in their already dwindling take-home income?

Did he want the thousands and thousands whose unemployment benefits were to expire to face weeks with the Republicans dithering over whether the benefits should continue or not?

Did he want the START treaty languishing in the Senate so that the Hawks could spew fear to the public to try to convince their constituents as well as each other that the  “Reds are coming, the Reds are coming?”

Coats carpetbagged his way into another senate term, and he is now acting like a spoiled child who didn’t get the toys he wanted for Christmas.  He says he is part of a group that is being “sent to Washington to do things differently.”  Well, nothing is stopping him from doing things differently when his term starts.

But, for now, our congressional members earned their pay right up to the end of their terms.  Nothing wrong with that.  We paid them to do so, and they did.  Coats isn’t a senator yet, but, heaven help us when he is, once again, in that position.

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I own a home in the historical West Central Neighborhood of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have four grown sons and nine grandchildren - four grandsons and five granddaughters. I love to work on my home, and I enjoy crafts of all types. But, most of all, I enjoy being involved in political and community issues.
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  1. G.R. says:

    And you cite an article from the Center for American Progress?

    Among the qualifiers to work there, just answer yes to these questions.

    1. Did you ever sign a petition that stated “high-level government officials may have deliberately allowed the September 11th attacks to occur”?
    2. Do you support the convicted cop-killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal?
    3. Are you a street agitator committed to Marxist revolution?

    Remember Van Jones, the black nationalist Marxist cop-killer advocate who was forced out of the Obama administration for being a 9/11 truther, he works there? How about Leon Podesta?

    The fact is, the majority of Americans supported not “raising taxes” which is what this was. I could point you to several polls, but you’d claim it was nothing more than conservative lackeys that conducted them, so I won’t waste everyone’s time.

  2. G.R.

    I notice that you did not address my main point – that our legislators are paid up to the day they leave office in January. Did you just want them to throw their hands up on November 3rd and sit back, draw their pay, and leave?

    They would have been criticized for that. They took on existing challenges and accomplished a number of them. Coats is simply whining because he now has to wait two more years to try to make the tax cuts for his wealthy friends permanent.

    And, I could cite other polls that show Americans are tired of the super rich getting benefits and breaks they do not need.

    By the way, a new survey of what the rich are buying shows that they are back to luxury items such as diamond earrings, gold, etc. All those items that create sooo many new jobs for the economy. The rich are simply using their money to accumulate more and more without putting Americans back to work. After all, isn’t that the argument the Republicans make about tax cuts? That the money will go to creating jobs?

  3. Jim says:

    Hello G.R.!

    Just for the record, none of what you are suggesting about CAP is true, with the exception of your invocation of Van Jones. Mr. Jones is one of dozens of available experts listed by CAP. He is available to represent CAP on issues of green jobs and the environment. You refer to him as “the black nationalist Marxist cop-killer advocate”. Would you care to explain exactly what a “black nationalist” is, so we all understand what that nomenclature means? Could you also tell us if Mr. Jones has disassociated himself with the “Marxist organization” in question or if he remains on board? Or would you simply say any left wing organization is Marxist? (That’s fine, I just want to understand the rules here.) When did Mr. Jones urge people to kill police officers?

    Concerning Jones’ presence on a 9/11 Truther list, I particularly share your anger. The Truthers are a bunch of nuts. But they are hardly liberal. The group is made up of just as many far right anarchists, tea partiers and libertarians as left wingers. Recognizing, of course, that anarchists can be left or right wing. 😉

    Oh. And who is Leon Podesta. I know who John Podesta is. I know who Leon Panetta is. Did you conflate the two? How is either one anything more than a mainstream liberal? Indeed, Panetta is probably more center-left than anything. John Podesta, to whom you refer I think, is in charge of CAP. But I fail to see anything in his record that is Marxist. Liberal does not mean Marxist, my friend. Any more than Conservative means Fascist.



  4. Norma says:

    Let’s review a little 1930s–when FDR dug us deeper in a hole. As he raised tax rates and lowered the threshold for the rich the unemployment went up. You want that for us now–you want more loopholes, more businesses to leave the country, more ways to not invest? The public wants jobs, not redistribution of wealth.

  5. Norma:

    Businesses are leaving the country left and right because they are greedy and see the ability to take in huge profits by exploiting workers in foreign countries who work for .50 cents an hour.

    Don’t kid yourself – these companies have a bottom line called profit, and they will get to it in whatever way they can. Where is all the outrage about corporations exploiting workers in a country known for its human rights violations? Does that not bother you?

    And, as to protecting the environment? American corporations can pollute to their hearts content. Instead of lauding these corporations, we should be penalizing them. Millions of jobs have gone overseas, not because of taxes, but because of pure greed.

  6. Jim says:

    Hi Norma!

    Thanks for weighing in!

    There are, of course, two credible views of the FDR legacy. One is yours, that FDR prolonged the Great Depression and only the ramp up to Lend Lease and War pulled us out. The other view is that the Gilded Age policies of the Robber Baron Presidencies caused a stock market collapse and a Great Depression that required intense, immediate and overwhelming federal intervention. The latter view is shared by Nobel Prize-winning historians and economists; but in fairness, it must be said that there is no shortage of economists who favor the first view. (One can, however, question whether or not their biases are shaped by powerful economic interests. The latter argue for the poor and disenfranchised. What have they to gain from that? The former are frequently in the pay of large corporations or think tanks bankrolled by large corporate interests.)

    But really, that discussion is quite the digression from your overarching point. You suggest that liberals want more loopholes. For whom, my friend? If I heard the President correctly, he advocated an end to tax breaks for oil companies. And while he supported (unreasonably, I think) some tax breaks for large corporations, he did call for closing loopholes they use to avoid paying taxes. General Electric, for instance, managed to pay absolutely no federal taxes last year.

    In terms of businesses leaving our shores, I share your consternation. Where I suspect we diverge is on the question of why. Conservatives say our minimum wage laws, our relatively limited safety and environmental regulations and our supposedly high tax levels on corporations are driving businesses to other countries.

    Of course, they have some of that right. At times, businesses will choose to re-locate to places where the cheapest, most exploitable labor is available. The conservative answer to that — at least as articulated by a number of Tea Party candidates — is to eliminate the minimum wage. I have no doubt whatsoever that doing so would, indeed, persuade some companies to stay here. And what we will have done is brought the American worker closer to the level of the Laotian or Mexican or Pakistani worker. How does the notion of earning a buck fifty an hour play in your house, Norma? So we agree that a great many corporate fat cats would just love to be able to pay their workers even less. But why is that a good thing? Creating jobs is a great thing…but creating lots of jobs at Dunkin’ Donuts or Dollar General Store won’t lift anyone out of poverty.

    I’m not sure any company opts for another country because workplace safety and environmental rules are so strict here…and so loose elsewhere. Indeed, most developed countries have far stricter safety and environmental laws. But even if an American company opts to move to someplace like Bangladesh or Paraguay, I doubt these issues drove that decision. The bottom line for those who care solely about the “bottom line” is cheap labor.

    It is true that a great many American businesses either relocated to Ireland, Greece and Spain, or chose to expand there (as opposed to here) because these countries offered such extravagantly low and even non-existent taxes. For over a decade, conservatives pointed to Ireland, Iceland, Greece and other countries as examples of how to create jobs and woo business. Low or no taxes! Well how’s that working out now, Norma? Iceland, Ireland and Greece are pretty much bankrupt. Spain is likely to be next. Asking businesses to pay no taxes, or low taxes, is fatally short-sighted for a country. I daresay, even for a city or a county.

    You say, “the public wants jobs, not redistribution of wealth”. I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, we’ve been redistributing wealth in this country from the working classes to the fabulously rich since the 1980’s. All we’re asking is for it to end. Proportionately, the working poor and the middle class pay far more in taxes than do the very rich. And Norma, no one — except me, perhaps! — is calling for a return to the levels of taxation that existed under that radical, left wing, Socialist President…Dwight Eisenhower. That tax rate was 91%. President Obama wants to move it from 35% to what? 38 and a half percent?

    I’m with you about jobs, Norma. That’s what we want and need. But good jobs. Not minimum wage jobs (or lower, if some Tea Party candidates get their way.) Earlier this decade, Governor Daniels visited Fort Wayne and his administration was hailed as “a job-creating machine”. The examples offered involved a Wal Mart distribution center, a Family Dollar Store warehouse and plans for a few dozen new Dunkin’ Donuts stores that would be opening in NE Indiana. While I would never eschew such job creation — kids need a place to work after school or on summer break — the notion that a man or woman could support a family on low wage, no-benefit income is classic absurdity straight from the tortured mine of the “Let them eat cake” elites on the right.

    So let’s talk, instead, about how we can create lasting, high-wage, decent-benefit jobs. What would you suggest, Norma?

    All the best,


  7. to quote sarah palin- draw target here. X marks the spot.
    take all the right wing bs rhetoric, and turn their words against themselves. just joking. dont need no stinking badges banging down my door. but you see the point. do unto others, bla bla bla.. evangelical conservative republican hypocrites, blind guides leading the blind right into the ditch. or in the words of louis the 16 to marie antoinette- the peasants are revolting” they surely are, and dont call me shirley, my names marie. Like some cake?”

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