It didn’t take the Third District’s newly-minted congressional representative long to vote against the interests of the unemployed in the district he represents.  The House vote on an extension of unemployment insurance for three months was put to a vote yesterday.  It was Stutzman’s first vote, and he chose to vote against the extension.

A two-thirds vote was required to pass the extension, and the Third District’s Republican representative lined up with his Hoosier Republican buddies and voted “nay”  despite the fact that there are thousands of unemployed workers in the Third District, and many of them need the extension to survive.  And, despite the fact that he has only been in the House for two whole days.   Perhaps his mind was already made up as to how he would vote before he ever stepped foot in the Capitol Building.


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I own a home in the historical West Central Neighborhood of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have four grown sons and nine grandchildren - four grandsons and five granddaughters. I love to work on my home, and I enjoy crafts of all types. But, most of all, I enjoy being involved in political and community issues.
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  1. Tim Zank says:

    “Perhaps his mind was already made up as to how he would vote before he ever stepped foot in the Capitol Building.”

    He sure as hell had better have had his mind made up beforehand, that was kind of the idea Charlotte. Overwhelmingly elect the right guy to do the right thing. And he DID what we elected him to do.

  2. Really, Tim?

    I guess you haven’t bothered to ask the thousands of unemployed in the Third District if they think it was the right thing. Or, if I might ask, are you unemployed and agree with his vote?

  3. Tim Zank says:

    I’m the same as unemployed, I’m a Real Estate Broker and yes I support cutting off ANYBODY that’s been on unemployment at 99 freaking weeks.

  4. ellen says:

    Besides being the moral thing to do, the majority support continuing these federal unemployment programs, and this fact trumps concerns about the deficit – which should be no surprise when nearly half of all unemployed workers have been looking for work for more than six months but have not been able to find jobs.”
    Millions of jobless, or underemployed are not sitting on their butts! Mr. Zank you have no clue as to how it feels to live off a meager unemployment check.

  5. Arthur Lewis says:

    I wonder how ‘fiscally conservative’ he’ll be when it comes to corporate welfare.

  6. cw martin says:

    Not to mention the fact that he voted against it because those that proposed it have offered up no means to pay for it. Perhaps he should ask the president to take some of that average 9% raise that he gave government staffers already making over 100 grand this year and apply it to unemployment insurance.

  7. Judith Steckly says:

    Stutzman’s vote is just what he said he would do during the campaign. Dr. Hayhurst attacked Stutzman for voting for a “tax increase” to start paying back the federal government for the huge loan Indiana took to pay unemployment benefits. Stutzman voted right to bring businesses into compliance with paying unemployment INSURANCE, but he did not support the length of time an unemployed person could continue receiving the insurance payments. After all, he was a Tea Party candidate–the unemployed can find a job if they stop being so dependent on the government!!!!

    But the issue during the campaign should have been that Stutzman foolishly signed a pledge to never raise any taxes, and he broke that pledge. Stutzman also said he did not want to receive farm subsidies, but he SIGNED up to get them. Stutzman SIGNED the 10thers Pledge to try to eliminate any federal involvement in anything not mentioned in the Constitution. Let’s hope he breaks that pledge too! Obviously Stutzman does not believe that signing a promise (pledge) means that you have to keep it! Employers contribute to workers’ employment insurance as part of their compensation so that if they become unemployed they will be able to collect from that insurance a proportionate amount of money until there is a job available. This agreement should not be broken, and a job does not mean things like directing traffic at less than half of former wages.

    Unfortunately this is the first of many devastating votes we can expect from a Tea Partier who to our shame was elected by a majority of US to represent US in Congress!!!

  8. Charlotte,

    I 100% agree with Stutzman on this vote as well.

    Charlotte the Republicans offered to extend the benefits for three months as long as the additional Federal expenditure was paid for. The Republicans want to use stimulus money that has not been spent as well as TARP money that was not spent.

    The Democrats refuse to pay for this extension, instead they want to add the expenditure to the National Debt.

    The Democrats are the Party being fiscally irresponsible with this vote…


  9. To all who support Stutzman and his vote:

    Then how do the Republicans expect to pay for maintaining the tax cuts? Isn’t that an issue as well? Or will the Republicans ignore that because they just don’t want to deal with having to make cuts to support continuation of the Bush-era tax cuts? Isn’t the extension to cost around $3.4 million? How do you justify that? I don’t hear you addressing that issue.

    Which comes first – the chicken or the egg? We have taxes in place and they get lowered then if the tax cuts expire, it is called a tax increase. No, it is simply restoring the level to where it was before.

  10. Tim Zank says:

    Charlotte, there is $247 billion laying in the Obama “stimulus” fund UNSPENT. (which is a whole other fiasco but it’s there)…The republicans are more than willing to approve the benefits extension ($12.5 billion) if it’s paid for. This ain’t rocket science, you take the 12.5 out of the 247 that is doing nobody anygood at all. They offered a win-win, your dems don’t want to do that. Remember all that lip service from Obama & especially Pelosi about “pay as you go”?????? What on Earth happened to that?

    Yes it sucks to be unemployed, but tell the truth, if your adult kids were approaching 2 years without a job, would you put a foot in their ass or write them another check?

  11. Tim:

    I asked about financing the tax cuts. When Bush put them into effect, it took revenue out of the system. Letting them expire will increase revenue. How will the Republicans pay for leaving the tax cuts in place to the tune of $3.4 million?

  12. Tim:

    I don’t know the circumstances behind someone being unemployed for two years. I would suspect that in some localities in this country, that is entirely possible. Are there those who abuse the system? Of course – just like abuse is found in any of our systems from private enterprise ripping off the American taxpayer a la Halliburton and rebuilding Iraq to those who have bilked Medicare. It needs to stop, and I don’t care how powerful or what the “buddy, buddy” relationship is.

  13. Tim Zank says:

    Charlotte, in r/e the tax cuts: First of all, If memory serves, tax revenues went up after the Bush tax cuts were implemented (as they did with JFK’s and Reagans).

    2nd, the argument that leaving the current tax structure as is and in place will “cost” anything is ridiculous, . Think of it this way, it’s the equivalent of putting a bid in on a million dollar contract and your bid is not accepted, are you now “out” a million dollars? No, you never HAD the million to begin with.

    Leave taxes alone for everybody, stop spending millions on stupid sh*t.

  14. Charlotte,

    On my blog I have specifically said that I OPPOSE extending the Bush tax cuts for both the middle classed and the wealthy. We cannot afford to extend those tax cuts.

    I am a fiscal conservative. I do not know why many Republcians (in fact almost all elected Republcians) want to keep cutting taxes. The Federal deficit and debt are too high to cut taxes.

    We need to aggressively cut spending on EVERYTHING; including entitlement programs AND the military.

    Mike Sylvester

  15. mark says:


    I haven’t seen you lobbying to triple the amount of unemployment benefits and making the extension indefinite, which is what I want to do. Obviously, you don’t casre about the unemployed as much as I do and you just want to “stick it to them.” How can you be so heartless, or so captive to the big business interests that obviously pull your strings.

    Just ask the unemployed. They will agree with me not you. Since I want to give them more than you do, I clearly am more moral than you. You are just selfish. There is no other possible reason for your position.

  16. gettapair says:

    Mike and Charlotte are both dead wrong on the tax cuts, and, it’s not cuts. We need to cut spending, period. We’re spending dollars we do not have. Obama and the Fed just want to print more money. We’re beholden to the Chinese for a majority of our debt, and they’re coming her investing in real estate and businesses at a time when they can be had at a premium.

    Mike, this isn’t a “keep cutting taxes” scenario as you stated. It would be a tax increase. I read your blog and you don’t seem like someone that would spend money he doesn’t have. That’s exactly what the fed/Obama are doing.

    How about Lugar and his opposition to the two-year moratorium on ear banks (PORK). Where do you stand on that?

  17. L. Marine says:

    There is no doubt that there are many unemployed in Ft Wayne but many of them prefer to stay on unemployment than actually work for about the same amount of money.How long has it been since someone knocked on your door and said”I am out of work-are there any odd jobs I could do for you? I would find yard work or even make work if someone had the gumption to do this. When I grew up during the depression my father worked for 50 cents a day digging ditches rather than consider taking welfare(there was no unemployment for poor farmers in those days). I know we need to be compassionate but we also need to take responsibility for ourselves and the children we help create!!

  18. Gettapair,

    You should “gettapair” and post using your real name like I do…

    You are 100% wrong on extending the Bush Tax Cuts. This country is broke and all of our politicians need to understand that. We CANNOT afford to extend the tax cuts; that is a simple fact. We need to stop passing tax laws that expire every couple of years and we need to SIMPLIFY the tax code.

    Where you are right is we need to cut spending. We need an across the board 5% spending cut in every Federal Department. That would be a small step in the right direction and likely that is as much as we can cut in the first year. Our economy is fragile; however, in the medium term we need to cut Federal spending by 20-30%. I advocate cutting EVERY Federal program by at least 15% across the board in the medium term and completely eliminating wasteful programs like agricultural subsidies, all foreign aid, etc.

    We need to get our troops out of the middle east and close a bunch of military bases overseas and bring more of our troops home. We need to increase the retirement age and we need to cut entitlement spending.


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