Marlin went missing.  He was to appear by phone on the Gary Snyder show but failed to do so.  His appearance was touted on the blogs and on the Gary Snyder show line up; however, Mr. Stutzman simply was no where to be found.  After a few  minutes, the two hosts started chatting about “dead air” space.  And, as time drug on, they began tossing out invitations to various and sundry politicians to call in.  One of those invited to call in was Dr. Tom Hayhurst, the Democratic candidate for the Third District Congressional seat.

Dr. Hayhurst was listening, and opportunity knocked.  He responded to the invite and was provided with about 10 minutes of air time in which to express his opinions and answer questions from the hosts.  I can’t say I am surprised by Stutzman’s failure to appear (of course there could have been an emergency – in which case he would surely have called to explain to Mr. Snyder).  He seems to be in hiding these days and only attending functions where he is certain to receive strong support.

Perhaps he just wasn’t prepared to answer random questions from the listening audience.  Kind of makes you wonder if he is prepared to be our Third District Representative.  On the other hand, Dr. Hayhurst was prepared and stepped up to help the hosts out by chatting with them on a number of issues.

As Stutzman did his disappearing act, Dr. Hayhurst accepted the opportunity to again talk to the constituents of the Third District –  something he has done on a consistent basis throughout his lengthy career as a Third District resident.  And for one overriding reason – he truly cares about this district and what happens to its citizens and residents.

Dr. Hayhurst visiting AWS during its Open House


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I own a home in the historical West Central Neighborhood of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have four grown sons and nine grandchildren - four grandsons and five granddaughters. I love to work on my home, and I enjoy crafts of all types. But, most of all, I enjoy being involved in political and community issues.
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  1. Andy S. says:

    Kudos to Tom Hayhurst for calling in.

    Not many candidates would have had the courage to do this. Many want to play it safe and pick & choose what media outlets they grant interviews to.

    But I guess that’s one of the reasons Tom Hayhurst is the person who he is.

  2. Bob Hypes says:

    I live in Howe, about two miles from Marlin Stutzman, and have known him for the past ten or so years. While I didn’t see him around town the day he was to appear on the Gary Snyder show, and so cannot speak as to where he was, I will say that you went too easily on him when you said, “Kind of makes you wonder if he is prepared to be our Third District Congressman. I can give an unequivocal declarative statement to the effect that he CERTAINLY is not ready to be our Third District Congressman. This guy is a lightweight Republican echo chamber, repeating over and over again the Republican mantra on whatever issue he is asked to address. No original thought, no attempt to listen to or understand the opinions of others, and no guts to take a stand counter to the official party line.

  3. Andy:

    You are so right. I have to tell you when I was listening and then heard Dr. Hayhurst call in, I was absolutely thrilled. It was a spontaneous situation which meant that the hosts could really have thrown some curve balls. I thought Tom did an excellent job of talking to them and answering questions.

  4. Bob:

    Thanks for your comments. I don’t know Mr. Stutzman personally, but it seems to me he would have at least contacted the hosts and let them know he wouldn’t be present – even in an emergency situation. I almost get the sense that either he believes he has this wrapped up because he is a Republican or he just has lost interest and doesn’t really want to take the time that is required to campaign.

    I have worked with Dr. Hayhurst for years now on veterans’ issues, and I know you couldn’t find a more caring person. But his caring persona is simply part of his character. His years on Fort Wayne’s City Council reflected his ability to work “across the aisle” as one would say. He truly loves this district and will do the right thing by its residents when he gets to D.C.

  5. Karen Goldner says:

    Go, Tom, go!

  6. Pete C says:

    Hayhurst responds. He walks his talk and he doesn’t need to fake it. Thanks for the post, Charlotte.

  7. cw martin says:

    This is just why I’d like to see a bipartisan Congress, etc. Hayhurst scores a coup and should do a campaign ad based on this incident. I had doubts about Marlin prior to this (getting drummed by Coates in the primary, trying to solicit little kids for volunteers) and this don’t help his cause much.

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