Stutzman must be desperate for volunteers.  His latest effort to enlist help was to email FWCS teachers – who are probably members of that dreaded “U” word (union) that so many Republicans despise – to see if they might be amenable to allowing students to become involved in a campaign.

That would be Stutzman’s campaign, of course.  The really disingenuous part, though,  was to dangle the carrot of potential “extra credit” to entice the students into volunteering once a teacher had accepted the “invitation”:

The e-mail says if teachers wanted to assign extra credit for students who assist with the campaign, a campaign staffer would sign a document verifying that the student participated.

What student wouldn’t want extra credit?  Even if the student had no inkling of Marlin Stutzman or the office for which he is running.

I wonder if he dangled the same carrot in front of any of the other county school districts?   Or the districts in any of the other counties?

What was he thinking?  Or maybe he wasn’t thinking in his quest to round up more volunteers.

Calling all volunteers!


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I own a home in the historical West Central Neighborhood of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have four grown sons and nine grandchildren - four grandsons and five granddaughters. I love to work on my home, and I enjoy crafts of all types. But, most of all, I enjoy being involved in political and community issues.
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  1. Andy S. says:


    “The e-mail says if teachers wanted to assign extra credit for students who assist with the campaign, a campaign staffer would sign a document verifying that the student participated.”

    If this is true about Stutzman’s campaign, then it is very alarming.

    To attempt to ‘bribe’ students into receiving EXTRA CREDIT in a classroom for working on a politician’s campaign sounds pretty low to me.

    I have to wonder about the teachers who followed through with Stutzman’s campaign request. Offering students a chance at receiving a better or higher grade for working on a campaign should not be allowed.

  2. Andy S. says:

    Not sure if you have seen this Charlotte:

    The story reports on Stutzman co-hosting a dinner at the Creation Evidence Expo in Indianapolis this past year.

    Yes, that’s right – The Creation Evidence Expo.

    The FW Reader had this to say about the people who organize the Expo which advocates for the Creationism movement:

    “Their view seems to tend towards a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis — seven days mean seven days, and you can calculate the age of planet Earth by counting the generations since Adam, etc. Past presentations at the CEE have included evidence to support that dinosaurs and man co-existed…”

    When asked about his involvement with the Creationism Expo, potential U.S. Congressman Stutzman said:

    “The information they had there was good information”

    What ? Good information ? Are you serious ??

    Not only does Stutzman CO-HOST a dinner for the folks running and participating in the Creation Expo, but he goes on to state:

    – they had some “good information”.

    This is totally out of mainstream thinking here.

    There are many reasonable and rational people of ALL faiths, including Christianity, who have concluded that the Earth was NOT created literally in 7 days. And that humans weren’t riding around on dinosaurs during the Jurrasic period.

    Stutzman (who is running for United States Congress) appears to be not one of them. He seems to be more in a ‘fringe’ type of group here.

    I’m wondering what else Stutman believes ?

    Did Noah literally find every single living creature from the 4 corners of the Earth (snakes, lizards, insects, mammals, etc.) and place them in one big boat ? Did Noah gather up the nearly 5000 species of frogs which also inhabit the Earth ?

  3. john b. kalb says:

    Andy S. – No man, including you, can understand what “God has wrought”. You can try to understand faith, but without the Holy Spirit’s work in your heart, you cannot believe. I pray that he works his wonderfull grace on you!

    • Andy S. says:

      @John B. Kalb –

      Sorry, no big surprise here, but I’ve heard that song and dance before. You are more than welcome to advocate for your particular brand of religion all you want, but please understand – its falling on deaf ears to a growing number of folks in this country.

      But back to Marlin Stutzman’s involvement with the Creationist Expo. I think it is not only a valid question to ask, but a very pertinent one at this time. After all, the man is running for public office.

      Is the Creationist Expo part of a fringe movement ?

      Does Marlin Stutzman believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible ?

      Does Stutzman actually believe humans were living alongside dinosaurs ?

      And again, does he believe Noah rounded up one of each of the 5000 species of frogs which inhabit the Earth ? (not to mention the other 1.7 million species of mammals, reptiles, etc. which also exist) ?

      Based on his actions – co-hosting an event at the Creationist Expo this past year- I’m left to believe Stutzman does.

  4. School Teacher says:

    Just a little background here… The email apparently went to several teachers of American Government (myself included) in the district, as well as some in surrounding school districts which are located in the 3rd Congressional District. It was not limited to teachers in FWCS.

    The issue for me was the request for me to find volunteers for Mr. Stutzman, a job it would seem to me belongs to him and his campaign staff. Further, the suggestion that teachers might provide extra credit to students who participate troubled me. I always encourage my kids to participate in campaigns and elections, but I have not and would not ask them to participate in a specific campaign. It’s simply not ethical for me to use a position of influence over kids to try to get them to work for a candidate, regardless of my personal feelings about an election.

    In my career, I have been asked for this type of support by members of both parties on multiple occasions. Each time I have explained my rationale, I have found the person who had made the request to be quite understanding of my concerns — until this time.

    It seems to me that the campaign may be a little concerned if they are soliciting volunteers from among high school students to accompany Mr. Stutzman on his neighborhood walks and in parades. I would suggest that Mr. Stutzman’s campaign is realizing that, although he has much more name recognition in the more rural parts of the 3rd district, many in Fort Wayne do not know who he is.

    For a good laugh, I would suggest looking at one of the conservative blogs in Fort Wayne. The comments from readers suggesting that this is all just because Mr. Stutzman is a Republican are just ridiculous. Of the five teachers I personally know who received the email, four of us have regularly voted Republican. The issue is about the propriety of the act, not about the party of the actor. Sometimes things aren’t about Democrats or Republicans, and the inability (or unwillingness) of some to understand that both groups occasionally have people who do wrong would be laughable if not for the fact that so many will read their comments and believe what they read.

  5. School Teacher:

    Thank you for your response and input. This helps because you were actually involved in this issue, and I appreciate your taking the time to write and explain what happened.

  6. Andy:

    I did see the article you mentioned. I am amazed that, despite evidence of evolution and the existence of dinosaurs long before humans existed, these individuals still believe that the world was created in seven days and adhere to a literal interpretation of the Old Testament.

    I am curious as to whether or not their adherence to the literal interpretation of Genesis means that all other books of the Old Testament must be interpreted literally. What about the punishment for working on the Sabbath? Wasn’t that death?

    It appears they would like to pick and choose which parts they wish to interpret literally.

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