From the United States to Russia, the world is experiencing record-setting temperatures this year, negating the nattering of the climate change naysayers.  Global temperatures in the first half of the year were the hottest since records began more than a century ago.  NOAA’s State of the Global Climate Analysis provides a picture of global highlights of this year’s temperatures.

This year is currently on track to be  the warmest on record since global instrumental records began in the late 1800s.  In our own region, the Great Lakes are at near-record temperatures already with several weeks of  warming left in the season.

In addition to the overwhelming global warming statistics, Arctic sea ice extent averaged for July was the second lowest in the satellite record, after 2007. After a slowdown in the rate of ice loss, the old, thick ice that moved into the southern Beaufort Sea last winter is beginning to melt out.

Global warming or climate change – whatever one prefers to call it – is a reality.  While the Earth periodically undergoes warming and cooling, the human factor is adding to and speeding up the Earth’s current condition of warming.  To think that humans have no impact on the environment is ludicrous.

The climate change deniers tripped the light fantastic last year when a series of emails purporting to doubt global warming were hacked and made public.  The global warming skeptics were thrilled, to say the least.  But further investigation vindicated the scientists involved in the email transmissions.

Now, with sweltering, record-setting temperatures around the globe, warming sea temperatures, and melting ice, the naysayers have been silent – probably due to the depth to which their heads are buried in the proverbial sand.

Global Temperatures


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  1. Schiller Thurkettle says:

    It’s not difficult to pick up a big warming signal when a joint NOAA/MSU project records recent temperatures of 430 F and higher for parts of Lake Michigan.

    You guys are so totally busted!

  2. Schiller:

    Any chance you might actually give a site with the “inaccurate” NOAA info? Perhaps the NOAA location itself? You conveniently listed a site that challenges climate change but does not give the actual report – at least I didn’t see as I quickly scanned the article.

    Again, it is “global” warming, not just regional or local. The world is warming, and you won’t escape that fact.

    Totally not busted at all.

  3. iceironman says:

    Please read the above, keep an open mind and report back. Have they been cleared, maybe, because it isnt illegal.

    By the way, whats wrong with climate change, this will be a record setting crop for America. corn is a tropical plant, that means it LOVES heat.

    Seriously, can you address the global cooling scare of the 70s

    I was right about the oil spill, I am right about global warming.

    • Andy S. says:


      “By the way, whats wrong with climate change, this will be a record setting crop for America. corn is a tropical plant, that means it LOVES heat.”

      Nice to see you acknowledge global warming is occurring.

      As regards to your question:

      “…whats wrong with climate change,…”

      For corn growers in the midwest U.S. maybe its a good thing, as you state.

      But I wouldn’t be so obtuse about it for the millions of people around the globe who will be devasted by global climate change.

      With the disappearance of glaciers, more and more regions will experience decreased water for human use, water for crops and water for power generation.

      Bolivia is currently experiencing the consequences of this.

      Increased melting in arctic ice sheets is causing sea levels to rise already effecting and displacing many island and coastal communities around the globe. And its not just the Maldives islands either. In our very own state of Alaska, the residents of Kivalina, have been forced to leave their homes due to increased flooding from melting sea ice:

      With the steady rise in global temps, we can expect to see more droughts, forest fires and disputes over access to water.

      Russia is in the midst of seeing massive forest fires which have destroyed agriculture and habitat, not to mention dozens of people who have died.

      There are literallly, tons and tons, of examples happening around the world where global warming is not only changing our planet’s climate, but having a profound negative effect on people’s lives.

      I believe in having a healthy debate over different issues and looking at things from both sides, but there is so much, evidence that global warming is occurring, it is almost mind-blowing.

      • iceironman says:

        Andy, how do you explain happenings such as the dust bowl?? The problem is that we are inadated daily, hourly, by the minute of crisis. There have always been drought, there has always been floods, there have always been fires, hurricanes etc. How can you trust data and people who predict more and more massive hurricanes to the US and are wrong. Health sceptisism is very important so we dont get taxed out of our money based on false data.

        Were you one of the panicked people and alarmists like Charlotte over the oil spill, or were you calm, levelheaded, and a realist about the no existant threat. You can read my posts from the beginning of the spill and see that I nailed it. It is so bad now that the alarmist have to talk about the dispersants as a threat. 100000 gallons in the whole gulf, this is where a thinking man says, that is about 6 truckloads, come on Andy, its a big world and ocean. This doesnt even register on the ppm scale. Step back, realize you and I are insignificant and do not cause radicle changes to the earths climate. the only thing that will settle this battle is for you and I to live long enough for researchers/govt to disire money for global cooling.

        Read my words on the spill, then compare to Obama, who was right?

        If the earth is going thru a warming trend, its by normal cycles, sunspots, natural effects like El Nino.

        Why is it when we say natural effects every warmer says no no cant be that. Three different glaciers covered where your house is. three different glaciers dissapeared. But you dismiss normal cycles and want me taxed to death, and more govt control of what I do.

        Do you realize how sad this world is. I the good old days of honesty, a person saw a 69 gto and said, man that thing goes 0-6- in 4.9 seconds, top speed of 130. Now my son sees a camero commecial and the leading comment on the car is it gets 28 mpg. Who cares? We’ll see how the Govt Motors VOLT does. Isnt it great!!! no co2. Except the coal being burned in W. Virgina to power the Volt. Idiots think they are doing something great because the power source is out of sight and mind

      • Andy S. says:

        @Iceironman –

        “I(n) the good old days of honesty, a person saw a 69 gto and said, man that thing goes 0-6- in 4.9 seconds, top speed of 130. Now my son sees a camero commecial and the leading comment on the car is it gets 28 mpg.”

        I’m a fan of the 1960’s muscle cars too. My dad had a GTO, and has very fond memories of it also.

        But times change…

        As we evolve and learn about our consequences on the environment (and ultimately ourselves), we have to change.

        Not too long ago, you could get LEADED gasoline to put into that GTO.

        But thankfully, it was phased out in the U.S.:

        “The elimination of lead from gas is one of the great environmental achievements of all time,” Browner said. “Thousands of tons of lead have been removed from the air, and blood levels of lead in our children are down 70 percent. This means that millions of children will be spared the painful consequences of lead poisoning, such as permanent nerve damage, anemia or mental retardation.”

        Doing away with leaded gasoline AND increasing the mileage standards in automobiles is a GOOD thing.

  4. iceironman says:

    Are you going to include the first graders at East Anglia combined with a barrel of monkeys and a sharpie to plot data? Because that would be more believable.

  5. iceironman says:

    What about El Ninou. La Nina? Do natural cycles happen?

  6. Ice:

    The article is from last November – much has happened since then – namely an investigation and vindication.

    Please read the following about the “myth” of global cooling with an open mind:

    Here is an interesting site dealing with El Ninos and La Ninas:

    Based on this site there are more strong El Ninos than La Ninas. If this trend would then continue, more disruption to the Pacific areas would occur since El Nino and La Nina occur in the Pacific basin and not the Atlantic.

    Also, El Ninos occur twice as often as La Ninas.

  7. Dave MacDonald says:


    Your last paragraph is demeaning and does not promote a respectful dialogue on the issue. The issue most certainly is not “settled science” (see: Without question the entire scientific community suffered a blow (self inflicted, I might add) with the East Anglia mess. They will need to earn back the trust and respect they squandered by cutting corners and shutting out conflicting research.

    I appreciate the passion of your views. But don’t expect to win over naysayers by insulting those of us who remain unconvinced.

    Yes, I believe in global warming (and cooling). Yes, on climate change. Man-made? Not so much.

  8. Dave:

    To be honest, I have not seen much dialogue from those who do not believe global warming/climate change is occurring. I doubt there is much that would win over those individuals who disbelieve.

    I have always said I believe that humans are a factor – not the sole cause, but many of those who do not agree with global warming refuse to even consider that humans may impact the earth in any way.

  9. Iceironman says:

    Yes, humans are responsible for .00001% of warming.

    Follow the money, cap and trade etc. The legislation does nothing to deter CO2 admission. Just like the finacial reform does nothing to address Fanny and Fredie, who now own 95% of US real estate loans, thus owning the property. But Im a freak for thinking the govt is out of control. Just like the healthcare bill gives the govt SOLE responsibility for Education loans. No power there.

    1 year from now or 2 why dont you do a story on H1N1, The “worst” environmental disater in the gulf, and global warming. Scare tactics all of them, headline news for today, gone tomarrow.

    Remember last summer when KY had a month 8 degrees below normal?? Seems some humans think they are more important than they really are. Mother nature (read God) will cleanse all.

    • Andy S. says:


      “Follow the money…”

      Yes, follow the money.

      Millions of dollars have been spent to hide the fact global warming is occurring.

      Refinery owner Koch Industries, which also owns oil pipelines, is donating millions to deniers of global warming.

      From the story:

      “Koch Industries donated nearly $48m (£31.8m) to climate opposition groups between 1997-2008. From 2005-2008, it donated $25m to groups opposed to climate change, nearly three times as much as higher-profile funders that time such as oil company ExxonMobil. Koch also spent $5.7m on political campaigns and $37m on direct lobbying to support fossil fuels.”

      “Koch Industries is a $100bn-a-year conglomerate dominated by petroleum and chemical interests, with operations in nearly 60 countries and 70,000 employees. It owns refineries which process more than 800,000 barrels of crude oil a day in the US, as well as a refinery in Holland. It has held leases on the heavily polluting tar-sand fields of Alberta, Canada and has interests in coal, oil exploration, chemicals, forestry, and pipelines.”

  10. Iceironman says:

    Did you really read all of the East Anglia transcrips?? Because this is no small deal. Vindication from what? So what they were not prosecuted, that is all that will make you second guess their data. I guess that would be like me seeing someone murder a bunch of people, going to jury, and not being able to describe the situation exactly. I guess if it make you feel good to say they are vindicated, go ahead. As for me, a rational human, I will look at the emails and say, something was very wrong. Can they be arrested for it, maybe not, but if you dismiss it you are just as foolish as you claim I am. Actually more, because the facts are on my side.

  11. Iceironman says:

    This is from the NY times, not hardly a conservative meca.

    Problem is, last year was way too cold in summer. The title gives it away. So you say this year is hot. It is. I say last year was record lows. It was. Then the most respected data on climate change is proved false. Whos right?

  12. Andy S. says:

    @Iceironman –

    Nice to see you’re still around.

    The one major problem some folks on both sides of the global warming debate share:

    – whenever there is a hot day – people who say “see global warming exists”

    – whenever there is a cold day – people say “see no global warming”.

    Not a very scientific or accurate way to get an idea of whether or not our world is warming.

    A far better way to assess whether our Earth is indeed warming is to track and study Global temperatures.

    And as a matter of fact, quite a few well-known and respected, scientific organizations do this.

    NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

    Natinal Climatic Data Center’s website:

    NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration

    NASA’s Global Mean (montly, seasonal, annual) table from the year 1880 to present month:

    World Meteorology Organization:

    There are others, but we’ll focus on these for now.

    Ironically, the common theme all of these organizations share in their collection of GLOBAL temps is that the Earth’s climate is not only changing, but it is warming.

    Taken from the Pew Center’s website:

    “No matter what we may wish were happening, no matter what spin some may try to sell, the clear evidence of climate change continues to mount.”

    “In addition to new and clear observations of continued ocean warming, rapid sea level rise, and losses in sea ice, glaciers and snow cover, State of the Climate in 2009 confirms that, globally, the 2000s were the warmest decade in NOAA’s temperature record (which began in the 1880s), with every single year of the decade warmer than the average temperature for the 1990s (see Figure 1).”

    “This is not just a blip in the record, as the 1990s were warmer than the 1980s, which were warmer than the 1970s. And in spite of the cold, snowy weather in the eastern U.S. this past winter, 2009 was one of the ten warmest years globally since at least 1880.”

  13. iceironman says:

    Andy, well said, however I still have a huge trust issue with the data, did even before the East anglia disaster. You have to know what motivates the data. Someone studying polar bears needs turmoil, Obama needed turmoil in the gulf to push his agenda. H1N1 needed turmoil for the media. Its just a bunch of crap anymore. For all the data you put up, I can supply data to refute it. The ozone is going away we are going to die did you know that. Better buy GE lightbulbs to save the world NBC tells us, even though they are owned by GE. Follow the money. Look into the cap and trade, look into the ccx that will gain trillions to the wealthly sceemers including Obama and Gore.

    • Andy S. says:


      “…I still have a huge trust issue with the data…”

      I agree with your premise that skepticism should be and continue to be, a factor in considering information and trends.

      If someone tells me something, like the Earth is round, then there should be a pretty hefty amound of data/evidence to back it up.

      To me, there is just TOO much data coming from a slew of independent scientific organizations around the world tracking the effects of global warming.

      I do realize, there are some who will NEVER be convinced global warming is occurring.

      Others have used this as a WEDGE issue in politics.

      Depending on what news source (or opinion talk shows) people gather their ‘news’ from, whether they agree or disagree that global warming is occurring is already predetermined by whatever their favorite talk show host says.

  14. tim zank says:

    You realize of course, you are using a one hundred year timeline of temperature records for a planet that’s billions of years old right? How accurate can that be?

    • Andy S. says:

      @Tim Zank-

      Then what data or timeline should we go by ?

      In your comment you stated:

      the planet Earth is:

      “billions of years old”

      How did you arrive at this figure ?

      I’m guessing you didn’t come up with this number on your own. It pobably came from researchers and scientists who used radiometric dating to arrive at such a figure.

      Some of the folks who deny global warming fall into a predicament which presumes SOME scientific data/research is OK, but the data used to track global warming is unreliable.

      If that’s the case, should we trust ANY scientific data at all (carbon dating, genetic research, chemistry, physics, thermodynamics, etc )?

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