After a ton of thought, I decided I would take early retirement.  I am really looking forward to catching up on writing, gardening, reading, campaigning, volunteer activities, crafting, working on my home, and just relaxing.

So, while many denigrate FDR for our social security system, I have to say “thank you” at this point.

Short but sweet!!  Don’t worry, I will have much more to say after next week!


About Charlotte A. Weybright

I own a home in the historical West Central Neighborhood of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have four grown sons and nine grandchildren - four grandsons and five granddaughters. I love to work on my home, and I enjoy crafts of all types. But, most of all, I enjoy being involved in political and community issues.
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13 Responses to EARLY RETIREMENT!!

  1. Mark Andrews says:

    Welcome Charlotte! It is a reallyt awesome thing to tell people your retired and then have them be mad at you because they aren’t!!! Life is Good:)

  2. john b. kalb says:

    Charlotte – It is also a really awesome thing to tell people you’re retired and then have them be happy for you because you get to join them in their repositioned “life-after-labor” times. I’ll bet you also will wonder “how did I ever have time to work for a living?”.

    Well, I’m in this group – and I say “welcome to the non-urgent but busy class!”

  3. Mark:

    Thank you! I am really looking forward to retiring although I know I will be busy doing things I love to do. My first task? Make my coffee at 5:00 in the morning and sit out on my patio and read my newspaper! And not have to worry about rushing around to get ready for work, pack my lunch, and drive.

  4. Pete C says:

    Enjoy, Charlotte! (“Just relaxing” is last on the list. That sounds about right…)

  5. John:

    Thanks! I have worked since I was about 9 years old (mom and dad had a grocery store in South Whitley), and they believed in putting us to work as soon as my brother and I were able to help. Our pay? A dollar a week, but we thought it was a fortune.

    It will be strange to just take my time getting around in the morning and not have to rush around to go to work.

    I am really looking forward to it.

  6. Pete:

    I know – it was almost an afterthought. But I look at doing the other things as relaxing. In fact, just knowing I am not under a work schedule is relaxing! My two 11:00 nights were really getting to me.

  7. Evert Mol says:


    The best thing about retirement is that you no longer have to pretend to be nice to people you don’t like.

  8. Evert

    Hmm – I guess I never thought about it that way, but you could be right. I haven’t thought that far ahead!

  9. Jonsons says:

    We love not having to set an alarm clock and can just get up when we wake up which is quite often early for me. We are way busier but with those things we enjoy and choose to do. Enjoy!!!

  10. iceironman says:

    Sorry to say it but FDR and social security is a joke. It gives people the feeling that they dont have to save now because uncle sam will take care of them. Then liberals will say “its not for retirement” but then us it for exactly that. I bet if most people look, they will withdraw more from SS than they put in in a mere 5 years, plus I have to pay for their medical. Not a good system. Plus, this year it goes insolvent, much quicker than I had posted in the past.

    It would be interesting, see how much you paid in, and how long it will take for you to take out then what you put in…

    As for me, I would love the responsiblity to manage my 14%, not depend on the govt to feed and clothe me.

  11. Ice:

    Social security is not an income that replaces regular income. Believe me, what I get will not provide a comfortable living. I will need to work part-time in the near future. But here is the real kicker – it seems that most want to raise the retirement age, yet the amount that one can earn in addition to drawing social security is about $14,000 a year. And, many businesses don’t want older people.

    I really doubt the existence of social security leads to a conscious thought process that says “don’t save.” Americans are not a saving people – period – unless a crisis occurs. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/income-stays-flat-as-spending-remains-sluggish-2010-08-03

    So, you should support hiring older workers and raising the amount we can earn. No one wants to stagnate, but the body slows down. Unless Americans change the way they view old age, we will continue to have issues with an aging population and taking care of them.

    Here is my solution:

    1. Up the covered age in the ADEA to 75,
    2. Cut social security payments, if necessary, but, at the same time, increase the amount that can be earned while on social security, and,
    3. Provide incentives to businesses to hire older Americans (if that isn’t already being done)

    Just a few suggestions.

    You mention that you would love to manage your 14%. Typically, the more one has, the more one spends, so you may not manage the 14% as well as you think. But since that isn’t possible, we will never know. Where would you put it? In the stock market, which has ruined thousands or hundreds of thousands of lives?

  12. john b. kalb says:

    Charlotte – How is retirement going for you? Do you wonder, like I do, how you ever found time to work for a living?
    Since you do have more time, (sic), I want to update, as promised, my 2/15/2010 reply to your 2/10/2009 posting, “An articulate, intelligent, and reasoned President”:

    -Stock Market – 8/13/2010 Dow at 10,320 On Obama’s election in November, 2008 it was 10,517 So, this still looks like a “work-in-progress”
    – Unemployment – 8/13/2010 is at 9.5% When Obama was inaugurated it was 8.2%. Still stuck in the wrong direction in a big way.
    – Obama’s Key Plans
    1) Obamacare passed , but only with “mickey-mouse” political actions – example: On page 203, lines 14 & 15 read, “The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as tax”.
    or page 241, lines 6 to 8 read,”It doesn’t matter what specialty doctors have trained themselves in – you will all be paid the same”. ET AL
    2) The bail-out of financial institutions along with the “demand” that the Federal Reserve reduce the interest rate they charge member banks to 0% has resulted in these financial giants borrowing at that 0% and then, instead of making “job-making” loans to small businesses, they purchase US Treasury Notes – yielding a very, very safe return, at taxpayer’s expense! This was to be Obama’s “Magic Bullet” to bring down unemployment – but then, he has never done anything in his life to run any private business, so how can we expect him to do any of this “governing” stuff correctly???
    3)We are, this month, getting out of Iraq – only it has been reported that 300,000 US troops will remain there. What for???
    4) We are getting deeper and deeper into Afganistan!
    5) Guantanimo was to have been shut down – but, it now is being used for the military trials that Obama said would never happen!
    6) Obama’s approval rating has dropped below 50% and it is still going down every week!
    7) The outlook for Obama’s Democratic Party at the mid-term elections in Novembert look very, very bleak – they may even lose control of the Senate! And, remember, the Republicans also know how to use the “deammed – past” option to avoid the Senate filabuster! The Obamacare fiasco may never see daylight, thank God!
    8) When Obama took office, our National Debt was $10.63 trillion – as of today, August 12, 2010 it stands at $13.31 trillion and is still rising – another $35 billion this week – the extension of unemployment benefits was made necessary because of the failure of the Obama/Reed/Pelosi Stimulus (which has failed miserably) and the House and Senate decided to add this to our debt, rather than pay for it as we go. So China owns another $35 billion of our Naional Debt!
    9) When George W. Bush started his second term in Jasnuary of 2005, the National Debt was $7.62 trillion and 18 months later it had grown by $.82 trillion. After 18 months of Obama, our National Debt stands at $13.31 trillion- an increase of $2.68 trillion. This is 3-1/4 times the increase over G.W.Bush’s 18 months of his second term! WE HAVE TO GET RID OF YOUR “Articulate, intelligent, and reasoned President” in 2012! There is NO WAY WE CAN AFFORD HIM!!!

    I guess I just have to say, “I TOLD YOU SO!!!”

  13. john b. kalb says:


    Correction to my comment dated today:
    Under Obama’s Key Plans, item 3) The 300,000 left should have been 50,000 – my error – please accept correction.

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