When my family owned a small grocery store in South Whitley, Indiana, one of the cardinal rules was to not impose personal philosophies upon our customers.  In a small business, one does not have the luxury of thumbing one’s nose at its customers.  My Mom and Dad lived by the principle that “the customer was always right.”   My brother and I were expected to live by that principle as long as our family owned the the store.

Apparently, mega-corporations are so self-confident of their market range that they no longer care to follow the simple principle of not imposing their beliefs upon their customers.

In the past five and a half months, Meijer, in an obvious, in-your-face shift to the right, has hosted Karl “I’ll do anything to get George elected” Rove and Sarah “I Think I Am Wonderful” Palin.  Meijer’s decision to host two of the right-wing’s treasured mouthpieces has led to my decision to never darken their doorstep again, so I can safely and firmly say “I have spent my last dollar at Meijer.”  I have  noticed, though, that I am not alone in my disdain for Meijer’s actions.

I have never liked the mega-stores anyways.  I grew up when cereal choices filled a few feet of space.  When you could select an item without having to be totally and utterly bewildered by hundreds of choices.  When the cashier knew your name and didn’t ignore you to talk to the bagger or other store personnel while trying to wait on you, the customer, who should have had the devoted attention of the worker.

I know in today’s world this leaves me very few choices since many of the smaller markets have been swallowed up by the mega-sharks.  Since I am a vegetarian, I will need to find another store with good produce.  I did like Meijer’s selection.  But, I will survive, and I will simply adjust my shopping preferences.

My one, small, lone act will not mean much to Meijer as I am sure they are getting a hoot from the letter I wrote to them expressing my concerns – assuming someone opened it before disposing of it in the wastebasket.  I will “vote” with my pocketbook and take my shopping elsewhere.  I urge those of you who were offended by Meijer’s jump into right-wing politics to do the same.

No more MEIJER for me!


About Charlotte A. Weybright

I own a home in the historical West Central Neighborhood of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have four grown sons and nine grandchildren - four grandsons and five granddaughters. I love to work on my home, and I enjoy crafts of all types. But, most of all, I enjoy being involved in political and community issues.
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  1. Pete C says:

    I haven’t done vegetable shopping there, but the fruit at Fresh Market on West Jefferson is great. I often stop at 3 Rivers Food Co-Op for spices and such.

    But Meijer has been my Not-Wal-Mart store, and I did (just like the writer of the letter you linked to) squint my eyes a bit when passing the book department, the growing line of cheap-import canned foods, and Sarah Palin. But Palin and then Rove, yep, that’s “in your face.”

  2. Pete:

    I do like Fresh Market, but I usually call that my “treat” since it is a bit pricey. I also like the ethnic markets on Calhoun and George’s on Broadway. I shop at Three Rivers as well but not on a regular basis.

    The nice thing is it is now the season to start growing our own things. I have already planted onions, lettuce, spinach, radishes, and carrots in the raised beds that a friend and I started last year. We are adding strawberries this year.

    The Amish markets are also a great source of veggies in the summer.

    I also avoid WalMart like the plague. I haven’t shopped there in almost ten years.

  3. Glenda says:

    We went to H.S. in SW together. Remember, you and me as pals all during grade school? I’m Glenda. Right here in FTW. Email me on my email account with Yahoo….we should catch up and I’m also involved with politics to a sort now. Love to hear from ‘ya

  4. Andy says:

    Charlotte –

    I agree with your post regarding Meijer. There were a few protestors petitioning outside of the Meijer on Lima Rd when Mr. Rove had his booksigning. I went inside the store to see how the turnout was for Rove – it was minimal if best. I did take the opportunity to “thank” Rove for taking us into (and selling the American people on) a bull sh*t Iraq War. He responded by smiling and saying “you’re welcome”. I seriously have no idea how this guy sleeps at night.

    Very poor choice for Meijer to decide to have two lightning rod indiduals such as Palin and Rove do public book signings at their stores. The big wigs at Meijer won’t be getting any of my business anytime soon.

    FYI – On a side note, Meijer also has a dismal rating for how it treats the gay & lesbian community.

  5. Andy

    Don’t you just love that Rove smirk? Bush also had a way of smirking that just drove me crazy.

    I am not sure I would have had the self-control to go up to Rove without making a scene. I am amazed you were able to actually say something to him. I agree with you on how he(and Bush) sleeps at night. How do they sleep knowing we are in two wars that will lead us nowhere and have killed and maimed thousands of Americans, Iraqis, and Afghanistanis?

  6. N/A says:

    Hi Charlotte, I am not trying to hijack your blog for my advertising purposes, but I could not find an e-mail to contact you privately.

    I just wanted to ask you to view my new web-site. Feel free to send in any information you would like to see added to it, and provide a link if you think your readers would find it useful.

    I also want to assure you that there is nothing malicious about my reasons for not wanting to publicly reveal my name. If you want to know who this is, send me an e-mail and I will respond.

  7. Robert Pence says:

    Do you ever shop the South Side Farmers’ Market? True, there are a lot of knick-knacks and flea-market kitsch, but there still are vendors selling fresh, locally-grown produce in season, too.

    I think I’ve been in Meijer’s once since it opened, and that was with a friend who was shopping for cheap sodas. Their anti-labor stance turned me off from the get-go.

    I grew up on a farm south of Bluffton, and my grandmother lived in town. When I was a teen, there were three local markets that I can remember, plus Kroger, all downtown. At least one of the local market owners still took phone orders and delivered and kept a tab. My grandmother could phone in her order, and in a little while one of the store owner’s sons would show up on his bike with her order.

    The downtown grocers are all gone, now (along with almost all the other retailers), and I don’t know how the the Scott’s/Kroger in the nearly-vacant plaza on the south end of town stays open. Even K-mart, the first cheap-imports predator to heavily damage Bluffton’s local retail, locked the doors and fled when they heard the cry, “Wal-Mart is coming! Wal-Mart is coming!”

    To digress just a little, possibly the best city market in the Midwest, featuring all kinds of produce, meat, and baked goods, including ethnic specialties, is Cleveland’s West Side Market. Some photos of it are in the last half of this Cleveland tour

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