The following clip says it all:

Dan “I’m no Hoosier Anymore” Coats has decided that he will now be a Hoosier again for the sake of his own self-interest party.  This will be an interesting primary on the Republican side of the ticket.  If Republicans are going to stick to their oft-spouted values about the nastiness of lobbyists and Washington insiders, then Coats should not win the nomination in May.

However, Republicans may want an additional senate seat so badly that they are more than willing to swallow their “values” and throw their support behind Coats despite his abandonment of Hoosiers for over a decade and his lobbying efforts and ultimate status as a Washington insider.

The other candidates who have already filed and put time and effort into their campaigns should be outraged at Coats’  blatant opportunism and lack of consideration for fellow Republicans.  Had the Supreme Court not made its ridiculous and lop-sided decision boosting corporate power to influence elections, Coats would have not even thought about running in the state he left so many years ago.   Pretty coincidental that Coats jumped up and shouted “No, no, I really am a Hoosier” so quickly after the Supreme Court’s decision.

Coats was underway in his plans to make North Carolina his “new” home.  If Republicans keep to their lofty musings, then Coats will be sent packing to crawl right back into the North Carolina woodwork.

Lobbyist Coats reflects the very things the public now says it despises

Lobbyist Dan Coats - born-again Hoosier and corporate lobbyist


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  1. john b. kalb says:

    Charlotte – Many of us do not believe that Dan Coats belongs back in our state politics – and we will be working hard to insure that he does not win the primary in May. But, come November, our second Senator from Indiana will be another Republican! You can bet on that!

  2. Charlotte,

    I am a Republican and I have already posted on my blog that I in no way support Coates in the Republican primary. I was interviewed on the local Fox news affiliate about this topic and I certainly hope Coats does NOT win the Republican nomination.

    Mike Sylvester

  3. John:

    I am not as sure as you are about the party affiliation of the next senator. While I don’t miss Bayh, I think we (Dems) have a few good pickins left, and I think that selection will give whichever Republican wins in May a good race.

  4. Mike:

    I saw your posting on Coats and I know you are certainly sincere in your position.

    I felt the same way about Daniels, who spent over 50% of his life residing somewhere else other than Indiana. He was also a Washington insider and worked for big corporate firms, but the Republicans bought his folksy and fake country routine hook, line, and sinker.

  5. tim zank says:

    Charlotte, there are a number of us not in favor of the Coats candidacy. We don’t appreciate having him foisted on us.

    Do you see any similarity in this “carpet bagging” and that of Hillary Clinton or Harold Ford Jr.? To be fair Alan Keyes comes to mind as well.

    I much prefer real local residents.

  6. Norma says:

    Happens all the time, like Hillary in New York.

  7. Norma:

    Big difference with Hillary and Coats. Hillary’s home state was Arkansas, and she didn’t abandon it to become a lobbyist and brag about how happy she was to become a citizen of another state and couldn’t wait to vote for “their” politicians. And then turn around after a 12-year absence and drop back in.

    My point is that it isn’t that it hasn’t happened in the past, it is whether or not we will see how true Republicans are to their gnashing of teeth about lobbyists and Washington insiders. If they elect Coats in the primary, then Republicans lose credibility and have established that they care more about an empty senate seat than their values – for which, by the way, they constantly trash Democrats.

  8. tim zank says:

    Charlotte, if he wins the primary, we’ll obviously have to back him as the lesser of two evils vote, but our hope is Hostettler or Stutzman will win the primary giving us a little “fresher” legislator to back…Even us old redneck, backward, knuckle draggin’ conservatives want “new” blood…Ha!

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