Apparently the news that Elkhart County in Indiana’s Third District is doing a tad bit better has prompted Representative Souder to enjoy his holiday recess in a foreign land rather than in his home district.  Souder’s last visit to Afghanistan was in March 2006, about eight months prior to the 2006 Congressional election.

He didn’t bother visiting Afghanistan during the 2008 election cycle.  And, since he faces two primary challengers and a general election challenger, what better way to pump up his image than to skip over the pond and land in Afghanistan on the pretext of “assessing” the situation?

Souder makes no secret of his disdain for President Obama and has disagreed with President Obama on virtually every issue that rears its head.   One of his latest criticisms is that Obama’s decision to send 30,000 additional fighters and trainers to Afghanistan and to begin withdrawing U.S. troops in 18 months is flawed. Souder opines that either the number of troops is dramatically underestimated or the length of time is too short.

His trip will prove nothing and bear no fruit.  But, once again, rather than focus on his obligations to the Third District – which he still represents but seems to have forgotten –  he has determined that a trip to Afghanistan is much more important than spending time with his constituency.


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  1. Judith says:

    Hey! Being on the ground in Afghanistan has convinced Mark Souder that the Obama Administration made the best decision possible for the plan for the military effort there!

  2. john b. kalb says:

    And this little junket cost us taxpayers how much?? Hey, Mark, you have your “life-time” retirement funded – it’s time to retire!!! Let’s vote him out in May!!!

  3. Judith says:

    Let’s vote him out in November! Tom Hayhurst will be a wonderful Representative of the Third District of Indiana! He worked with all members of the City Council when he was a member. He will use research and common sense to work for what is best for our district and our country.

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