Four years after one of the most disastrous Supreme Court eminent domain “takings” cases in recent history, Pfizer will vacate its facility in New London, Connecticut.  Pfizer in cooperation with the City of New London wouldn’t be stopped by mere private property rights.  But just like child who covets a toy but when it is received tosses it to the side, Pfizer has now decided it will abandon the site which triggered the infamous struggle between a corporate “giant” and residential “Davids.”

The “Davids” lost in the end.  A decade ago, when it began seizing property in the Fort Trumbull section of New London, Connecticut, the local redevelopment authority had grand plans.  The plans took precedence over the individual plans of the people who happened to own the neighborhood’s homes and businesses.

One of those homeowners, Suzette Kelo – the “Kelo” in the Kelo v. City of New London – lost her home along with many other business owners and homeowners whose families had lived and worked in the area for decades.   The City threw millions of dollars of incentives at the big pharma giant, hoping that Pfizer’s plans for its new R & D facility accompanied by the new “small urban village” planned for the adjacent area would revitalize the economy.  But now New London faces the loss of the company as well as thousands of jobs.

Poor, poor Pfizer.  What is it up to now?  Well, it just completed a $67 billion acquisition in October of Wyeth, another drug giant.  But Pfizer isn’t done – no sireee – Pfizer will now close the one bright spot in the whole ridiculous mess – its R & D facility – and pull 1,400 jobs out of the community, moving them to Groton, Connecticut.

The willy-nilly actions of the City of New London backed by the United States Supreme Court shows just much power corporations can wield.  Pfizer wanted land, the City of New London bought into a misguided development plan, and the Supreme Court completed the theft of private property with its ill-reasoned decision.

The one positive?  After the decision was handed down, 43 state legislatures – including Indiana – scrambled to pass legislation that prevented the taking of private property for the purposes of economic development alone.

Eminent Domain abuse - drawing credit to Richmond Times Dispatch


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  1. iceironman says:

    Oh, the wisdom of a good conservative judge

    In a 5-to-4 decision, the high court ruled that it was permissible to take private property and turn it over to developers as part of a plan to bolster the local economy. Conservative justices, including Clarence Thomas, dissented. Justice Thomas called New London’s plan “a costly urban-renewal project whose stated purpose is a vague promise of new jobs and increased tax revenue, but which is also suspiciously agreeable to the Pfizer Corporation.”

    HMMM vague promise I guess Mr. Thomas is pretty sharp..

    You need to go back and rethink what business is. Whether small or large, businesses do not start up on the notion of hiring employees, they start as a mechanism for the owner to make money. Employees are result of making money. The more Pfizer makes the more employees it will have. The more employees cost the company, the more they will try to do without. The more taxes the company pays, the more the consumer pays and the less profit for the company.

    You should be happy? I thought progressives looked at the constitution as a living breathing thing and with a nuance because it was written by rich white men???? You mean to tell me these progressives in the court got it wrong?? Acording to the white slave owners yes, they did, but not for the progressives that see the constituition as toilet paper. Bigger tax base helps the public, right. So this land grab is exactly what you will see with progressives,nuanced ways to look at simple things. “The right to own guns, no, thats not what the framers meant, they meant…………………. and I know because Im a liberal elitist Harvard grad with an agenda”. Never mind the fact that when the 2nd ammendment was passed they would have gone around and picked up everyones guns if it was intended to give the right to bear arms only to militias. Ginsberg makes you look like Ronald Regan, cant wait to see what the courts do on some of these very important issues. For instance, just by being born, I will go to jail for not paying for health insurance, Im sure thats what the founders wanted for a free nation. Nope, I dont think there is any problem with losing libertys now that we have the progressives in the seats.

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  3. Norma says:

    You and Glenn Beck are on the same page on this one. He did a lengthy story on this.

  4. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I really have enjoyed your well-written articles. I have bookmarked this site and will definitely be checking back for new posts.

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