Mark Souder has decided the best way to deal with the issues of the Third District is, well, to just ignore them for what he mistakenly believes are better pickins.  Souder, with his little pea-pickin’ right-wing conservative heart, is dodging and weaving like a boxer trying to avoid punches and would rather attack President Obama than deal with the high unemployment rate in the Third District.

Indiana’s Third District is suffering – and suffering greatly.  The eight counties that comprise the district include most of Allen, most of Elkhart, and all of DeKalb, Kosciusko, LaGrange, Noble, Steuben, and Whitley.  The Third District is heavily over-represented in the infamous Top Ten of unemployment statistics in the September report prepared October 14, 2009.

The following unemployment statistics show a discouraging and disturbing picture – a picture that Souder seems content to ignore in favor of attacking President Obama:

IDWD Research and Analysis
Labor Area Unemployment Statistics

September 2009 Statistics

Top Ten Stressed Counties

Elkhart County          15.0
Noble County             14.5
Lagrange County      14.0

Adams County               13.4
Fayette County              13.4
Blackford County          13.3
Steuben County         12.9
Starke County                 12.6
DeKalb County            12.4

An astounding 50% of the Top Ten are in the Third District.  Add to that Whitley County – 11.6% – in the second tier of ten counties and Kosciusko County – 11.0% – in the third tier, and the only county in the Third District that has not broken the infamous 10.0% unemployment figure is Allen County, holding at 9.0%.

Tom Hayhurst has been out in the counties listening to the people and communicating with them.  Since he announced in August that he would again challenge Souder, Hayhurst has traveled from one end of the Third District to the other.  His main concern?  The people of the Third District.

Souder’s main concern?  Holding onto that congressional seat which he said in 1994 that he would vacate in 6 terms.  He has become adept at holding town hall meetings and call-ins slanted to his view point of the present government, thereby feeding his attacks on Obama.

Rather than take a cold, hard look at the high unemployment rate that exists in his own district which he is supposed to be representing, Souder focuses on attacking President Obama.  Souder would rather join a battle over gun rights in someone else’s state than address the needs of his own constituency.

Fine with me – Souder can sputter and fume about Obama, but Hayhurst is doing the work that needs to be done for our Third District – focusing on those who will be his constituency.





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  2. You probe into the districs hard hit economy. If we want to look at this honestly, would you say Obama telling people who make over 250 a year are going to be taxed high by cap gains and also an increase in income taxes to pay for everyone elses medical care. The evil rich folks can no longer afford or are skeptical of the economy and how it will personaly affect their finaces. So, no luxury motor homes sold so no jobs. Not to mention the fact that those luxury motor homes engines are probably tier 3 development to burn desiel cleaner, all well and good until you see the price increase for new technology.

    Where are the shovel ready jobs?? Only half of the stimulous spent in 10 months and construction jobs are down (remember the jobs that were to be created but not for white males). Where are the schools being updated, remember the .gov website to report if nothing was happening, I do, I tried to report and nothing happened. Remember the millions and millions of dollars spent pointing out the jobs along the high way. Remember, Granholm of Michigan blamed all of their problems on Bush. So I guess this is Obamas problem. Remember, if the stimulous passed, we would not see unemployment over 8%. He was only 30% wrong so far. Not bad for govt work.

    Going after Souder on gun control issues is not a good Idea. Your district is a pro gun district and what happens with gun control in other regions of the country (Souder is a United States congressman) can happen in Ft Wayne. Souder is heading it off and it is a positive. Focus on what has been discussed

    1. Cap and Trade is evil
    2. Healcare for all is socialist and evil
    3. Washington is corrupt
    4. Obama is a liar, no special interests or earmarks my ass
    5. Term limits

    You can talk unemployment, but the buck stops at Obama. The rationing of medicine as Obama wants to do will devistate the orthopiedic industry of Warsaw also. So two strikes, taxing the rich, resulting in the killing of the RV industry and Killing of of the orthopiedics in Warsaw.

    Hayhurst can be destroyed on these two liberal meca ideas alone. Throw in gun control and abortion and hell he might as well give his money to me.

  3. Ice:

    I am not going after Souder on gun issues – I am going after him because the gun issue doesn’t impact the Third District. He would rather focus on trashing Obama and worry about someone else’s gun rights than deal with the issues of the Third District. Remember how Clinton won the presidency in 1992? Remember the slogan, “It’s the economy stupid?” That is what it is today also, and Souder pandering to the right-wing by constantly trashing Obama yet not having any ideas of his own won’t get him anywhere.

    The economy is the number one issue – we all know that. Souder wants to divert attention from that issue because, just like so many Republicans, he has no new ideas or suggestions to help.

    You are doing the same thing Souder is doing – rather than talk about the Third District’s problems, you are going after Obama. It is a classic diversionary tactic when a politician – Republican or Democrat – has no good ideas.

    There is no rationing of medicine. Taxing of the rich did not kill the RV industry. Go back and read my post on the paradigm shift. Americans are re-ordering their priorities, and for many, wealthy or not, it doesn’t include the same luxuries as before.

    The shovel-ready jobs were those touted by the nation’s governors, mayors, etc., not by Obama. The stimulus money was to be distributed to locations where state officials decided to put the money. Remember how some governors shouted from the roof tops that they wouldn’t take the money? As to white males – any statistics to show that the “shovel-ready” jobs were not to go to white males?

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7iSbIBq_yo (white males need not apply)

    Watch the whole thing, I cant make this crap up only obama and his goons could say crap like this

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IT7Y0TOBuG4 (medicine will be rationed)

    I dont think you have the final say on a paradgm shift. I believe if I took a pole, most Americans would love to be able to buy a motorhome or travel trailor and see America. And if the paradigm has changed as you say, why didnt Obama come to Elkhart and say too bad you idiots, America doesnt want your product, go make wind mills like a good foot soldier. My boss just bought an rv. I am looking for one.

    Here is a novel idea from a conservative, Get the hell out of my wallet and life. Get out of banks making laws to make everyone able to get a loan. Get out of bed with corporations.

    And one thing that really is getting old is when libs say conservatives are “attacking”. NO NO, I dont think so. Not if it is the truth and no one can refute it. Obama didnt create the 3-4 million jobs he promised, is that an attack? Unemployment went passed 8% making him totaly incorrect, an attack. His czars are socialists, communists and anti free market, attack? He cant make a decision on Afganastan and now says it comes down to money??? 50 billion, thats chum change compared to the damage he has caused this country finacialy. Is that an attack? He was to busy to go to the anniversary of the falling of the wall in Berlin, what a disrespectful show for freedom. Still has time for date night.

  5. Ice:

    No, I don’t have the final say on a paradigm shift, but it sure looks like Americans are waking up to the fact that they can’t just spend, spend, spend and not pay the consequences. I will say it again and again – the consumer can’t win. When we don’t spend, we are trashed because we are “hurting” the economy. What was Bush’s ridiculous saying after 9/11? Go out and spend, and you will feel better. God forbid the likes of Wal-Mart might suffer a little. And, if we do spend and run up credit card debt, then we are trashed for being poor managers of our money and we get what we deserve.

    As far as corporations – it is too late. Bush gave his buddies a going away present in the form of the bailout. Remember the sky is falling routine he did in September 2008? But then again, he is good at the fear factor.

    Watch the Frontline show about Brooksley Born who warned about the derivatives market and the coming credit crisis.


    And Greenspan acknowledging his ideology about free markets was wrong.

    So what if he isn’t going to the Berlin Wall celebration? If he had gone, the right wingers would have climbed all over him for leaving in the wake of Fort Hood. It would have been nice if he could have gone, but it sure isn’t the end of the world that he isn’t. It won’t make any difference what he does – the right wing hate mongers will find something wrong with it.

  6. Wow, Ive never seen a liberal so highly educated skip the white man comment and the true socilized medicine videos. Not even acknowledged. Pretty sure we agree we should have let the companies sink, but bush did it so its bad. Wait, Obama supported that didnt he. Then added another trillion to the deficiet? Again, we can agree, but the first thing you are going to have to do is acknowledge Obama and Bush both suck. Govt sucks. It is corrupt. Did you watch the videos? I already know about derivatives etc. And now you want cap and trade on a bs substance called carbon credits. Will you buy my carbon credits? More corrupion on its way in the form of a green economy. By the way, I sell used carbon credits on Ebay. I noticed you are not jumping to buy them

    The consumer can win as long as the banks are not forced to loan out money they know they cant recover? So, this govt that tells us to spend, then says save then says spend will be in charge of your healthcare soon. I agree, when the govt gets involved, we just cant win.

  7. Ice:

    I didn’t skip the comment, I watched both videos, and, in the one where he is talking about his parents dying more quickly, I perceived (and perception is everything) that he was being facetious. You have perceived it differently.

    You overlooked the fact that it isn’t “this” government under Obama that has told the consumer to spend – I was referring to Bush’s statements after 9/11 – go out and spend and you will be okay.

    Look at what is coming up now – the Christmas season and all we will hear for weeks is what kind of season will the retailers have. How do we get consumers to spend, spend, spend? The idea that Christmas is nothing more than a retailer’s dream or nightmare instead of what it really is to mean makes me sick.

    I am tired of hearing the statistics on the TV about how much profit will be generated – who can run into those stores and grab those X-Boxes, TVs, WIs, etc. Every holiday we have has turned into a sales competition – forget the meaning of the holiday.

    And, just think of the ones that have been created just to generate business – boss’s day, sweetest day, etc., and on and on.

  8. Nice job the govt did getting the h1n1 out, they only had a years notice and you say there is no rationing. There is now, why wouldnt there be when obama is in total control.

    Did you see the cap and trade that Obama would have control over industry after a certain ppm on carbon is reached?? and it isnt a far off number, we will be there soon.

    What about the comment of not employing white males.

    Christmas season is the only thing saving Obama from having even higher unemployment. January is going to be a tough one.

    Go out and spend, good advise after 9/11, get back to normal dont let our economy slip because that is what the enemy wanted.

    Same theory on cash for clunkers, stimulate, spend. Same theory on 8000 dollars for home purchasing.

    Spending is not evil, it creates jobs.

  9. Ice:

    Apparently shortages have occurred before:



    You should remember too that the regular flu strain claims about 30,000 victims a year – about 90% 65 and older:


    Hmm – maybe the governments for decades have been weeding out the elderly this way – letting death panels of flu bugs pick out the weak. How is it that everyone is so panicked about H1N1 and no one seems to pay any attention to the fact that the regular flu claims thousands and thousands of lives every year.

    Maybe because the victims are old people?

  10. Ice:

    Yep, you’ve fallen into the old trap that the consumer is at fault for everything. Just like I said, don’t spend, it’s our fault. Spend and go into credit card debt, declare bankruptcy, it’s our fault.

    In your eyes, it is a lose-lose situation for the consumer.

  11. Its weird, I think we are in agreement on all of this, but my bigger picture rational is that govt sucks at everything for the most part and you agree with your statements, but you would have govt get bigger and bigger and I see them for the absolute failures they are. Remember Kerry blaming Bush soley for the bird flu vaccine shortages. How about a quote from Your buddy and sexual harrasment king and murderer Kennedy…. Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-Massachusetts), “the senior Democrat on the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, issued a report of his own that chastised the [Bush] administration for what it said was a failure to prepare the country for a flu pandemic,” Gerstenzang wrote. “Speaking on the Senate floor, Kennedy said the administration suffered from ‘competence-deficit disorder.’
    This is where you say bush was incompetant and I say Obama is for having a year to prepare and not doing it. I havent heard the outcry that Obama is a failure from the media. But this is where you and I have to say…Govt is incompetent. Plain and simple.

    Billions wasted in Medicare fraud. Social security is broke. And you want them to take over my healthcare? Education system sucks too. Everything govt touches breaks, Fanny Freddie, GM, Post office,I dont know how someone can defend letting the govt have more power.

    You ask about the panic of the H1N1, simple, just as you pointed out the panic driven by Bush to have color alerts on terrorism, Obama and the media try to scare us with H1n1, can you say public health option, But it kinda backfired when not enough vaccine was produced and the story died, literaly, died overnight.

    And you jest about death panels? Call them what you want but if you think that there will not be a panel deciding my fate you are wrong. The panels are in the new bill. The panels exist in EVERY public health system from Oregons to Europes to Canadas. Denial is a horrible thing.

  12. Ice:

    I am not jesting about death panels. I am in that older age group that seems to get claimed disproportionatley by the regular flu. Where is the outcry about those of us who are older who are succumbing to the yearly flu outbreak – not just a once every few years or decades outbreak?

    Maybe the nation doesn’t care when it is the elderly when we die by the thousands, but when it is younger people, wow – the sky is falling.

    I have been fortunate – I haven’t had a flu shot since I was about 20. I can’t even tell you the last time I had the flu. Do I get a sniffle every now and then? Sure, but do I run around panicked that it is the regular flu, the bird flu, or the swine flu? No.

    Remember the bird flu occurred during Bush’s term as well, and the panic spread then too. Look at the following article from England:


    So go ahead and call me callous, but as I researched the number of deaths due to the regular flu, I have to wonder why we are not as panicked or concerned by the thousands of deaths in the elderly category. Any thoughts?

  13. Death of older people is good, they stop taking social security, that way the govt can get back on top of the losing battle. I know about the bush bird flu, and how he was personaly blamed by John Kerry for the shortages of medicine in the debates, even though it was the english drug company that refused to send based on contamiation.

    And when you want legislation passed what do you include in the title, CHILDREN. No one can refuse a bill with the word children in it. It could be a bill to hang all white males and if you call it the 2010 childrens protection bill, it would pass. There is always something under the surface with these scare tactics, I dont know if its money, most likely, but there is something.

    Im not calling you callous, I just think we need to agree there will be death panels for the elderly, call them what you want they will exist. Palin was dead on.

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