In a classic match up involving stagnation and the status quo – represented by Dick Dodge – confronted with energy, youth, and new ideas – represented by Codie Ross – the evolving 51st Indiana House race has captured state attention albeit luke-warm.  But we can change that.  Howey Politics Indiana, a blog discussing Indiana politics has listed House District 51 as a “horse race” and among the “Hot 25” in Indiana’s upcoming elections.

Codie Ross for 51st District

Codie Ross for 51st District

Here are Brian Howey’s comments:

HD51: This hasn’t been a truly competitive district for a generation, but Democrats are talking up the challenger candidacy of Codie Ross, an Auburn attorney who is taking aim at Republican State Rep. Dick Dodge. “He’s a real go-getter,” said Indiana Democratic Chairman Dan Parker. Dodge defeated Lon Keyes 14,734 to 10,186 in 2008. In 2006, Dodge defeated Democrat Joseph Rauen 9,013 to 7,217 in a race nobody talked about at the campaign committee level. The district isn’t an absolute GOP juggernaut, but we’re a bit skeptical whether Ross can close the gap. Horse Race Status: Likely Dodge

For a generation?   It really is time for a change.  Dick Dodge may be a likeable, older gentleman, but his age belies his hidden agenda of supporting anti-consumer issues.  He has accepted $2,300 from the utility and coal industries.  Those contributions were from American Electric Power, Duke Energy, Indianapolis Power and Light, NiSource, Peabody Coal, and the Coal Industry’s Political Action Committee.

According to the Citizens Action Coalition, Dodge has a 2008 pro-consumer voting record of 0% – I have to repeat that – 0%.  What that says is that Dodge doesn’t take much interest in protecting his constituents.  Codie Ross is practicing good, old-fashioned politics.  He is walking his district to talk to the constituents, and he is intent on making sure that he takes the interests of his future constituents to heart.

It is time for a change – and Codie Ross is the person to do it.

Codie Ross speaks to the Third District Breakfast Club

Codie Ross speaks to the Third District Democratic Breakfast Club

So, let’s make the the change happen.  I don’t live in the 51st District, but I have met Codie, and he has spoken at our Third District Breakfast Club.  Dodge wants to hang on as he has done for a generation, and, why not?  He has had little competition, and he doesn’t answer to his constituents but rather to big industry.

On the other hand, Codie has solid ideas, common sense, and the desire to serve those of the 51st District – not simply hang on with no action as Representative Dodge has done now for far too long.  Visit Mr. Ross’s website and learn more about his vision for the 51st District.


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  1. Loyal Dem says:

    I just visited this web site because Codie Ross was a hit on my search. Some folks are talking about him for Bayh’s senate seat…what gives? Who is this guy? I hear he’s great.

  2. Loyal Dem:

    I have only known Codie since last fall. From listening to his talks, he appears to be fairly moderate. I don’t think he is ready for a senate race, however. I think he will be a rising star in the Democratic party, but he needs to have some experience. I believe this is his first race.

    • Loyal Dem says:

      Thanks Charlotte. I went to his web site. He seems pretty grounded. A typical “good ole hoosier.” He has to be excited just to be mentioned for something so big…I’m gonna keep my eye on him.

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