In a move that surprised almost everyone – save perhaps her family – Sarah Palin announced that she wanted to save Alaska from the horrible prospect of a  “lame-duck” governor.   Perhaps Palin does not understand the term lame duck.  Lame ducks are those politicians who are at the end of a last term either due to term limits (governors and presidents) or to an election defeat by the opposition.  A lame duck is on his or her way out of office.

Indiana’s governor, Mitch Daniels, qualifies as a lame duck since he cannot run again in 2012.  Representatives and Senators who are defeated in November elections are lame ducks until they leave office in January.  But that doesn’t mean authentic lame ducks stop working on behalf of their constituents.  Palin is no lame duck – unless you consider her own decision not to run as making her a forced lame duck.  But she took care of that by announcing that she would exit the governor’s office 16 months ahead of schedule.

As to her excuse of how she has been treated by the media – come on – it’s politics.  She put herself in the public spotlight with her acceptance of the vice presidential slot last year.  Perhaps she doesn’t quite remember the years and years of trashing and battering Hillary Clinton has taken at the hands of the conservative press and Republican talking heads.  Yet, Hillary is still standing.

Palin’s press conference is worthy of watching just to listen to the excuses she has contrived for her flight from office.  Her rambling, disjointed performance leaves one shaking the head and wondering just what she is hiding.  The statement runs on and on for a little over 7 painful minutes as Palin flits from one subject to another with little or no coherence among the topics.

And, one final thought on Palin’s use of the point guard analogy – she likened her position to that of a point guard who knows when to pass the ball.  Got news for you, Sarah, point guards may know when to pass the ball, but they don’t pass it and then walk off the court.  You are no point guard, Sarah Palin.


About Charlotte A. Weybright

I own a home in the historical West Central Neighborhood of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have four grown sons and nine grandchildren - four grandsons and five granddaughters. I love to work on my home, and I enjoy crafts of all types. But, most of all, I enjoy being involved in political and community issues.
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  1. Jim Wetzel says:

    No disagreement from here … except that the fun-loving side of me would really like to see “walking off the job” become a widespread and fashionable trend among our elected supervisors. Who knows? We might find that most of them require no replacement …

  2. wickle says:

    If only that meant she was also walking out of the headlines …

  3. Pete C says:

    I thought she was very clear on the point that only her enemies would see a need for her to explain her decision. So, you’re either for her or you’re against her. That sounds familiar somehow…

  4. Andy W. says:

    Personally, if I were a citizen of Alaska, I would be glad to see her go. During the election, she became such a sideshow — I’m sure the Alaskans didn’t realize that when they elected her in to office.

  5. Iceironman says:

    Ok, so let me ask you as AMERICANS,

    Do you like seeing your senators running for office for two straight years? Could you run for senate or congress for two years and still do your job.

    The answer is no. We all get pissed thinking these guys are running on our money, not doing their jobs but then when a strong woman may do the same, she is trashed by what I thought would have been a womans rights advocate in Charlotte.

    Palin has been mared by frivolous lawsuits etc. by the DMC and the Republicans hate her probably as much.

    She is intellegent, she is the apex of what women were supposedly fighting for. She is a great mother, and wife. She is not as smooth as Obama. But I dont think she would have to be smooth if she just won the presidency and declared she would quadruple the deficit and print 10 TRILLION dollars. No, you see, that takes a Harvard education.

    I watched the Democratic convention when Obama gave his speech 5+ years ago. I said to my wife, Oh crap, that guy is good.. I didnt think he would rise to where the elite put him, but I knew he could speak.

    Guess what, I have the same feeling about Palin, less the Washington elite, because they are running from her. She has it. She scares you. I understand this. But as a rebulican I have to ask you to put aside you judgments against women and vote for her. It is time for democrats to drop the bias against women. Oh, you are scared. I have talked to many friends and we are willing to send 2-3 hundred to her right now (and we are the poor). Sorry. What a great mother and leader she would be. Can you tell me where she would screw up America as much as Obama and the liberals?

    • Nancy S says:

      I could agree with much of what you said, unless Mrs. Pahlin gets tired of the JOB after 18 months and decides she’d rather go fishing. I don’t think the United States can afford that. There are many strong women in government (and probably should be more) if you leave the Hillary Clintons out of the mix. She is one scarry person. I think she would cut your throat and not even get dirty.

  6. Ice:

    Just a quick statement before I leave for work and more later:

    Hillary Clinton has been trashed for decades. She didn’t crawl off into a corner and hide. She has withstood more than any woman should have to bear. Her husband cheated on her – perhaps a number of times.

    She was the subject of investigations which never found anything – so to make Palin out to be the martyr because she has been investigated a couple of times is ridiculous.

    Palin would have remained an unknown had McCain not tried to bump up his chances with a woman. She spent a few years as mayor of Wasilla – a town of what about 7,000 – and now only a couple of years as governor.

    Talk about trashing Obama for lack of experience. How hypocritical can the Republicans get?

    Hillary Clinton is the epitome of a strong and intelligent woman. And I will give you some more tonight when I get home from work.

  7. Andy says:

    @Iceironman –

    A few of your statements about Sarah Palin:

    “She has it. She scares you. I understand this. But as a republican I have to ask you to put aside you judgments against women and vote for her.”

    I wouldn’t say I’m “scared” of Sarah Palin, more like shocked and astonished people continue to follow a person with such narcissistic and erratic behavior.

    There are so many “red flags” going off with Palin it is more than alarming. She didn’t even complete her first term as governor. How can you pledge to be a servant to the people and then quit midterm ? Oh, I forgot, its the “liberal” media’s fault, and she is just passing the ball to another teammate here. Too bad she gets to walk off the court, while the game is still playing, and the clock is still ticking in the rest of Alaskans’ lives. Seems to me, Palin is more interested in her personal financial needs than that of everyday Alaskans.

    She also likes to talk frequently about how tough she is. Remember the whole “Pit-bull with lipstick” line ? And Sarah “Barracuda” Palin ? When you are elected to serve in a public office, that’s what it is: public. People are going to be taking shots at you on a daily, if not hourly basis. The Clintons recognized this and were the first to really form a “war room” which would respond to any attacks or misrepresentations on their characters in a rapid and strong fashion. I agree with Charlotte regarding Hillary. That is one tough woman – she has trudged through some very challenging times and came out on the other side (still standing). I’m sorry, but I feel Palin “talks the talk” but Hillary “walks the walk”.

    You also said:

    “It is time for democrats to drop the bias against women.”

    How can you make such a ludicrous statement ? The fact is, more women affiliated with the DEMOCRATIC party have been elected to congress than that of the REPUBLICAN party.

    What’s pathetic is women make up almost 51% of the total US population but only hold 17% of the seats in Congress and the Senate.

  8. Iceironman says:

    What position did Hillary hold when she was investigated?

    How can one serve the people when they spend two years campaining on my dollar?

    How can she serve the people when she is spending taxpayer dollars and 80% of her/staff time defending against frivoulous lawsuits? She is a big girl, she is not afraid of critisism, she just puts her state and country first, wow, what a concept. She brought Letterman to his knees, making him look silly and herself look professional.

    I watched the video, I think she is real, unlike most politicians.

    What is an example of her narcissistic and erratic behavior?

  9. Ice:

    Hillary has been investigated ever since her days in Arkansas. Remember Kenneth Starr’s vendetta against both Clintons? It resulted in nothing and cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Republicans had such a hatred for the Clintons that it knew no bounds.

    But, oh wait, I bet you think that vendetta was okay because it was against a Democrat. And I bet you have even convinced yourself that it was warranted and the Clintons just got away with it. Amazing how changeable our opinions can be when it involves the opposite party.

    As far as campaigning on your dollar – unless you lived in Alaska, Arizona, Illinois, or Delaware, it cost you nothing. The citizens of those states are the ones who footed the bill for their officials who later campaigned.

    As far as serving the people while campaigning – I believe your man, McCain, committed that sin too.

    Actually, Letterman had the last laugh. Literally. He made a crude comment, he apologized, but it certainly hasn’t hurt his ratings any. And, now he has the last laugh with Palin’s ditzy behavior as fodder for his night time laughs.

    I can’t believe you actually thought her speech made sense. Instead of simply saying in a couple of minutes that she was resigning, she rambled on and on about issues that had nothing to do with anything.

    She isn’t real – she is just like any other politician. And, I bet in a few months, you will be seeing some pretty damaging news about her. One doesn’t just up and resign on a moment’s notice without something in the background.

  10. Iceironman says:|main|dl1|link3|

    This is a cool article written by a liberal. Too bad all libs cant be more honest like him.

    I already said I was sick of ALL politicians running on my dollar. By the way THEY ARE U.S. SENATORS so dont tell me they are not on my time. See above I asked as AMERICANS, not D vs R, but that is where everything ends up for you.

    Its nice that you “know” she isnt real. So the folksy common talk is really a disguise and she is a super genious, of the likes of obama????????? So the hunting and fishing are staged? The care of her children is fake? The taking down of the established Republican system was staged?

    I dont get the fervor and detest libs have for her, it is the same as old W.

  11. Charles Langley says:

    Hey Charlotte,

    Just catching up on reading, it’s fun to the back and forth so much on here, it is fun to read, especially when both sides are passionate.

    Just a quick note, Gov. Palin seems to really take personal offense entirely too easy, whether it be from David Letterman or blogger Shannyn Moore (who I had never heard of until the Governor said she would sue her during her resignation speech).

    It would make me uneasy for anyone to hold the office of president with this history, be it a man or woman, a Republican or a Democrat. Who knows what the governor would have done if Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad pranked called her at 3:00 AM!


  12. Ice:

    And you decided he was a liberal how? He worked for the Readers’ Digest, which is certainly not liberal. He wrote a book about Karl Rove – certainly not a liberal. Cannon takes a moderate stance – neither liberal nor conservative. So how did you discern he was a liberal?

    I guess if you think someone is a liberal, and he or she agrees with you, then they are honest. If they don’t agree with you, they are liars and frauds.

    I never said she was fake. But one can try too hard to present a certain face. The winking and blinking and folksy sayings during the vice presidential debates were no where near endearing – they were irritating and childish.

  13. Charles:

    Nice to hear from you! Yes, I am totally committed to the liberal position. What is interesting is that in the early days of our country, liberal was a position that was considered to be what today we know as Republicanism. Republicanism was what today we now know as liberalism. Throw into that the theory of ascriptivism, and you have quite a mix.

    As I stated to Ice, Hillary has been trashed to the max over the past four decades, and she is still standing and doing a great job as Secretary of State.

  14. Andy says:

    @Iceironman –

    I think Sarah Palin let quite a bit of the attention she received during the campaign and after it was over, go to her head. In fact she seemed to thrive on it and continued to seek it out. There have been many reports, by McCain insiders and others, that Palin’s behavior was far from conciliatory during the campaign.

    “She is a diva. She takes no advice from anyone,”

    Also concerning to me was her lack of knowledge on international affairs. One of McCain’s campaign staffers also acknowledged this:

    “Her lack of fundamental understanding of some key issues was dramatic,”

    Even on election night, she planned to keep the focus on her (rather than McCain) by attempting to give a concession speech – which the McCain campaign quickly shot down:

    Another thing about Palin. She obtained her first US Passport in 2006. Yes – 2006 ??? Someone who is running for the VP spot and who could potentially be President had not even traveled outside of the country until two years ago ???

    Her interviews with Katie Couric left many, many people (even a lot of Republicans) uninspired and questioning her credentials.

    During her VP debate with Biden, she resorted to multiple winks to the camera and audience. She also prided herself on talking about “Joe 6 pack” and other catchy phrases (you betcha !). This does not strike the majority of Americans as being VP material or conducting oneself in a professional manner.

    She basically pimped her kids out on the campaign trail. Anyone could see she put them in front of the camera(s) whenever a photo op arrived. I do applaud her for taking her family with her, but couldn’t they have remained behind the stage or behind the scenes the majority of the time ? (like Barack’s daughters did) Count up the number of times Barack’s daughters were in front of the cameras during the campaign compared to Palin’s children and the difference would be enormous. Count the number of times McCain put his children on stage or Biden. Palin beats them all hands down.

    A couple of spoof interviews she participated in during the campaign left me and others questioning how they could have possibly happened. One being the telephone interview where Palin was SUPPOSEDLY talking with French President Sarkozy, but was the person was ACTUALLY some radio disc jockey in Canada. Another interview was the television interview which took place at a turkey butchering plant, and featured real turkeys being slaughtered in the background while Palin talked with a reporter.

    How could these two interviews happen ?? Did you notice how many interviews Barack gave during the campaign and nothing even remotely compared to this happened ?

    That is the difference many of us see when you compare Barack with Palin. Barack was/is disciplined, knowledgeable, and congenial. Palin was careless, uninformed and eventually people caught on. Her approval ratings in Alaska have plummeted, and yet a small faction of die-hard Sarah Palin followers have remained.

    Last thing:

    David Brooks (known conservative) wrote a great piece on dignity in the NYT a few days ago:

    He mentions Palin in the story. Its worth a read.

  15. Marymary says:

    There’s a big difference between folksy and common talk, and incoherent speech. Palin’s forté is the latter.
    Iceironman: I don’t know if you are a troll or if you really believe the nonsense that you spew out on this blog day after day. Your posts are composed of talking points, not thoughts, not opinions. Your talking points often have no relation to reality. Repeating lies, half-truths, and half-baked “reasoning” over and over doesn’t make them true. Palin is not saving anyone’s tax dollars by quitting. The attorneys who are working to respond to ethics charges against Palin are Alaska state employees who would have been paid for what they were doing anyway. They are not receiving additional pay.

    Palin is shameful example of what happens when politics becomes all about appealing to the least thoughtful citizens with winks, smiles, talking points, and code words. The only thing that scares me about Palin is that she appeals to an awful lot of people who are just smart enough to show up at the polls and vote on election day. Palin is an embarrassment to me as a woman, as a person who values education and competence, and as an American. Honest conservatives have said pretty much the same thing. I fail to see how anyone could be impressed with Palin’s credentials, her demeanor, her temperament, or her so-called “executive experience.” I have more executive experience and more education than Palin has, as do most of my family and friends. And not to brag, but some of us are pretty darn hot, too. Still, not one of us thinks that we are qualified to be Vice President or President of the United States. Yet we’d all be more qualified than Palin.

  16. Iceironman says:

    Charlotte, I called the reporter a liberal because he stated “our side”.

    “conservatives” are turning on her because they too know the established Washington system could be shaken up by her. I am so tired of “one source”, “a person in the campain” “people close to the situation that wish to go unamed” BS, no source, I consider it a lie. Kinda like Jason Blair and the NY times. It is funny how jurnalism has declined.

    Mary, your problem is that you think she appealed to 48 million people because of a wink? She appealed because of conservative values, she could have been black, deaf, blind, non winking, It was her message, not the way it was delivered—directly opposite as Obama.

    Mary, a note to your ego. I appreciate your education and looks, and your family and friends do too. I take issue with your ego because you ARE capable of being president of this country. I am not being sarcastic either. The problem I run into with libs like you and Charlotte is that you believe there are things you cannot do, this is bs. You have created your own glass ceiling (not the man). What bothers me even more is you take this opinion and turn it to others and say “they cant… govt has to for them”. You believe for some reason a Harvard education is needed to run this country. It is not. As I grow older, I realize how “experts” are really just people with experience, and many times they are WRONG. Traveling to Europe does not improve ones worldly knowledge,the desire to learn more does, and you can do that from your easy chair. Look at the economy, remember, if we passed the stimulous, unemployment would not go beyond 8%. WRONG, and that was from the “smartest” Ivy leagers in the world.
    I believe I can run this country, I believe common sence trumps everything. Like not printing money, 10 trillion, leaving my kids broke. Keep out of business, the US does not need to own 62% of GM. Simple things, better solutions than just throwing bad money after bad money. Are you going to support the second stimulous, because the “experts” were wrong?
    Mary, run for president, keep my taxes low, stop waisting money, put in term limits, and I will vote for you! Oh yeah, since Obama said the pork and earmarks would end under him, and he clearly lied, you stop earmarks, you have my vote.

  17. Ice:

    Me thinks thou dost give Palin way too much credit for what you think she can do.

    She had absolutely no name recognition before McCain picked her to try to win over the Hillary vote and the right-wing. He misjudged – obviously since true Hillary supporters would have been crazy to desert the party for a woman who has half the ability, knowledge, and experience of Hillary Clinton.

    By the way, I don’t see you even addressing the way Hillary was treated and has been treated for decades. Any sympathy for her? Or, since she is a Democrat, do you find her treatment acceptable?

    You have a bias, and the bias is right-wing conservative. Although you constantly try to convince us that you don’t care whether the person is an “R” or a “D”, it really does matter.

    By the way, look up the journalist and you will find that he is not a liberal. He also wrote the article to primarily discuss his profession of journalism. What is beyond me is his focus on the way “poor Sarah” was treaetd, yet he failed to discuss any other female politicians who have been torn apart by the media and survived without walking out on the job.

  18. Andy says:

    @Iceironman –

    There’s no doubt myself and others who post on this blog, probably won’t agree with you on Sarah Palin. Not sure if you are familiar with local politics, but Palin’s supporters kind of remind me of those who followed former FW Mayoral candidate Matt Kelty. I call them followers because no matter how many stupid or idiotic things Matt said or did, they would support and defend him at all costs. Some may find that admirable, or define that as loyalty, but I view it entirely different. At some point in time, how ever difficult it may be, one has to cut themselves loose from individuals who are heading off of a cliff. Some people don’t – they follow these people to the very end.

    You said:

    “Traveling to Europe does not improve ones worldly knowledge,”

    Again, I have to disagree with you. I traveled to Europe when I was 23, just out of college. It was one of the most eye-opening experiences I ever had. Myself and a friend backpacked in and through many countries, and met scores of people from many backgrounds and different nations. I learned a helluva lot about other people, their customs, their languages, their cuisine, and not too mention, a lot about myself.

    You also said:

    “Keep out of business, the US does not need to own 62% of GM.”

    I wish the govt would not have to own a portion of GM either, but the fact is things were going south and something had to be done. Sure, we could’ve let GM go belly up. What would we have gotten – something worse ? Imagine all GM plants, dealers and auto parts factories affiliated with GM going under. All the employees who worked at these plants would have been unemployed – collecting unemployment checks, maybe food stamps and without health insurance. What about all the places these workers spent their money – restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, etc ?? Would they have potentially closed as well in a domino affect ? Could the workers continue to make their house payments and maybe even face the possibility of being foreclosed on ? What about all the property taxes GM and the other associated dealers and parts factories paid to local governments ? These sources of revenue would have evaporated right along with GM.

    I know you are not a big fan of the stimulus bill, but I’m afraid it was somewhat of a necessary evil. Not sure if you remember back in March of this year when the Dow hit around 6500. People were starting to panic – especially people nearing or in retirement. Since nearly half of the US population owns stock, quite a few of those folks were literally seeing their life savings and retirement vanish before their eyes. I believe if you would have taken a poll the very day the Dow hit 6500, a vast majority of Americans would have wanted our govt to do as much as they could to turn things around. They certainly weren’t looking to the private sector to calm their nerves or take control. When things go bad, usually it happens quickly and turns even uglier with each passing day. People stop spending money, workers get layed off because no one is buying the products and banks won’t lend money. A total state of fear and paralysis comes over everyone.

    A very similar thing happened during the Great Depression. I believe when no one is spending money and the govt fails to act, the chances of an all-out collapse of our economy and society is a real threat. Do we really want to take the chance of sitting back and allowing that to happen ?

    The only viable option, I feel, was a solution based on the idea of John Maynard Keynes. As you probably know, his idea was this:

    “to keep people fully employed, governments have to run deficits when the economy is slowing because the private sector will not invest enough to increase production and reverse the recession”

    Who else will keep the people (citizens) employed when factories are laying people off, stores are closing and people have no money to spend ?

    Sure deficits run up as a consequence of this ( I also don’t like this), but which is worse ? Having high deficits until the economy starts kicking again, or having outright panic, 25 % unemployment with virtually no economy ?

    One of the ideas which comes into play with Keynesian economics is once the economy starts to come back (whenever that may be) the govt starts to let off the gas with the stimulus. The idea is the private sector starts to recover, and the govt doesn’t need to keep things from falling into the abyss.

    Keep in mind, I consider myself to be conservative when it comes to money. I rarely shop for new clothes, have never ever purchased a new car, hardly use credit cards, and like to do a lot of remodeling myself on my (not new) home.

    Believe me, I despise the people who got us, and our country, into this jam. But when I consider the alternatives, I believe we had no viable alternative.

  19. Iceironman says:

    Andy, I dont know if I could compare this to the great depression. I will pass the buck to those more knowledgable than myself, but I dont know who that is. I have severe trust issues with our govt. Not to mention it is a fact that the US govt is incompetent of any social or domestic programs that would be considered highly successful. I think if we had better leadership thoughout this mess, Americans would spend money, and feel more secure, allowing the free market to regain what it had lost. But when you hear crisis 30+ times in a speach and are told armegedon is coming if the stimulous is not passed RIGHT NOW, it acts as a restraint on us.
    The fact that only 60 billion of the 800 billion has been alocated shows incompetence
    The fact that NY has spent 1 million alone on Reinvestment signs shows incompetence
    The fact that Obamas money watch websight needs another 16-20 million to keep up, as it doesnt work.
    The fact that the first round of money hasnt been spent and some are talking of another stimulous is a little scary.
    The fact that the money that has been spent has been largely on social programs shows incompetence. Not really creating new jobs
    The fact that once the economy gets better, those govt expansions are not going away, making for an evan more bloated govt.

    If you want a strong economy, why would we talk of cap and trade NOW?
    Why would we begin the expensive healthcare project right NOW?

    “Believe me, I despise the people who got us, and our country, into this jam. But when I consider the alternatives, I believe we had no viable alternative.”
    Glad to hear you hate big govt too!!!

    I guess I believe I know how to spend money more than govt (and I will spend it instanly with no waste or admin costs) so give me a large tax break and I will do so. Give companies tax breaks and they will invest in machines, people, and buildings, putting people across the board back to work. But that idea would make big govt take a look at trimming instead of the companies and ultamatley the employees. We have been told to cut back, but Obama and govt certainly have not. To the point, Palin gets this. Obama does not.

  20. Ice:

    Did your “severe trust issues” extend back to W? Or was he acceptable because of his invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq? Or because he was a Republican president? Remember the Republican controlled government put us into the largest deficit ever until the current deficit.

    Were you just as concerned when the Bush administration was driving us farther and farther into debt?

    Also, still waiting on your response on Hillary Clinton and the trashing, investigations, and accusations she has taken for decades. Sarah Palin has suffered nothing compared to the attacks on Hillary Clinton.

    Palin sniffs money in the air – Palin’s book deal has been reported to be worth anywhere from $4 to $11 million dollars. This advance is only the tip of the iceberg for Palin, a report of up-wards of $15 million per year by leaving the Governor’s office, with it’s $125,000 per year salary.

    She is an opportunist. If a Democrat had done this, you would be howling and cutting him or her down. But, since it is Saint Sarah, you are willing to take a hypocritical position just to defend her.

    As to Palin “getting it” while Obama does not – the only thing Palin gets is how to exploit her 15 minutes of fame of last year into millions of dollars by walking away from a position with which the people trusted her.

  21. Iceironman says:

    Did my trust issues begin with Bush, YES. It was called amisty. It was when he never vetoed a spending bill ( you see,he was a not a conservative). It was when he called hard working Americans “vigilanties” who were defending our southern boarder, a job the president is swearn to do. Keep turning this back on me, I dont care, remember I dont like govt. Especialy when they screw me.

    Palin sniffs money, wait, I thought you said she was guilty of a crime, remember?

    You are a classic. You are what they desire. ME vs. YOU. Not so simple, that is unless you are. Start looking outside the box a little. If Palin is guilty of anything, I will throw her under the bus where she belongs. In the mean time, If Obama spends trillions in horrible waste, I would expect you to throw him under the bus. Newt G. Is a piece of sh(& in my mind because he sat on the couch with pelosi or some other dem loser, not to mention he cheated on his wife. GO ahead ask my opinion and if I would vote for him. Same with Clinton, if you will cheat on your wife, you will sh^% on the country, or at least have put yourself into a blackmail situation that will force your hand.

    So make up your mind, Are you an American or a Democrat?

    As to Hillarys investigations, please do a blog on them, as I do not remeber myself ever contributing to the situation. And again, Was she ever investigated as an official within the govt?

    Take care and remeber, govt is getting bigger, what does that do for you?

  22. Andy says:

    Getting back to the original topic of this post – Sarah Palin.

    Reagon speech writer, Peggy Noonan, recently wrote a piece in the WSJ about Palin:

    Its titled, “A Farewell to Harms”

  23. Iceironman says:

    Sounds like, again, the Washington insiders are scared. And for some reason you guys here on this blog dont get it. Accourding to Peggy you should be supporting her because she makes the Repubs look bad.

    I think Peggy is trying to become relevant, after all, she has worked with Presidents before, who the hell is this outsider with household name recognition?

  24. Ice:

    Again, I think you give way too much importance to Palin. If vicious attacks and unending trashing are a sign of fear, then the Republicans have lived in fear of the Clintons for decades. Then, along came Obama last year, and he scared the socks off the conservatives and Republicans, right?

    Now, if Hillary had walked away from her office for a book deal and appearances on TV, etc., you would be belittling her like crazy.

    As to “you vs. me” – just a reminder that our country’s history is the story of “you” vs. “me.” Remember the antiFederalists and the Federalists? Political parties are a reflection of different ideologies.

    I distrust the financial world and the behemoth corporations much more than I distrust our federal government.

  25. Iceironman says:

    Why would you distrust corportations, after all, our super duper govt is in control of regulating and keeping them on the up and up. Or is it because you know the govt isnt good at anything, or perhaps our leaders in govt get paid to “overlook” situations?

    And about Palin, the attacks are very personal, with Obama, or Hillary the “attacks” are on ideals.

    Google sarah palin ignorant, you will get 1.3 million hits, hillary clinton ignorant gets 700,00. Add to the fact that Hillary has been in the spotlight for 30 years and Palin only 1???? Kinda shows a bias uh?

    Same search using confused Palin still has more.

    Sarah Palin Knowledgeable= 2.6 Million, mostly negative
    Hillary Clinton Knowledgeable= 122000, mostly positive

    You can see Palins knowledge has been questioned by the elite and media over 1 year about 26 more times than the life of hillaries political life of 30+years.

    This one is interesting
    Hillary clinton investigated 3080000
    Sarah Palin investigated 3290000

    Mind you this is over one year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!for palin, not freaking 30 years.

    Hillary Clinton whore 320000
    Sara Palin whore 421000

    Sara Palin incompetent 261000
    Hillary clinton incompetent 241000

    Hillary clinton competent 194000
    sarah palin competent 161000

    Hillary clinton dishonest 229000
    Sarah palin dishonest 684000

    And my favorite
    Hillary clinton B^%CH 607000
    Sarah Palin B^^ch 920000

    So sounds like in 1 year Palin has accomplished more than Hillary has in 30. Not real scientific, but probably as close to or better science than the folks pandering man made global warming.

  26. Iceironman says:

    Mary, you stated earlier that “Palin is shameful example of what happens when politics becomes all about appealing to the least thoughtful citizens with winks, smiles, talking points, and code words.”

    So who did Obama appeal to?????????? Would it be the 43% of Americans who pay no income tax??????????? Would it be the millions “of least thoughtful citizens” found below??????????

    Palin may not be the sharpest person in the world but I bet she knows there are not 57 states and where she met her husband.

  27. Andy says:


    While you are checking out, you may want to check out a video of Palin supporters outside a rally in Colorado last year:

    I could see a few bad apples in the bunch, but did you notice how many people (and children) made derogatory, racist
    comments about Barack ???

    A few more:

    A rally in Ohio:

    A rally in Pennsylvania:

    There are many, many more of these videos out there. I find the people making these comments and threats very disturbing.

    Unfortunately, the people in these videos are a good portion of the people I think Palin plays to with her least common denominator approach. Through cutsey winks, and the usage of such phrases as: 6 pack Joe, pitbull with lipstick, and accusing Obama of palling around with terrorists, she’s able to add more fuel to the fire.

    I guarantee you – you will find NOTHING even close to the negative comments which took place during some of the rallies for Palin last year at any of Barack’s campaign rallies.

    As you watch the Palin campaign videos witness how many people keep spewing out such crap – its more than alarming.

  28. Andy:

    Sorry about the late appearance of your post. For some reason, some responses go into the comment bin for me to approve. It happens once in a while, and I am not used to checking.

  29. Marymary says:

    Late comment: I suppose I am to believe that a Harvard educated person doesn’t know how many states there are? Obama made a flub. So what? Palin cannot name what newspapers and magazines she reads on a regular basis. Big difference between a making verbal flub and being proudly and woefully ignorant.

    I haven’t erected any glass ceilings. I have respect enough for the positions of President and Vice President of the United States to know that it takes a lot more than common sense to do them.

  30. Iceironman says:

    Palin didnt answer immedialtly, to what she read because she was thinking of the reprcussions. If she said anything liberal or conservative it would have been trashed. If she said the internet, it would have been exploited.

    I suppose Im to believe that Palin doesnt know what she reads or watches. Mary, take down your glass celing. you do believe it takes an Ivy league education to run this country. You do believe you are not good enough. You said it yourself. Im sorry you are not smart enough or hard working enough, I still am!

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