In 2005 the Dynamic Duo of Daniels and Skillman put out its “Possibilities Unbound” plan which sets out guidelines to the destruction of our state’s environment.  Here is that portion of the Plan of Destruction that deals with Indiana’s best opportunities:

Indiana’s best opportunities are in the hardwood, grains, oilseeds and pork sectors. The State must focus on maintaining and growing its market share in each of these sectors.
• Hardwoods. Indiana’s 4.3 million acres of high quality hardwood forests contribute significantly to the State’s economy. Indiana ranks first nationally in the manufacture of wood office furniture and forest-based businesses, which are the fourth largest manufacturing sector by employment in the State. Significant pressures from foreign competitors and significant untapped private wood lots create the need to find ways to maintain this strong position.
• Grains and oilseeds. Traditionally known for being a national leader in corn and soybean production, Indiana must continue to support the economic viability of these segments while at the same time develop new technologies and uses for these crops – a great example being biofuels.
• Pork. Indiana has a long tradition of pork production supported by skilled producers and a strong industry infrastructure. The State’s surplus corn and soybean meal production, abundant cropland and sufficient processing capacity make it ideally suited for pork industry growth. A lack of an industrywide focus or growth plan over the last decade has resulted in a 30% reduction in breeding herd inventories and a 20% decline in market hog inventories.

Well, good golly, the Guv and his henchwoman have already capitalized on the pork and grains part of the plan.  The rush to ethanol production has led to little benefit to the state, but that hasn’t stopped his Royal Highness from exploiting the opportunity and shoving it down our throats even though the ethanol factor has proved less than successful.

And, of course, we already know that the Dynamic Duo has made tremendous headway in the area of pork production.  Since the release of the Plan, hundreds of Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) have been approved and constructed leading to Indiana’s being well on its way to becoming one big hog farm with CAFOs popping up all over the state.

But now the two are taking after the state’s forests.  Recently, Indiana’s  Department of Natural Resources set in motion a survey – called an assessement (wording is everything) to inventory the state’s forests.  According to the website, the State Assessment will provide a valuable document for communicating forest-related issues, threats, and opportunities in the State of Indiana.

Photo Credit: USDA


Photo Credit:  USDA


Opportunities = code for “how the heck can we cut down as many trees as possible without anyone noticing.”  Additional code word = exploit.

What is really hard to understand is how Hoosiers simply sit back and relax and let this pompous and arrogant man march his way from state line to state line, destroying our environment in the process.


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