Companies can save 50 to 75 percent on their call centers by putting them overseas.   But does that savings translate into happy customers who will continue to buy a company’s product or use a company’s services?  Apparently not.

In response to customer dissatisfaction with overseas call centers, Delta Airlines has become the latest business to return its India-based call centers to the United States.  Earlier in March, SLM Corporation, the student loan company commonly known as Sallie Mae, said it plans to move its overseas operations back to the United States, pulling jobs from India, Mexico and the Philippines.

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North Carolina’s Governor Mike Easley recently moved a state-funded call center back to the U.S. from India, and CitiCards has also chosen to locate a call center in North Carolina.

The shift in returning call centers home by no means includes all companies, but the recognition that perhaps good business practices dictate actually taking into account consumer preferences rather than profits is gaining hold.

While I have had some good conversations with overseas representatives, most of my experiences have been less than satisfactory.  I don’t blame the workers; they are being used to boost the profits of the corporations who have shipped the call center business overseas.  They are expected to have “good” English communication skills – many of which Americans haven’t even mastered yet

I have not had to contact a company too often, but when I do, I dread hearing an accent that I have difficulty understanding.  I find myself aggravated when I cannot pick out all the words spoken by the call center employee.  I do my best to tamp down my aggravation since I know it is not the employee’s fault.  On perhaps two occasions, I have simply hung up when the representative put me on hold to check on a question or issue.

When you add to the call center issue the fact that it is nigh near impossible to find a number anymore without pushing 10 buttons, it is no wonder customers become vocal in their protestations about their treatment and service.


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  1. clint says:

    Chuck you say

    “I don’t blame the workers; they are being used to boost the profits of the corporations who have shipped the call center business overseas. They are expected to have “good” English communication skills – many of which Americans haven’t even mastered yet”

    Are you being used by your corporation? Are these people feeding their families? Im being used by my corporation, and Im using them. Big bad corporations–I hope they all close, wait, they employ people.

    Way to jump on the Obama “Americans are so stupid tour”. Do you think Americans are stupid because of the govt school system or bad parenting? I blame both. Mostly the parenting part.

    It is funny that Obama went oversees and bashed Americans on foreign laguages and he cant speak them. I am more advanced than he is. Way must libs bash American.

  2. Clint:

    Some points here:

    I am not concerned that the corporations employ people overseas who may lose their jobs. For every job that goes overseas, one less job exists here for our fellow countrymen and women. If you prefer to pay foreign workers at the expense of Americans, that is your choice.

    I also didn’t mention one word about them closing here. Again, I don’t care if they close offices in foreign countries.

    I am also not jumping on the “Americans are stupid bandwagon.” I am making an observation that is supportable when looking at reports of our children’s progress in schools. It does not mean they are stupid – it means they are not getting the education they need – for whatever reasons.

    By the way, do you speak a foreign language?

  3. Iceironman says:

    Yes I do, and I didnt go to Harvard, or make fun of Americans who cant. Is it perfect French, no, but good enough to speak to customers from Quebec.

  4. Ice:

    Care to provide a site where Obama made “fun” of Americans? Or did he simply state the truth and your intense dislike of him has you scrounging around to find anything that could form the basis for a criticism?

  5. Iceironman says:

    I dont dislike Obama, you see Im not like the deranged bush people. I disagree with a man who shows more respect to people who hate America than to US citizans who ask questions. I dont see America bashing as being a presidental property I like.

    Here is Obama putting you down( because you cant speak french). As I can speak french and he cannot, I feel superior.

    The reason Americans dont speak foriegn languages more prevelently is because it is not needed. We dont have as many cultures packed as closely. We dont have a world going toward spanish, if we did we would speak spanish. Other countries are adapting to the worlds demand that if you want to be successful, your chances increase if you can speak english. My odds of being more successfull increase because of being bilingual, but not by much, I already speak the most important language there is, ENGLISH.

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