This month “Barbie” turned 50 – the big 5-0.  And she sure has held her age well – in fact, she has refused to age at all.  Her youthful looks belie her years of accumulated wisdom, and she still maintains that perfectly coiffed look.  She has slimmed down and toned up.  She has lost some of her bustiness, her arms and thighs are slimmer, and the calves of her legs are not quite so pronounced.  Oh, and she has escaped the proverbial sagging bustline as well.

In the good old days, Barbie’s chest was fuller – she was more “buxom.”  The calves of her legs were more pronounced as if she actually exercised and rode a bike.  Her legs – from the hips down – were fuller in the thigh area.  But I understand that we certainly don’t want our young girls to get the notion that being a size 10 or 12 is acceptable.  After all look what the media has done to Jessica Simpson now that she has “ballooned” to a size 8.  Insanity rules.

This is the weight gain?  Come on people!

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Barbie’s arms are slighter slimmer also – no flying squirrel wings for our gal.  No siree!  I also don’t detect any drops of perimenopausal perspiration on her face or that haggard look in her eyes that comes from battling sleepless nights of tossing blankets off from the heat and then hurriedly covering back up as the body begins to chill.

No bags under the eyes from life’s worries.  No stretch marks or added weight from having babies.  Yepper – Barbie has held her age well.  I look forward to her 100th birthday.  I wonder if she might just sprout a few gray hairs by then.

Barbie – then (1959)


Barbie now – 2009


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