Good Lord – get over it.  The election was three and a half months ago, yet some Republican blowhards simply can’t get past the fact that Obama is president despite effort after effort to derail his road to the Whitehouse.  Richard Shelby of Alabama  is still pondering whether or not Barack Obama was born in the United States.  Such birth, of course, is one of the criteria to become president.

In a news conference this past week held at a Cullman County, Alabama, steakhouse, Shelby was asked if he had any thoughts on the rumor which surfaced during the presidential campaign that Obama was not born in the United States.  His snappy response?

“Well his father was Kenyan and they said he was born in Hawaii, but I haven’t seen any birth certificate.”  “You have to be born in America to be president.”

They said? They said?  That would be an official birth certificate filed in 1961 in Hawaii located in the good ole U.S. of A.  Ya know, I haven’t seen the birth certificate either – but then again, millions and millions of Americans have probably not been privy to actually seeing and touching the birth document.

To still be dwelling on this topic just shows the continuing idiocy of some Republicans.

Oh, and another interesting statement by Shelby?

“If we (republicans) were in control, I would have been chairman of the banking committee … and I would have killed some bills,” Shelby said with a laugh.

Hey buddy – remember, you guys used to be in control and you were booted out.  But that philosophy goes along with the notion that Republicans – after eight years of kowtowing to the Bushie policies – have now found their voices.  I guess they finally figured out how to treat that eight-year bout with laryngitis.


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I own a home in the historical West Central Neighborhood of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have four grown sons and nine grandchildren - four grandsons and five granddaughters. I love to work on my home, and I enjoy crafts of all types. But, most of all, I enjoy being involved in political and community issues.
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  1. wickle says:

    “but I haven’t seen any birth certificate”

    You know, I’ve not seen the Eiffel Tower. But I know it’s there … I’ve seen pictures, and I know people who have seen it.

    Since the birth certificate has been released and examined, this is beyond pathetic. The fact that Sen. Shelby hasn’t seen it … sigh … never mind.

    I expect that the Republicans will lose bigger in 2010, and if this keeps up, there may not be a relevant GOP by 2012. Obama will run for reelection against a Whig or something.

  2. Wickle:

    I imagine we will hear this challenge until 2012 and beyond. And I think you are right – if the Republicans don’t watch it, we will a one-party system pretty soon with a smattering of smaller non-viable third parties.

  3. Iceironman says:

    You guys keep talking of parties, what about America? More spending is good because of a D. Man, I have alot of work to do to right this. Char. how about instead of stealing headlines and ragging on them. Post your opinion on what has gone wrong in the US( will require honesty and kicking some dems in the ass) Post a subject on your own thoughts how to handle the situation that my children are facing(socialism, racism, over taxation,). It is amazing we cant work together to agree that govt spending is out of control. Govt cant improve anything on a personal level at this point. Fighting for a d or r is rediculous. They have beat you! Now, just fall in line.

  4. Andy says:

    Iceironman –

    Charlotte has posted frequently on “what is gone wrong in the US”, you’re just not reading what you what to see.

    As her blog title states, ” A discussion of local, state, national, and international issues from a progressive, liberal point of view.”

    If you are looking for hate-filled rhetoric, like Ann Coulter spews or Pastor John Hagee preaches, then this is not the website for it. I believe Charlotte is passionate about what she believes in, but she also does a terrific job of keeping things civil and respectful.

    I appreciate some of your comments, as I feel it is important to take into consideration a broad view of the issues our country faces. Instead of focusing on the small percentage of things we disagree on, I sincerely hope we are able to find common ground. As far as your comment of “kicking some dems in the a**”, there are plenty of dems and republicans out there with their hands dirty. The whole Blagojevich drama, who happens to be a democrat, has been disastrous. The Congressman from Louisiana, William Jefferson, who was caught with a wad of cash from a bribe in his refrigerator freezer is another Democrat who deserves to be given the boot.

    But, if you are looking for some of us who post regularly on this blog to become devout listeners of Sean Hannity, Glen Beck and Ann Coulter, it probably isn’t going to happen.

  5. Iceironman says:

    Thank you Andy, all Im looking for is non bush bashing, sensible conversation, and honesty. To do this we must recognize what we want America to look like. Is it like Europe. Or is it wild and free. I think I have been honest, the amnesty bill, dubi ports, spending like drunken sailors, I have disagreed with bush on all of those. I am honest about my standing CONSERVATIVE. I wish others such as Obama would be honest about their standing SOCIALIST. I know you will say Im a name caller and a labeler, but I think if he was honest, he would say ” I want to socialize medicine, I want to socialize healthcare, I want to socialize/nationalize the banks and business. Just a little honesty, then let the American people decide what they want. I think socialist has a bad rap from the USSR. And for good reason.

  6. Mike says:

    If the iceironman is really looking for non bush bashing, sensible conversation, then he needs to quit painting everything in broad strokes of black versus white. If you’re not ‘conservative’ like him, then you’re a ‘socialist’ which he defines as being only bad. Does he use the highways, are they not the result of socialization? Does he ever use the library? Or parks?

    Truth be told, we are all partly conservative and partly socialistic. Some of us never want to admit it though. It’s with those that no meaningful conversation can be held.

  7. Iceironman says:

    Mike, our constitution says what the govt is for. Things are black v white 99% of the time. I guess when we have nationalized the banks, have socialized health care, govt schools, govt social security, govt medicare, govt is the biggest employer, govt welfare, yes you are right mike, I do get a little concerned. I get concerned because I am an American who believes I will be worth millions one day and I do not want the govt telling me what I can earn. I do not want the govt telling me how much I have to give my neighbor, I have checked, he is okay. Yes, your arguement of police and hiways, military hold marrit. They are for my protection and EQUAL use. You wont hear me bitch about national parks or other things people have equal rights to without exemption. So, I would assume you never want to be successful because that doesnt fit the Obama mold. I probably would have bought one of thoes quarter million dollar rigs from Elkhart IN, but I get tired of the majority pissing down my back as I pay Americas Bills. Too bad for Elkhart.

  8. Mike says:


    Sorry this has gone so far off your original topic. As I recall, there were some interesting questions concerning John McCain’s birthplace and whether that made him ineligible for the presidency. Both the arguments against Obama’s and McCain’s credentials are a waste of time, IMHO.


    Again, things are not 99% black and white. Funny that you say you’re for the things that are for your personal protection. Are they not protection for all of us? Equal use? What exactly is that? I haven’t been to a park in years. Does that mean I can now no longer need to support their use? BTW, that ‘park’ could just as easily be the highways, police departments. fire departments, etc.

    You say you checked on your neighbor and that he was okay. If he wasn’t, what would your response be? Would you lend a helping hand? Or would you think, his decisions got him where he is, he needs to pull himself up? Your ‘too bad for Elkhart’ comment pretty much answers that one.

    Why would you make the assumption that I never want to be successful? Is it because I don’t agree with what you consider conserative principals? Truth is, they are more libertarian than conservative; but save that for some other time. Most people would consider me as successful, I’ve already made my millions. Honestly, I really do hope you make yours.

  9. Ice:

    The notion that our Constitution is black and white is incorrect. The Constitution – while a great document – was written in a certain day and age and did not address the rights of minorities or women. We were excluded. The Founding Fathers were shrewd and intelligent and wanted to protect their own wealth and property rights.

    To want to keep the status quo from 1787 (the signing of the Constitution) is ridiculous and antiquated. We live in a different society with different characteristics than in the time of the writing of the Constitution. The Constitution gives us a blueprint for government – not a set in stone and unchanging way to govern.

    At the writing of the Constitution, we were not industrialized, there were no corporations, child labor was the norm, there was no technology, we had an agrarian society, etc. That is no longer the reality of the United States and to try to keep this country in step with a Constitution written with those factors in mind ignores the changes to our society.

    As to Elkhart, here is your comment from July 20, 2008, in response to my post about the RV industry. Seems to me you had a different opinion then:

    “And I quote “time to pay the piper”. I guess DHL, airlines, gm, ford, chrystler, toyota, etc, are all a result of “luxury items”? Thank you for telling us what is acceptable.”

    Out of sympathy for Elkhart and the luxury RV industry?

  10. Mike:

    No problem – topics vary, and I don’t mind. I believe the issue with McCain was his birth in the Panama Canal zone to U.S. citizens.

    I also think those who continue to argue these points are wasting time and energy.

    I have to agree that it seems like if one agrees with Iceironman, then it is acceptable but if one does not, then that person is a socialist, unAmerican, unpatriotic, etc.

  11. Andy:

    Thank you for the comments. I am not a fan of outlandish and disrespectful rhetoric regardless of the political affiliation.

    Republicans and Democrats alike have their bad apples and those who should be removed from office. While I originally thought Burris should have been seated, I now am not comfortable with his remaining since his disclosures re: Blogojevich.

  12. Iceironman says:

    Char. At any point that I used the quote “time to pay the piper” was a quote from you in an earlier post. But yes, rvs are luxury items that the rich, or upper middle class buy. No change of opinion here. Elkhart is also hurting because of policies put on the engine builders to make tier 3 and 4 engines (takes millions in investment to satisfy the eco warriors).

    To the point of the 99% comment by me. If you see life as grey, do you let your children do coke sometimes? No, there are issues which are 99% black or white or if you will right or wrong. Thats the problem with libs and moderates, they can RATIONALIZE any decision. You say if you disagree with me you are a socialist, what do you want me to call people who believe that housing, healtcare, et al, are the responsibility of the govt. Own up to being a socialist, be proud, be strong, but dont deny it.

    Mike, if you knew me, you would know I would take care of my neighbor. I would consider it my duty. I dont consider it my duty to give my money to the govt and let them chose lifes winners and losers. I have no trouble sleeping at night knowing what I have done for others or what I will do in the future. And yes, If the neighbor was unemployed for months on end, not trying to get a job, I would kick his butt to the curb. But that is my choice and our govt would keep paying.

    When I say equal use, you can use the parks any time. I cannot draw money from the govt when I want. I must do x y and z first. I think I know now why the founders wanted only property owners to vote. They had a stake in the game. Poor people today just assume eat the rich, and they are the majority and taking from my pocket at will.

    I think we all know what is happening, just admit you are socialists, who probably dont actually give more than 5% of your income to charity, yet you want everyone else to pay big time through the govt. And if you do care about your neighbor soooo much, please, begin tithing, begin giving you money away, Dont let the govt get it or it is going to shrink with all of the admin costs. JUST GIVE IT AWAY. But you wont.

  13. Ice:

    Let’s not get too far away from the true meaning of socialism – this is what Republicans do when they want to use a scare tactic.

    Socialism is government ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods. Here is the dictionary definition of socialism:

    “a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.”

    I have never advocated for government ownership of private business, energy production, etc. Right-wingers and fear-mongers use this as a scare tactic when they apparently don’t quite understand the meaning of socialism. Last time I checked corporations were still privately owned, railroads were still privately owned, energy companies were still privately owned, land was still privately owned, and on and on and on.

    The Repubs use the old worn-out saw of socialism to simply keep the public petrified that we are approaching the condition of – gasp – the old Soviet Union. Government regulation is not government ownership.

    As to whether I am proud about how I see the role of government – yes I am. Corporations such as mega-corp WalMart have gotten way out of hand and control society. They outsource and exploit underdeveloped countries by trying to convince them that their exploitation and destruction are good – the only thing they are good for is the corporation. They need to be controlled and regulated.

    Giving money to the government to choose life’s winners and losers? Come on – it’s done all the time. What do you think we are doing in Iraq? Building sand castles? Government gives subsidies to some corporations and not others – winners and losers, right? Incentives to businesses to operate in a state or city. Winners and losers, right? Those are my tax dollars that go to tax abatements for businesses such as fast-food restaurants.

    I would rather have government give my tax dollars to human beings who need help than to corporations who send their companies overseas.

    Here is your comment about black and white:

    “Things are black v white 99% of the time.”

    Your follow-up comment said, “No, there are issues which are 99% black or white or if you will right or wrong.”

    Your two comments say totally different things. Some issues may be black v. white, but that is not what you originally said. You said that things are black v. white 99% of the time.

  14. Iceironman says:

    So govt owning 40% of a bank is not getting close to socialism. So Obama telling a private company how much people can make is not a socialist/communist idea. You kept using the phrase “last time I checked”. Yes, for the time being you are correct, which way is the boat going under Obama? Would you say Obama is fear mongering when he says the word catastrophe, crisis, about 100 times per speech. In 1980, could you imagine talking with friend at a local bar or restuant saying “man, I heard in the year 2000, we wont even be able to smoke in a bar if those liberals get into power”. “Yeah, right dude, like thats ever going to happen” Last time I checked it did. It is not a fear tactic to say America is turning socialist. Do you believe in 20 years we will be a socialist nation? I suppose alot of boomers want free medicine and healthcare. So now after I pay for Social Security with no return upon my retirement in the year 2042, I will also be paying for Boomers meds and healthcare, but not just me, my children. God bless the Govt schools, healthcare, social security, high taxes.

    Walmart provides jobs. People want to isolate them as the ememy but I would disagree. Walmart does not control sociaty. I can shop where I wish. I cannot tell the govt how much i want to pay in taxes as I reach 250000 dollars a year. Govt is out of control. If you cant agree with that in some way, man this is a messed up situation.

    I guess our theorys are just different. I would rather keep my tax dollars and give my money to my neighbor. Otherwise the govt wastes it. Do you really think after 4 or 8 years of Obama the projects in cities will be less poverished? Do you think the coal miners in West Virgina will be moved out of their trailer with the car on blocks in the front yard. No president can help on a personal level. The drive to change things in ones environment comes from an internal mission that is summed up in the constitution. Its called freedom.

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