Well, she’s at it again.  Sarah Palin just can’t stop whining about how the media dealt with her ditzy behavior and answers during the presidential election campaign.  Despite the efforts of FOX news to paint her as a much-suffering victim of the “liberal” media, Palin’s recent comments about Caroline Kennedy show that Palin would still rather blame others than take any responsibility herself for her own lack of preparedness and knowledge.

Palin thinks there might be a “class” issue at work in the treatment of her vice-presidential candidacy and Kennedy’s senatorial quest.  I bet mentioning class issues doesn’t go over too well with her Republican cohorts – after all, they are usually busy trying to convince everyone that the United States is class-free and everyone is equal.  I can just see some of the upper echelons of the Republican party cringing as Palin utters the word “class” disparity.

Palin also recently opined that Katie Couric and Tina Fey have been “capitalizing on” and “exploiting” her.  Excuse me, but it seems to me that Palin played right along with the SNL skits.  After all, she didn’t have to appear.  And, as to Couric’s interviews, some of the questions that Palin failed to answer could have been answered by a third grader – i.e. what do you read.

Palin can’t quite let us forget that she is a moose-hunting, pit bull with lipstick as she coyly says that when she sees some of the coverage of her daughter Bristol especially “the momma grizzly rises up in me.”  Okay – we get it.  You are from Alaska, and you tried to work your “aw shucks, you betcha” routine on the American public.

But, apparently, the American public wasn’t quite into Palin’s act as she had hoped.  So now Palin has decided to insert herself into the political arena once again by whining about her coverage compared to the coverage of Caroline Kennedy.  Palin might want to read  and watch closely – Kennedy certainly isn’t getting any breaks, and I bet Caroline Kennedy will have enough class not to blame anyone else.

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  1. wickle says:

    You know, the Right is always accusing the Left of having this obsession with “victimization” and trying to blame all of its failures on someone else.

    But it seems to me that the Right has its obsession with whining about the Liberal Mainstream Media (TM) every time it fails.

    Regardless of editing, the Couric interview looked abyssal for Gov. Palin because she couldn’t answer the questions. She can whine about it all she wants, but that only plays well with the base.

    In general, I think that the American voting public wants leaders who aren’t going to cry and whine. “Boo-hoo-hoo, Tina Fey the satirist made fun of me … Oh, poor me!”

  2. HoosierDem says:

    My eyes! My eyes!

    Please. No more pictures of Palin. She may be naturally attractive, she’s also naturally stupid and I just want her to disappear back in the sticks of Alaska. Where she belongs. 😉

  3. HoosierDem:

    Sorry for the picture, but I usually try to add a picture or two to my posts. I think she is disappearing and it looks like she is alienating members of her own party by trashing the McCain team for her “bad” treatment.

    She will simply whine her way back to Alaska and hopefully never appear on the stage of American politics again.

  4. wickle says:

    I think that Gov. Palin will make a run in 2012. It will be just about as successful as Dan Quayle’s nomination bid in 1996 (or was it 2000?). Then she’ll go away.

    But right now, the talk radio set is still propping her up and keeping her alive.

    An interesting question is whether the GOP will realize that the talk radio crowd isn’t a majority of voters after that happens. I would hope so, but I doubt it.

  5. Wickle:

    What is she thinking? Never mind, I forgot – she doesn’t think, and she doesn’t read.

    Maybe she should run in 2012. That way, if she gets creamed, she might finally get it – she was a flash in the pan.

    I think the whole vice-presidency thing really went to her head.

  6. Keith Cumtwa says:

    I am also sick of her whining but it is certainly not germane to the right (remember the “vast right wing conspiracy?”). I got tired of a co-worker repeating everything dumb thing that Palin said (and there were a lot of them). I finally told her when Palin said something dumber than FDR was President during the ’29 stock market crash and that he came on television which was not yet invented (Biden said both) to let me know. My co-worker NEVER came back. I guess its all in your perspective.

  7. Marymary says:

    I think that their is a difference between misspeaking and being ill-informed. Biden makes a lot of flubs, including the one cited above, but no way is he a person who doesn’t read and doesn’t understand policy. Palin made her share of flubs, just as any political candidate does. I mean does anyone really think that Barack Obama believes that there are 57 states?(Well, I guess some think that.)

    I could give Palin a pass for saying things such as the “Great Northwest” when she was in the Northeast and making other similar mistakes. It is hard to overlook her not being able to clearly articulate what books and periodicals she reads to learn about the world, however. It is hard to overlook her giving an incorrect answer about what the Vice Presidet does. It is hard to overlook Palin characterizing criticism from the press as somehow violating her right to free speech. Frankly, all of those things are “dumber” than what Biden said and vastly more important, I don’t care what your political affiliation may be.

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