What appeared to be an idea that had little impetus a couple of years ago continues to gain steam.  Derreck Gingery of the Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly takes on the issue and provides pros and cons of bringing such an institution to Fort Wayne.

Personally, I think we have enough gambling and gaming already.  But in these economic times, it seems like many see a casino as the end-all, be-all to our financial woes.  Mayor Henry believes it would be irresponsible to pass over such an enterprise given the shortage of funds the City is now facing and will continue to face.

But good as the idea may seem to the City’s officials, it seems that other organizations can’t, won’t, or haven’t made up their minds as to welcoming a casino.  The Fort Wayne-Allen County Economic Development Alliance,  the Greater fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce,  and the Fort Wayne-Allen County Convention and Visitors Bureau have all declined at this time to take a position on whether or not they favor a casino in The Fort.

I still say keep your eyes on the North River project.  I could be wrong, but given the increased talk of a casino coupled with Mayor Henry’s request to Senator Lugar’s office for funding to study the improvement potential for the downtown section of the St. Marys River, it seems like it might be a safe bet that Fort Wayne will eventually have a casino despite the current wavering of opinion by county and city economic development groups.

I would almost wager!

North River Now project map – Photo Credit:  City of Fort Wayne


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  1. Mike H says:

    I think you are right that it is something that will happen downtown with good odds. I was told if I was smart I’d invest in the Summit City Resort outfit on the stock market going public today I think it was? lol

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