Apparently George W. doesn’t trust even his closest friends and allies. Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister who stood shoulder to shoulder with Bush on Iraq throughout Bush’s trials and tribulations with the rest of the world, has been the subject of spying activity by U.S. Intelligence officials.

It seems the object of the spying was Blair’s personal life – information of a private nature that was kept in a file seen by David Murfee Faulk in 2006. While not illegal to collect information on foreign leaders, the U.S. and the UK had pledged “not to collect on each other”, several former U.S. intelligence officials told ABC.

Last month, Faulk was one of two men who revealed that U.S. intelligence officials intercepted the private phone calls of hundreds of US citizens overseas as they called friends and family back home as well as American journalists, aid workers, and soldiers stationed in Iraq.

All I have to say is good riddance to a bad apple in George W. Bush. His presidency has been one of arrogance, incompetency, disrespect of the Constitution, and downright disregard for the people of the very nation he was supposed to lead. Let’s hope we never see another presidency as disastrous and destructive as the one that has held court for the last eight years.

Bush and Blair in happier times

Photo Credit: Google Images


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