It has been a while since I posted about my progress on some of my home projects. I finally got my cork floor in my kitchen installed with the exception of the very last row of planks which will have to wait for this coming weekend.

Heaven knows my kitchen project has been long enough getting done. Here are photos of what it looked like in the beginning and where I am at now. I still have some work to do, but getting the floor down was major. I have my remaining counter top set up in my foyer so that I can cut it to length and do the cut-out for the sink.

So , I thought I would take a break from the more serious topics of the day, and post these pictures. I think I am going to like my new kitchen!

The old kitchen – I had cut out a new, wider doorway – my reciprocating saw is one of my favorite tools

Old cabinets ready to be removed – again that reciprocating saw sure comes in handy

All cabinets torn out and insulation in place – the wall to the right was where the refrigerator used to be – a previous landlord had cut out a niche for the refrigerator – I covered the niche over and the refrigerator will go elsewhere

Old flooring after sheet linoleum was taken up – yuck!

I decided to put down sub floor – Threaded shank nails don’t come out easily – so get it right the first time

I decided to use a rough type of wainscoting for the lower parts of my walls to cover the many imperfections that go with an old kitchen that has lathe walls and old plaster

Putting in the lower kitchen cabinets was a bear – I bought unfinished cabinets because they were anywhere from $50 to $70 cheaper each than finished cabinets – I finished them with golden oak stain

Putting together cabinets – I later changed the color of the back splash walls which I originally painted a burnt orange color – I didn’t like the color once I got it painted

The golden oak stain turned out great – at least I think so – you can see the shims that I used to level the cabinets – leveling and bolting them together took forever – I just had to keep adjusting and adjusting until I was satisfied – and they were level – this picture shows part of the cork flooring

I left the top cabinets in and simply repainted them – I plan on adding a back drop in the back of each cabinet – I am not going to replace the doors and will leave the shelves open

New paint color with border for upper portion of the kitchen

Getting ready to work on counter top for the shorter side of my kitchen – I used a jig saw to cut to size – counter tops are tough stuff to cut – at least it was for me

Counter top in place but not anchored – I can’t do that until the sink cut out is done and everything is ready to be put together

Counter top from different angle – I still have the end cap to attach – I made the little rack sitting at the end for spices – not sure if I will keep it or not

New paint color on back walls – it does lighten up the kitchen better – my kitchen is pretty small so the dark color was just too much

My “cinnamon” colored cork flooring – I bought cork because it is a sustainable product – it is a “Click and Lock” system although it was a little more difficult than what the directions said – cork flooring is a little more expensive than other choices, but I had decided at the very beginning that I wanted cork – the toe kick molding under the cabinets will be one of the last things I do – it will be oak molding of course


So, there you have it. I am getting there finally. I can’t wait to get the stove in and start cooking again. The down side to remodeling is that it really does take time. For me, it takes a lot longer because of my physical disability – but I would still rather do these things myself. I think by the time I get done, I will probably have about $1200-$1500 in the redo. When I asked about having the cabinets put in by Home Depot (where I bought them), they wanted $900 just to put in five cabinets. That would have been $1400 just for the cabinets alone.

I hope within the next few weeks I can put up the final pictures.


About Charlotte A. Weybright

I own a home in the historical West Central Neighborhood of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have four grown sons and nine grandchildren - four grandsons and five granddaughters. I love to work on my home, and I enjoy crafts of all types. But, most of all, I enjoy being involved in political and community issues.
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  1. Wow! We are impressed with your energy level, and your ability to do things yourself…including laying down your new cork oak floor. We blog about cork oak on a daily basis. It really is good for your indoor air quality, and will actually contribute to your family’s health and well being. An eco-system, and an industry thank you!
    Team Wicanders

  2. Andy says:

    Nice job Charlotte !

    You amaze me with your ability to take on just about any project in life. I respect the fact you are doing the remodeling yourself. Besides saving on cash, it’s a rewarding experience when you are finished.

    I’m curious about the cork flooring – I’m considering putting down cork or bamboo floors in my house, so please let me know how you like them.

  3. Phil Marx says:

    You da man! Uh, I mean da woman.

    That is impressive. I like the lighter look of the wall after you changed it. It progresses smoothly from darkest on the floor and gets lighter as it goes up through the cabinets then the back walls.

    My kitchen was one of the first major jobs I did when I bought this house many years ago, and my lack of experience shows through there. I am impressed by anybody who has the ability and takes the time to install kitchen cabinets properly.

    My only question is whether the grooved wall panels will be difficult to clean. Of course, this question comes from a bachelor who only cleans the kitchen semi-annually, so maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as I think if it was done regularly. I’m just thiking there should be some kind of guard in certain areas, especially around the stove.

  4. Dean says:

    Wow love the orange paint and cork flooring!

  5. Pete C says:

    Guess I don’t need to keep struttin’ around just because I got the garage door painted before snowfall this year… It looks like fine work, Charlotte.

  6. daron aldrich says:

    We put cork flooring in all of our bedrooms. We love it. It was a bit of a bear to install…it is more difficult than your standard click and lock floors but it was worth it.


  7. Andy:

    I love the cork. I am sure like anything else, it may have a flaw somewhere – nothing’s perfect, but I just keep looking at it and thinking how glad I am I decided to put down this kind of flooring.

    One of the qualities advertised was its warmth, and it really is warmer than regular tile, linoleum, etc. It also has a softer quality to it when you walk on it. I really am glad I went with this. I tend to be slow in making a decision sometimes. I thought about it, researched it, priced it, and thought about it some more.

    I did look around at all the different floorings, but I knew I would end up with the cork. I also wanted a sustainable product. This doesn’t kill the tree, and I actually learned a lot about cork and bamboo in the process.

    I haven’t done anything with bamboo – I thought about bamboo kitchen counter tops, but I was really afraid I might mess up a counter top and both cork and bamboo are higher in price than many of the other products.

    But I wouldn’t trade it. 🙂

  8. Phil:

    I hadn’t thought about the “ease” of wiping down those rough wood panels. It will probably be hard to spray and wipe down the surface.

    The area behind the stove will definitely be the issue. I might put up a tin backsplash. I love copper, and copper would blend with the orangy color. The rest of the kitchen should be okay since it is just me, and I don’t make that much of a mess.

    What really made me happy was that the corner where the two counter top ends meet is square. Holy cow – what are the odds! Especially in an old house! I used a square and then I did it a second way where you use a tape measure. It came out square both ways.

    If it hadn’t been square, the suggestions I found on the internet were to call the professionals – something I didn’t want to do.

  9. Pete:

    Hey, at least you have a garage to paint. I look at anything that is done to a home as an accomplishment.

    But I have to tell you, this project has really worn me out. My other projects aren’t this time consuming.

  10. Judith says:

    Wow! Tremendous creativity and great color sense! I can’t imagine tackling such a big job, and it turned out so well!

  11. Pete:

    I forgot to add – I hope to have an open house in the Spring. Once the kitchen is done, I have a couple of downstairs things to finish, and then I will be able to have friends in once again.

  12. Daron:

    You’re right – putting the floor down is a little bit more challenging than I had thought it would be. But the cork is more costly than wood laminate, vinyl, or tile, so I really took my time. The click and lock also required a little more than just snapping together. I had to push fairly hard sometimes, and I used a rubber mallet with a tapping block to get a nice, snug fit.

    But I have to say, every morning I get up and walk on it and see it, I am really glad I chose cork.

  13. Judith:

    Thank you! I have enjoyed working on my kitchen, and I still have some things to do. But with the floor down, I can put the stove and refrigerator back in. I am going to run out today and pick up the oak for the toe kicks and door trim.

    When I get everything else done, I will put pictures up of what it looks like. I can’t wait to cook again the normal way!

  14. Love the transformation. An updated kitchen is the key feature of any renovated home. Thanks for showing each stage of your kitchen renovation. . Did you stain the cabinets? Great kitchen remodeling project.

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