In what appears to be a slippage of his cognitive abilities, Mark Souder recently excoriated George Soros – a well-known financial speculator, stock investor, philanthropist, and political activist – for Soros’ involvement in drug liberalization.

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I don’t advocate the spreading of drugs, but it wasn’t so much the fact that Souder decided to preach – heaven knows he has a tendency to do that – it was where he chose to unleash his latest torrent of self-aggrandizing statements.

In a hearing this past Thursday on hedge funds – hedge funds, mind you – Souder let go with the following unrelated diatribe:

“I understand this is a financial hearing but Mr. Soros, I just want to say that I’ve had deep disagreements with the heroin needle exchange program and your backdoor legalization of marijuana. Your intervention in the drug area has been appalling. I hope you reevaluate where you put your money.”

I bet that had ’em shaking their heads in wonder. Hedge funds – drugs. Drugs – hedge funds. Anyone see the connection? Souder decided that the hearing was just as good a place as any to talk about drugs – even if it is hard to see a link between hedge funds and drugs.

But then again, Souder has become so fanatical in his self-righteous war on drugs that he really thinks that he can preach anywhere and anytime he pleases. It probably doesn’t help that he lost his bully pulpit position as chair of the House Government Reform Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy and Human Resources.

I guess he has to try anything he can to get attention now that he is relegated to second – or third or whatever – banana on the subscommittee.


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  1. Cara says:

    As they say down south, “He’s just a mess!” Somehow, their pronunciation makes it sound like it is spelled “meh-ess”. The shoe fits!

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