Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher – better known as “Joe the Plumber” has decided to plumb his “15 minutes of fame” for as much as he can get. Wurzelbacher is so sure his personality is and will be in such high demand that he has hired a publicity firm to handle what he hopes will soon be a book tour and celebrity appearances.

The same firm that handles Eddie Money and Grand Funk Railroad has been brought on board by the former Alaskan resident. Yes, you heard me – Wurzelbacher used to live in Alaska and was the recipient of a speeding ticket in that state. What are the odds?

Talk about arrogance. He apparently thinks he will be so “hot” that the media and talk shows just won’t be able to get enough of him. In preparation for his national debut, he also cleared up that small problem of his back taxes, at least if it is the one and the same Samuel J. Wurzelbacher of Toledo who siddled in and asked Obama the now infamous question which led to the “spread the wealth” answer.

According to Ohio Public records, a “Samuel J. Wurzelbacher” paid his back taxes of $1,182.99 just days after his famous appearance on the campaign trail. The tax lien was released on October 18, 2008. What a coincidence – just a week after his rise to fame. Oh, oh, my conspiracy theory bent is showing.


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  1. ngoldfarb says:

    Comment deleted since it was not relevant to Joe the Plumber.

  2. wickle says:

    Transcript of the phone call —

    “Yes, this is Acme Publicists. Oh, sure, Joe the Plumber, we’d be happy to help manage your publicity. Just note that we bill per fifteen minutes, rather than by the hour.”

  3. Ice ironman says:

    Joe may now end up making over 250,000 next year! He just screwed himself out of money if Obama gets in.
    Joe didnt know he owed back taxes until this went down, I was in the same boat, my tax lady sent my IN state tax return info to 101 South Jefferson Columbia City IN, close but not the right town. I didnt know I owed until trying to purchase a car, my credit wasnt as good as it should have been and the dealership told me about it.

    Amazing how the left (even bloggers) have tried to destroy a man for asking a question.
    Broke into OH state comp to see records. Dont get me wrong, after he indorsed McCain and went to work for him–open season–but just asking a question had the media out to destroy. If the answer wasnt so revieling, Joe would never be known. They mocked a private citizen demeaning that he would never make 250,000, They mocked his “fantasy” (note they didn’t call it a hope or dream) of owning a business. They basicly spit on the American dream and the American worker.

    Obama went to his house and neighborhood, Joe didnt seek him out at a rally.

    I havent seen anyone investigating and breaking into computer systems illegaly gaining info on those poor saps in the Obama half hour commercial. That commercial, was funded by a renig on a prior promise to take public moneys. That commercial proves the Dems hold more money than repubs even though the repubs are seen as the rich folks.

    I wonder what would have happened if Obama hadn’t scewed up his answer (by telling the truth about his plans for the common, everyday American worker) what if he had been prepared for the question and gave Joe a Ho hum reply…maybe ‘dumb joe’ would be voting blue.

    Also, Obama told Joe, I wont tax you until you hit 250000
    Obama also said 200,000
    Biden said 150000
    They have no Idea do they?

  4. Andy says:

    I don’t blame Mr. Wurzelbacher for cashing in on his 15 minutes. Obviously, he’s an opportunist – and many on the right are eager to be have him by their side, for the moment.

    Just as Sarah Palin started off with a bang, Mr. Wurzelbacher’s fame will more than likely fade quickly after the election. So he better sign that country music recording contract ASAP, because his stock is already dropping as we speak.

  5. mark says:

    Please stay on this story. People need to know that they will pay a heavy price for causing our new leader to utter embarassing words. Making an example of Joe is a good way of getting the word out.

  6. Andy says:

    One more…

    I predict Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher’s story will rank right up there with the Runaway Bride story of a couple of years back.

  7. Arthur Lewis says:

    I loved the exchange between Sam and Obama. It just solidified my support for him (Obama, that is)

  8. Mark:

    You know, at this point, it doesn’t matter what anyone writes about – this will be over tomorrow. So I picked an interesting topic that wasn’t about Palin or McCain.

    Frankly, I am sick and tired of the bigoted and racist comments being made.

    I just got an email from someone in the military who referred to Obama as “Buckwheat.” I am sure you know who Buckwheat is.

    How is it that African-Americans have fought for this country since the Revolutionary War side by side with those who enslaved them, hung them, refused to serve them, broke up their families, and people still hate them and call them derogatory names? You tell me because I would sure like to know.

  9. wickle says:

    Re: Buckwheat.

    I don’t know, but I’m disgusted by it, too. The smearing of Colin Powell after he came out endorsing Sen. Obama was amazing. Gen. Powell is everything that conservatives claim to admire — a highly-distinguished military man, a loyal family man, a veteran, and so much more. But the moment he came out for Obama, he was just an uppity Nigra to the dittoheads.

    I have no problem with people who don’t want Sen. Obama as President. I don’t, particularly (though I prefer him over Sen. McCain), but some behavior crosses lines of decency.

    Dang, I’m mad again …

  10. Larry Simon says:

    I think 99% of the white population whould highly up set with the Buckwheat name. I would guess it came from someone older because that name is not used much in today’s world.

    However, it is not much different then others saying they are voting for a person because he is black or the only one that understands. It also shows some of the same thought processes. Like Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, and Clinton did not count.

    It also amazed me the race issue was only brought up by the Democrats. Obama, during the debate saying that a couple things where said at Palin rally about him. The Secret Service, local police, those attending, and listening to the tapes never found such words where ever yelled.

    Yes, we have come a long way in 40 years and still have a ways to go. But it takes both sides doing so hand in hand to get there.

  11. Ajax says:

    joe….where are you going? you’re melting….melting…meeeelllltingggg…..
    joetheplumberone . blogspot . com

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