I used to really hate my name. I was named after a friend of my mom and dad’s in South Whitley, and I just couldn’t understand why I was given an old, fuddy-duddy name. Growing up I answered to the likes of “Charles”, “Charlie”, Chuck”, “Chuckles”, and, in law school, I became “Char.” Probably about the only ones who called me “Charlotte” with any regularity were my parents and our grocery store customers.

But the one thing I did know was that I sure didn’t have anything to do with picking my name. So I find it interesting that the desperate Republican muckraking machine still tries to slam Obama for his name – and not his first name or his last name but that one squeezed in between – his middle name. Yes, that’s right – his middle name.

The tactic is classic Republican dirty politics. Distract the public with red herring issues – like a name – so as not to draw attention to the fact that the McPalin ticket is inept, uniformed, incompetent, uninspiring, and losing its luster – if it had any in the first place.

So let me ask you readers out there – how many of you helped your mommy and daddy pick your name? Any of you? None of you? So while Obama and Biden are campaigning to talk about real issues, the Republican dirty trick machine is still hard at work spewing hatred and fear – all based on a middle name that Obama was not asked to approve from the depths of the womb.

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About Charlotte A. Weybright

I own a home in the historical West Central Neighborhood of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have four grown sons and nine grandchildren - four grandsons and five granddaughters. I love to work on my home, and I enjoy crafts of all types. But, most of all, I enjoy being involved in political and community issues.
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  1. wickle says:

    I have condemned the use of Sen. Obama’s middle name as a substitute for an issue since the beginning of the campaign. The attempt to use the fact that he’s named Hussein for gain is nothing short of scare-tactic racism. It’s repulsive, and it’s wrong.

    My first name is William, and I don’t take any credit or blame for the lives of Billy the Kid, Kaiser Wilhelm, William the Conqueror, William Shatner, or Billy Ray Cyrus. It is no less ridiculous to blame Sen. Obama for his name.

    Of course, the idea is to contribute to the fear that Obama is really an Arab, or Muslim, or something else that would make paranoid folks think he’s anti-American.

  2. Phil Marx says:

    My name, Phillip, is derived from the Greek “philos” meaning beloved.

    And since I was such a sweet and adorable looking new-born, yes, in a sense you can say that I helped pick out my own name.


  3. wickle says:

    Oooh … good point. William means “determined guardian” and my middle name means “Handsome.”

    So, there we are.

  4. I looked up my first name, and it is of French origin. It means “little” and “womanly.” I am not so sure how the “little” fits in at this point in my life since I have put on a few pounds.

    I know it is also the feminine form of Charles which makes sense – I love my truck and my power tools. I am always joking that I would rather spend two hours in Lowes or Home Depot than two hours shopping for clothes.

    My middle name is “Ann”, and it is Hebrew meaning “favored grace.”

    I really did hate my name growing up, but I learned to like it as I got older.

  5. Phil Marx says:

    Well, you live not far from Main Street, so we’ll just call you “Charlotte-on-Main”

    Charlemagne (pronounced /ˈʃɑrlɨmeɪn/; Latin: Carolus Magnus or Karolus Magnus, meaning Charles the Great)

    That should eliminate that “little” problem.


  6. Ice ironman says:

    Did you see the former dept atty general of PA (a democrat) is taking Barak Hussein Obama to court to prove he was born in The United States? I think it is at the district level now? Interesting how Obama is going to Hawaii to see grandma but the family as I understand it is not going. Maybe he is realy going to look for or create a birth certifcate.

  7. Andy says:

    Oddly, I haven’t even ONCE saw, read or heard mention of John McCain’s middle name (Sidney) by any media source during this entire presidential campaign. I had absolutely no idea what his middle name was until I researched it just today.

    It doesn’t involve much thought to decipher why certain individuals are quick to use Barack Obama’s middle name (Hussein) throughout this campaign at any opportunity they can get. Based on some of the hateful, fear-mongering emails I have received by some of these folks, I believe their intent has been reduced to scaring and inciting fear into American voters who seem to be easily persuaded by such tactics.

  8. Phil:

    I will go with that suggestion. 🙂 I haven’t quite figured out how one name can have two different meanings.

  9. Clint:

    Again with the desperate attempts to discredit Obama. It is really getting old. Here is the Snopes.com review of the claims by those who will try anything.


    Here is a website with a photocopy of his birth certificate.


    He doesn’t have to go to Hawaii to do anything in reference to his birth certificate. He has an official birth certificate, and, as much as the Ragin’ Republicans would like to see this ridiculous effort work, it won’t.

  10. Ice ironman says:

    I just was asking if you knew of this, I wasnt the one taking him to court. That guy says that Birth certificate is a forgery, should be interesting.

  11. Andy:

    I don’t ever remember an election where the middle name has become such an issue. It just goes to show you that the United States is still full of bigoted, hateful, fear-mongering individuals.

  12. Ice ironman says:

    Why isnt Michele and the kids going to see the deathly ill grandmother? Kind of weird, he has a billion dollars, surely they could fit on the jet. And why did it take him 4 days to drop everything and go?

  13. Clint:

    Why do you think he is doing it? He was a previous Hillary Clinton supporter who, apparently, can’t get past the primary.

    Here is the website with all filings. It really looks like it is a nuisance lawsuit.


    The plaintiff, Berg, was sanctioned in the past for filing a frivolous lawsuit. I wonder if this one will end up the same way?

    Here is a website with information about the pros and cons of the lawsuit:


  14. Clint:

    You know, I thought I was the only one who was always accused of a “conspiracy” mind bent. Looks like you might be doing the same thing.

    She broke her hip, and she is now home. He is visiting her because she is 85 years old. Elders with broken hips tend to go down hill pretty fast.

    Do you always go everywhere your family goes when family members are sick or injured or recuperating? Couples visit family members at various times and not always with each other.

  15. Ice ironman says:

    The media was using the term Deathly ill. And yes we all know after the events of broken bones in the elderly, things go down hill quick, where is Michele and kids. And yes if a family member is in a life crisis, We all Will go.

  16. Clint:

    The absence of Michelle and the kids is a red herring. It is a conspiracy theory.

    By the way, my sister-in-law, Patty Weybright, was given the honor of introducing Michelle Obama when she was in Fort Wayne last week.

  17. wickle says:

    If Sen. Obama was going in order to destroy or forge a birth certificate secretly, he wouldn’t be going personally. Surely he has some co-conspirator who would be willing to go his dirty work for him without attracting the attention of every right-wing kook in the country.

    Given that he had to be vetted by the DNC already, that means that the whole party leadership had to be in on this plot … surely one of them would have been able to pull it off for him without tipping off that investigative genius, Michael Savage. And since the FBI isn’t crying foul, then that means that the Bush Justice Department must really be in favor of letting this evil foreign agent take over our country. Sigh …

    Any other questions as to why Gen. Powell feels that the Republican campaign is out-of-control negative?

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