Rising Taliban influence, corruption in Hamid Karzai’s government, and increasing attacks from militants inside Pakistan are leading to a downward spiral in Afghanistan. A classified report set to be released, conveniently, after the November elections shows Afghanistan suffering from a breakdown in central authority and the inability to correct its deficiencies.

Now the Bush administration has initiated a major review of its Afghanistan policy and has decided to send additional troops to the country. The downward slide in the security situation in Afghanistan has also become an issue in the presidential campaign, along with questions about whether the White House emphasis in recent years on the war in Iraq has been misplaced.

As the battlefield quickly shifted from Afghanistan to Iraq, the search for bin Laden faded – to be replaced by Bush’s fanatical search for the now-toppled Saddam Hussein. For years, the Bush Administration focused on Iraq, duping the American people into believing that Iraq was somehow connected to 9/11.

Inside the government, reports issued by the Central Intelligence Agency for more than two years have chronicled the worsening violence and rampant corruption inside Afghanistan, and some in the agency say they believe that it has taken the White House too long to respond to the warnings.

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