The map provided at http://www.electoral-vote.com/ shows Obama leading.

strong Dem Strong Dem (207)
weak Dem Weak Dem (57)
barely Dem Barely Dem (65)
tied Exactly tied (15)
barely GOP Barely GOP (31)
weak GOP Weak GOP (63)
strong GOP Strong GOP (100)

Again, if McCain continues down the path he has now chosen, he will turn even those states that are not quite in Obama’s pocket into Obama territory. The public is sick of the name-calling and divisiveness; they want answers. To many, McCain’s actions indicate he has slipped off that pedestal upon which many had placed him.

McCain’s strategy has become one of fear, fear, fear.


About Charlotte A. Weybright

I own a home in the historical West Central Neighborhood of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have four grown sons and nine grandchildren - four grandsons and five granddaughters. I love to work on my home, and I enjoy crafts of all types. But, most of all, I enjoy being involved in political and community issues.
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  1. J. Q. Taxpayer says:

    Come on Charlotte, stop it, as I can not control my laughing…. Your Hillary Clinton brought the same subjects up. I guess they where fair then but not now?

    What do you care, the public knows the truth so it should just drive Obama further ahead and McCain into the basement. I would think you would be all for it….

  2. clint jenkins says:

    CNN and Oberman will probably start saying Obama looks strong in Alaska too!

  3. Charlotte, I just found your blog. Like it a lot–and thanks for the electoral map. If McPalin (I regard tham as cojoined twins; not sure which is more odious) are elected, the American people deserve what they get. I’m not naive about the dams–just believe that there MAY be the merest chance they’re not quite as bad as the criminals in Washington. I’m coming around to the (terrifying) possibility that there isn’t a lot a difference–they’re simply separate claws of the ruling class monster.

  4. clint jenkins says:

    Amazing, I cant believe McCain has all of these paid advisors when all of the demacratic pundits are working in his best intrest for free! They say if he wants to win he needs to not mention Ayers, Alinsky, Wright and etc. Even everyday demacracts want him to win and offer the same advice. They must be very scared of what is in the closet. I sure wouldnt tell Obama how to win.

  5. Rosemary:

    Thanks for commenting, and I am glad you like my blog. I was sorely disappointed by the Dems actions after they won in 2006. I guess I believed them.

    I am disenchanted by both parties, but I would never vote for McPalin (nice touch – I think I will use that moniker). The Repub ticket is nothing more than an extension of W – who proved he has no capacity to speak let alone govern.

  6. Clint:

    I guess it will now be fair game to bring up McCain’s association with Keating.

    Oh, I know, the Republicans will justify – somehow – McCain’s taking money from Keating, flying in Keating’s plane to vacation spots, stepping into regulatory matters on Keathing’s behalf, etc.

    I have confidence that Republicans will try to explain away every last crooked thing McCain did. The smell of hypocrisy is so wonderful!

  7. clint jenkins says:

    How many people did the Keating situation kill? Did the Keating situation stand on the American Flag? Good talking point though.

    Ayers didnt fly in a plane or offer money. He F. Ing killed people. Americans. Police. The pentagon. DId Keating say G D America. Did Keating say Americas Chickens are coming home to roost?

    Ayers is a murderer!

  8. clint jenkins says:

    Can you tell me how you justify him being friendly with ayers? Is it an elitist view that as long as ayers was fighting for the little guy murder is ok. Please, Please tell me how you rationalize him having a fundraising event at ayers house and serving with him. Please dont respond with keating or other bs. Let me know and your fellow board members how you dismiss this action.

    I will say if McCain took money unlawfully it is dishonest and he should have been prosecuted. If he took a plane ride that is bad. But it is not even the same game.

  9. Thanks, Clint:

    You just proved my point in post 6. Anything to justify McCain’s actions.

  10. clint jenkins says:

    I said if he was guily prosecute. I also knew you would not even tell us how you feel about Ayers. I guess most of us are not sophisticated enough to understand.

    What happened to Obama staying above the frey as you predicted? I guess you dont know your candidate as well as you think, as proved by you dismissing Ayers and not answering the question.

  11. Clint:

    A follow-up since I didn’t put it in the last post, but I said I thought Obama should stay above the fray. I can’t predict how a candidate will act. He does have advisors, and I am not one of them.

    But then again, McCain promised to run a clean campaign. So much for McPalin and their integrity – they are running scared and desperate.

    The debate last night was a repeat of the first debate with little or not new info from either side. Whoops, I take that back, McCain has now promised to buy back all the bad mortgages.

    I wonder where he will get the money for that wild-eyed and desperate promise?

  12. Clint:

    Let’s start with a Fact-Checker piece:


    Here is another:


    It won’t make any difference how many articles I provide to you and other Obama haters; you have your minds made up that Obama was bossom buddies with the man.

    It doesn’t matter how I feel about Ayers, I would have been roughly around 21 years old, having babies, and not too aware of what Ayers was doing in the late ’60s. If you want to know whether or not I countenance bombings of innocent people – no I don’t.

    But I don’t think bombing of any innocents is justified – whether it is here on our soil or some far off land.

    This post should actually be read first – I found a couple of mistakes and corrected them. In doing so, it bumps it behind the other one.

  13. clint jenkins says:

    Way to drag our soldiers through the mud again.
    You should be a politician
    I assume you would not be talking about killing of innocents in the civil war, 1812, ww1, wwII. You are only against the wars you have been around for. But anti war folks danced aroung all of the wars mentioned above. What if they had convenced America not to fight like you would have. Thank goodness some have the guts to fight.
    Innocents are killed by us in war on accident. William Ayers killed on purpose. And now you elitest brag about how great he is with his Columbia degree and work with Hugo Chevez.

  14. Clint:

    I am against killing innocent people period in whatever war is involved.

    I am not sure how you are coming up with “you elitist brag about how great he is”, but no one I know is bragging about him. You take words and twist them to how you want them to come out.

    Like I said, I really didn’t even know who he was until this year.

    As to dragging soldiers through the mud – you don’t think the guys in my veterans’ group don’t think about the innocent civilians who died in the Vietnam War? The fact that civilians died accidentally does not take away the feelings. It never leaves them.

    Everything to you is that the United States can do no wrong. I am not sure what history books you were reading, but they must have been pretty slanted. I happen to believe that countries are no greater than the people who lead them.

    For the last 8 years we have had an administration that could care less about the American people. Bush/Cheney will go down in history as liars, manipulators, elitists, etc.

    You call me an elitist? Maybe you have forgotten Bush’s arrogant statement about the elite as his base. You can see the clip here:

  15. clint jenkins says:

    Countries are only as good as there citizens. How many time have you spoke of, and told the vets how wrong they and the US are? The US has done wrong, I just dont blame us first.

  16. Clint:

    Many of the vets in my group disagree with the occupation of Iraq. I don’t have to tell them or try to convince them.

    I believe it was J.Q. that said those who have been involved in war generally are much more likely to oppose it in the future.

    Maybe that is why as veterans – most of them Vietnam veterans which I am sure you will discount since you dislike that time period so much – they opposed the invasion of Iraq.

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