Following on the heels of the announcement of McCain’s new strategy, Palin quickly slithered into her new role as attack VP, using her pulpit to espouse the politics of fear.

Speaking at a fund-raising event in Colorado Saturday, Palin said:

“This is not a man who sees America as you and I do – as the greatest force for good in the world.” “This is someone who sees American as imperfect enough to pal around with terrorists who targeted their own country.”

The statements were released by the McCain/Palin campaign. Folks, these tactics won’t work. They are the desperate, last-ditch efforts in a campaign that is on its way down. Americans want to hear about the plans the candidates have, not the same old rehash that we have been through for the last heaven knows how many months.

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McCain and Palin are now desperate and will try anything. It sure didn’t take Palin long to drop her folksy, down-home persona and morph into the type of politician she and McCain have always decried.


About Charlotte A. Weybright

I own a home in the historical West Central Neighborhood of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have four grown sons and nine grandchildren - four grandsons and five granddaughters. I love to work on my home, and I enjoy crafts of all types. But, most of all, I enjoy being involved in political and community issues.
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  1. J. Q. Taxpayer says:

    Gosh, if I was you I would not worry about the “attack dog.” Remember she can not connect to the general public because they are so turned off by her delivery style. So I would think it is a big plus for Obama for her to go barking up the dead tree.

    I find it amazing that a guy who has a paperless history (outside his own books)would worry about such stuff. Ahhh the trait of a good lawyer!!! The key word is “no paper trail!”

  2. J.Q.

    I didn’t say I was worried. Personally, I think it is pathetic. McCain is now stooping to tactics that he says he has always despised.

    See the following video:

    I don’t think Obama is worried. McCain and Palin are the losers here. We have heard for months on end about Obama’s connections, his character, his honesty, etc. It is old hat, and if McCain is so desperate he wishes to rehash it and avoid answering how he will solve the nation’s problems, then let him.

    Call me dumb here, but to what are you referring when you say “paperless” history?

  3. Judith says:

    Please! You are too intelligent to believe everything you read! If the McCain campaign tactics and other false writers can work with you, how many others will be deluded into fear!!!

  4. Clancop:

    Anything other than blogosphere musings and your own blog to back up what you say? I mean any mainstream media? CNN, newspapers, etc.? Surely FOX would be all over this if it were true. Or is this more smear material.

    You mention quite a few derogatory items in your post, but you don’t give any sources.

    Where did Obama attack Clinton? Or is this something that you and the other fear mongers are creating out of inferences? I supported Clinton, and, as much as I hated seeing her lose, I never saw one word from Obama about her not being able to be a good candidate because she was a woman.

    Any real support for your accusations that he is getting floods of foreign money or just supposition and blog articles. I contribute to campaigns, and I know I never contribute more than $50. Does that mean I am suspect?

    Why is it so hard for Obama haters to believe that he receives small contributions?

    I think you have drunk too much Kool-Aid yourself. For God’s sake, the rumors and innuendos are just getting ridiculous. What the right won’t do to stop Obama.

  5. Clancop:

    See the following link to Judicial Watch. Apparently, McCain isn’t above taking foreign contributions against the law. I am sure, though, you will find some way to justify it.

  6. Clancop:

    Already have seen the sites you provided. Sorry, all but one – Newsweek – are blogs or other right-wing blatherings.

    So, it is okay for McCain to do something illegal? Judicial Watch is investigating both. Oh please, your hypocrisy and hatred are really showing.

    Your attempts to slide through blogosphere articles by right-wingnuts won’t work. So let’s just look at the variety of right-wing sites you have provided:

    PUMA – while claiming to be a site of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents for some reason has nothing but negative articles about Obama and, oh my gosh, positive articles about McCain/Palin. Sounds like a certain slant to me with little or no neutral perspective.

    NEWSBUSTERS – FOX brings on someone from a blog. That is not news coverage. Where is FOX’s own coverage from its own research? I saw the post, but it is from a blog, not a “news source.” Nice try to back door the site as real news.

    NEWSMAX – Again, nice try. The site lists “pundits” as the authors. It isn’t a mainstream media source.

    NEWSWEEK – The only credible source you provided. And that article ends with the information that the donations were returned. No indictment by the author but rather an explanation of what happened.

    JUDICIAL WATCH – already went there and read about McCain and Obama. I am surprised you support illegal activity by one candidate and then condemn the other. Judicial Watch is investigating both, so I guess they are a little more neutral than you would be.

    Talk about hypocrisy – you must be King!

    But just what or who is a pundit? Try this:

    “A pundit is someone who offers to mass-media his/her opinion or commentary on a particular subject area (most typically political analysis, the social sciences or sport), on which he/she is presumed to be knowledgeable. The term has been increasingly applied to popular media personalities. In certain cases, it may be used in a derogatory manner as well.”

    Got that? His or her own opinion. Presumed to be knowledgeable.

    Wow! Good Lord. And Michelle Malkin? Could you pick anyone more right tipping? Another right-wingnut. You discount sources that lean left, but you support sources that are off the right edge. Talk about the Kool-Aid. The pitcher must be empty at your table.

    You are truly laughable in using right-wingnut sources as authorities. I acknowledge I write from a left-wing perspective. I certainly don’t try to pass off my writings as neutral. Please take another gulp of your Kool-Aid!

  7. Clancop:

    Wow. Bop. Biff. Kapow. I just looked at who the P.U.M.A. members really are and what they want.

    Here is their mission:

    “What is our cause? Taking as many votes away from Obama/Biden as possible. Those two should NOT and must NOT be elected in 2008.

    What people should we focus on getting to the PUMA cause? Why, people who supported Hillary in the primaries of course, specifically those people who have now either switched to Obama or are still sitting on the fence. If they need reasons why they should not waste their vote on Obama, a simple visit to this site shall provide them with plenty of those.”

    You think these people are neutral. Please. Do you need more Kool-Aid yet?

  8. J. Q. Taxpayer says:

    “Paperless History” – my slang

    What you can not find his any papers/documents he wrote. Even the Chicago Tribune was surprised they could not find hardly a thing he had written when an Illinois Senator. They even asked him. His spokesperson called them back and said, “Obama did not keep any of his papers from those days!”

    There are times when he spoke before the Illinois Senate and yet he never turned in a copy of his speach. Which, even in Illinois, is uncommon. Most Illinois want to go on record and make sure a copy gets turned in.

    One other place he dodged the deal. Is when he was on the Harvard Law Review. While he did not (which is standard for the Editor) not to have any written material in the review he also did not write in the school paper. Which was not the norm.

    Even during the major events at Harvard, of having more African-Americans on staff, he did not take part.

    As any smart attorney will tell you is not to leave a paper trail and Obama has that down pat.

    That is what I mean by “paperless history!”

  9. Clancop:

    FOX the most balanced? Excuse me while I fall over laughing. I couldn’t find a reference to the CMRA finding it the most balanced. Care to give me a website, so I can actually see the platitudes?

    As to the Newsweek article. You did provide that site didn’t you? Don’t bother including something if you don’t want it read. I read it, and I saw what it said. You want it both ways. Flip-flop. Flip-flop.

    Ah yes, the Lou Dobbs’ articles. Mr. Dobbs appears to be fairly neutral. Oh, oh, now that I said that, are you going to challenge Lou and accuse me only of accepting left-wing info again?

    But as to his piece on voting fraud – funny isn’t it how the Republicans screamed about voter fraud last year, but when it was raised in the 2004 election, they discounted it. I guess it again it depends on how hypocritical you are.

    As to the secrecy, it looks like those who commented called the press “whiners” because Obama didn’t give them all the access they desired. Here’s what Gabriel Sherman – the author – said:

    “Much of this is certainly the run-of-the-mill complaining of campaign reporters who can’t get enough access.”

    CBS: Same article – I don’t need to read it twice. I doubt it will shape-shift in any way.

    So Newsbusters doesn’t correct stories that shift too far right? Hmm, is that neutral coverage?

    Michelle Malkin? I didn’t ask you to take my word over hers. I have visited her site. She writes for FOX – enough said in my book.

    Your obvious leaning is right-wing. You see issues, concepts, etc., through that perspective. It doesn’t matter what I could find to refute anything – in fact, you will cleverly say “You can’t find anything to refute my information.” 🙂

    So, I am going to watch Iron Man. I am sure when I wake up, you will have countered.

  10. clint jenkins says:

    WOW. I leave for a couple of hours and everything falls apart. At least no one accused ClanCop of being me!

    I didnt find it too appealing when Obama opted out of the finiance reform. I think it is one more character flaw on this issue.

    And yes, I am here in Ohio on the ground and it is BAD. Freakin acorn nuts and bs laws for register and vote the same day.

    But as in the past Charlotte probably wont see the harm in this disaster. Yet she would fight tooth and nail to stop voter ID cards that would bring finacial hardship of 6 bucks to all those who needed them. I just want everything on the up and up.
    Home video shows homeless and bums (not the regulare dems) and people who may still be a little wet standing in line to offer their 4 digits. Good luck with an honest election. If it is close all of these reg and vote same day will need to be confirmed. This could easily take weeks. What a mess. I say get your ass out of bed and Vote Nov 6th you lazy bum democrats.

  11. Clancop:

    As to the Newsweek site, follow me closely now:

    Comment #8 – You provided the Newsweek site.
    Comment #10 – I said I read it.
    Comment #12 – You acknowledged that I read the Newsweek site, but then trashed your own source by saying it was “left-wing”
    Comment #14 – I asked why you provided the site expecting me to read it and then questioned my accepting a “left-wing” view (even though you apparently thought it was good enough to include)
    Question #16 – You again provided the Newsweek site even though you already provided it. In addition you seem to denigrate me because you think I missed it (but I didn’t).

    Perhaps, it was the lateness of the night. Make up your mind.

    CMRA or CMPA? Again, get your links straight. How about this one showing coverage of Palin?

    You have provided nothing more than almost all blogs and pundits interspersed with a mainstream media source every now and then. Remember pundits and bloggers express their own opinions enhanced by what they read and research. Keep patting yourself on the back for all your partisan, slanted sources.

    Now, here are your ad hominem attacks, which show that you are getting desperate and have lost any sense of objectivity (which, by the way, you never had):

    “For a woman of your OLD age, for hold such political backward views, such perverts social views, it goes to show what kind of pathetic life you lead. Now that you are over the hill, tell me, what have you done lately that means anything?” “An arm chair partisan hack”…

    I decided I would answer you even though at this point you have degenerated into personal attacks.

    Hmm – what have I done lately?

    1. I am director of a local grass-roots veterans group – Veterans for Better Health Care (VBHC). We have been fighting for over four years now – and are still fighting – to keep our inpatient beds open at the Fort Wayne VA Hospital (I am sure you will find some way to criticize me for this.)
    2. I am the secretary of my local West Central Neighborhood Association – Fort Wayne’s first historic residential area. I am also on the Board of Directors, of course.
    3. I travel to Washington, D.C. each year to citizen lobby (for free) on behalf of American Rivers because I love rivers, and I believe they are the natural life-blood of our Nation. Of course, I am sure you will instantly categorize me as a “tree hugger.” So be it because I am an environmentalist!
    4. I am a member of the St. Marys River Watershed Initiative (again you will call me a tree hugger).
    5. I am a member of the Maumee River Basin Commission Master Update Committee (go ahead – I like the term “tree hugger”)
    6. In January I will be assuming an office in our Third District Democrat party. That should really make you happy.
    7. I have been campaigning for years, so I would say that removes me from the realm of an “arm-chair hack.”

    I own my home, and I have my own workshop. I do almost all the renovation of my home that I can possibly do. I was born with a physical disability – dislocated hips – that back in my day – whoops that means I am old – there was very little that could be done. I am facing two hip replacements and one knee replacement. So, yes, I am old, but I have no desire to retire. I don’t ask for sympathy or anything else. I take care of myself, and, as long as I can walk, I will remain active.

    How about you? Is your goal to obtain a high-paying job, make a bunch of money while doing nothing for society, and then retire at an early age to play golf in your golden years? And, lest you forget, you will get to my age at some point, so maybe you should reassess your flippant point of view of age. It is easy to be a young, egotistical person – but you will get old.

    Before you were probably out of diapers, I was a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician for eight years in my small home town in Indiana (I was director for 2 years of the 8).

    My family owned a small grocery store in our small home town for 30 years, which my brother and I managed when we got older (for about 8 years until it was sold).

    I started college at 31 with four young boys. I started law school at 36 graduating at 39. How old are you? Any kids? Every try to go to college and raise a family?

    I lived in Germany in the mid-1960s with my husband (now my ex)who was in the military. You seem to think that your experience overseas makes you an expert on everything. Sorry, it doesn’t make you an expert – it simply gives you a perspective.

    I am sure you won’t believe this given your hatefulness, but when I came back from living in Germany, I realized how spoiled we were as Americans and how good we have it. We had washers and dryers here; I had to walk a mile with my five-month-old son to a German laundromat two or three times a week – dropping off laundry and picking it up. We didn’t have a car for months after I arrived; we had cars at a whim here. We had carpet here in the U.S.; we lived in an apartment with cement floors, etc. My husband was not of a high enough grade to be able to get us an apartment on base, so we lived among the German people.

    Most Americans have no clue how much we have here compared to the rest of the world. So go ahead and brag about your time overseas and how that makes you a guru in political matters.

    What have you done lately? You appear to be a bitter person for such a young man. Age has nothing to do with knowledge or anything else.

    And as to your last quote from Albright – she doesn’t determine whether I will ascend or descend. I am surprised you have given her such power! The quote doesn’t bother me in the least. When I was supporting Hillary, I was trashed because people said I was supporting her because she was a woman – not because I thought she was the best candidate. Now that I support Obama, you are trashing me for not supporting (I guess), a ticket with a woman?

    You need to grow up and keep in mind that ad hominem attacks are the tactic of the desperate who have nothing to say.

  12. Clint:

    If you show up on November 6th, your vote won’t cancel mine. 🙂 Election day is November 4th.

  13. clint jenkins says:

    I know it was a joke for the dems. Most of them in the lines here in Ohio wouldnt know the difference if some jackass college know it all wasnt getting them a free meal and busing their lazy asses to the polls.

    And to your statement Americans dont know how good we have it. I beg to differ, that is why clancop says what he says about china. He doesnt want the best country in the world turning into china as Obama would have it.

  14. Clint:

    Any support for your statements that Obama wants us to be another China?

    By the way here is Clancop’s website. I imagine you will like it.

    He is from Canada.

  15. Clint:

    By the way, just out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on ad hominem attacks such as the following by Clancop:

    “For a woman of your OLD age, for hold such political backward views, such perverts social views, it goes to show what kind of pathetic life you lead. Now that you are over the hill, tell me, what have you done lately that means anything?” “An arm chair partisan hack”…

    I see ad hominem attacks as desperate tactics when the attacker doesn’t have valid points. That is the point of attacking the person rather than the arguments.

  16. clint jenkins says:

    I agree and thats why I dont see why all of you guys thought I was Rory.

    You did ask what clancop has done for America. I dont think we should judge people if they want to make alot of money. At least he is not why America is in finacial straps. All I ask is that people pay their bills and stay out of my way. He could raise foster children but if I have to bail him out of his home and pay his medical, he really isnt doing too much for me.

  17. Clint:

    Any thoughts on the fraud the Democrats alleged in the 2004 election in Ohio? Or is that to be dismissed because it benefited Republicans?

  18. clint jenkins says:

    Dems will talk fraud every year. This isnt a dem repub thing it is an American thing. I dont care what it takes this bs must end. This is 2008, and we cant have honest, straightforward elections? I think voter ID is a first step. I think reg/vote is a crime. Please state your reference to fraud in 2004 as I have slept sence then. Where there any arrests. Was there proof.
    I know Michael Moore handed out 800 video cameras in urban/suburban areas and hasnt said a word or had a “documentary” on fraud yet. So I would assume he didnt find any conclusive evidence against Repubs.

  19. Clint:

    Here is my statement because I know he is from Canada:

    “How about you? Is your goal to obtain a high-paying job, make a bunch of money while doing nothing for society….”

    I asked about society, not America.

    I don’t care if he makes tons of money, but he asked me what I had done lately – other than be old, over the hill, and an arm-chair hack.

    Frankly, you don’t have to make tons of money to do something for society. That is why I asked him the question.

  20. Clancop:

    Boy are you ever mentally unbalanced. Your type of vindictiveness is not welcome on my blog, and it is my blog, so – poof – your ranting and screaming posts will now disappear.

    Go to someone else’s blog and try to ruin it – you aren’t going to do it to mine.

    Call it what you want, but you crossed the line.

  21. Judith says:


    I’m glad you are a Canadian too. Waht a sad life you are leading.

    Thank you, Charlotte, for continuing to speak up for goodness.

  22. clint jenkins says:

    Its funny how the media and you are now looking at this attack on obama. Everywhere in the headlines it says, McCain hurting, succeeds michigan, terrist remarks may hurt McCain. Etc. The script is being written by the biased left already. I didnt see any headlines about Obama pulling out of states like Texas, Indiana, etc. and especialy using the words succeeds.

    Wait until they put up All of the associations. I think it is great that you libs can just look past all of these a coincedence because you understand and are inlightened. However, joe six pack doesnt like preachers saying god damn America. They dont like hearing quotes from his book “White mans greed vs a world in need”. They dont like pres candidates to be friendly to Ayers. I am not a big enough man to overlook these things. I am happy you are. Maybe using your judgement I could overlook David Dukes affiliation with the KKK.

  23. Dr David Johnson says:

    Id give up my citizenship and leave this country before I voted for Obama. Just say No.. It is too bad there isnt a Vote for None of the Above on the ballot, as then we the people would have real control and say in whom is our President.

    The only Real choice with experience is McCain……….

  24. Judith says:

    Barack Obama will come to Indianapolis for a rally on Wednesday, the day after the next debate. He may win in Indiana.

    Dr. Johnson–You give no reasons, therefore your appeal has no validity.

  25. clint jenkins says:

    Obama has no chance in hell in Indiana. Your media friends keep telling you guys this to build momentum. Just as they rag on McCain Palin about everything else. Just by you saying Obama could win Indiana shows your incompetence in the political field. This guy is farther left than Kerry, how did Kerry do in Indiana? Bush was hated at the time and still won.
    I guess if the dems show up early and often in Indiana he could win. Sorry I appologize.

    I wouldnt be suprised if the media said obama could take every state at the rate they are going.

  26. Judith says:

    By the way, Clint, Rev. Wright’s quotes were right out of the
    Bible, only substituting “America” for “Israel.” God was warning the people of Israel that if they did not follow Him and obey His commandments, He would no longer bless their land.

    While we’re discussing Rev. Wright, I’d like to say that as a child I was the member of a rural fundamentalist church. Our minister often preached the same message, and no one ever left during his sermon, either. Our minister also preached that Catholics were evil, and that they were hiding guns in their basements to take over the country. He regularly denounced any other religion that did not believe “the right way,” damning all of the people in them. While the members of my church sat quietly during this bombardment, I often visited another church with my girlfriend’s family. There the people jumped and shouted during the entire service. But at any other time my neighbors were very quiet, good people who would do almost anything to help you if you needed it. Oh yes, they were all white farmers and small businessmen.

    I don’t believe that these church services described above were greatly different than found in many small, fundamentalist churches. And I would not judge those who attended these churches as bad people. Actually, they were the school board members, city councilmen, etc. of that area. So when the reruns of Rev. Wright’s sermons are again broadcast to show how “dangerous” Barack Obama is because he attended that church, I hope you will remember that people worship in different ways, and we are not to judge them (See the book of Romans), but we can look at their actions to see if they are the people we want to lead us. Most of the people in the two churches I just described are worthy of leadership, as long as they do not try to legislate that others believe as they do. Rev. Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ has helped many people of his neighborhood, as well as having mission projects overseas.

    But John McCain’s campaign has said that they must get people to distrust Obama. They cannot win on a comparison of ideas. And Rev. Wright’s comments are very offensive to many.

  27. clint jenkins says:

    Was Americas chickens coming home to roost out of the bible? How about God Damn obama. He would just be substituting obama for Isreal and that would be ok? U.S of KKK A? Did they make fun of Hillary in the book of Job?

    I realize people “worship”in different ways. But I would hardley call what that church does as worshiping. They should lose their tax exempt status by every definition of the law.

    And I guess since you grew up in a screwed up church, its ok. At least you are talking about it and telling me how you rationalize this bs.

    I will judge anyone who hates America.
    All I can say is If Palin has this much in her closet, obama would be stupid(er) not to use it.

  28. Here’s what I think will happen. McCain, who has said he would fight a clean campaign, has now become so desperate that he will bring back old news and anything he can.

    Obama will stay above the fray and let McCain slit his own throat. McCain’s strategy is to divert attention from his own lack of knowledge and qualifications.

    Obama won’t buy into McCain’s rantings and ravings and McCain will become more and more deranged as he sees that his muckraking strategy isn’t working and he sees the presidency slipping away.

    Come November 4th, the public will be entirely disillusioned with McCain and realize he is simply a bitter and vindictive old man. He will be defeated and ride off into the sunset or the Senate.

    Look for the next debate to produce a McCain who will hardly be able to control himself – he does have a temper. Look for him to sullenly avoid looking at Obama again and act like a child who has had his candy stolen.

  29. Judith says:

    Wow, Clint,
    You judge that my church was screwed up. Then you decide Trinity United Church of Christ members do not worship God.

    Perhaps you should wonder if it’s OK to make judgments like this. Maybe you need to read your Bible more. Rev. Wright was reading from it when he said that if a nation disobeys God’s will, it will no longer have God’s blessing. Then he gave instances where we as a nation did not follow the Word of God in his opinion, and the judgment would be from God, not that Rev. Wright hated America, but that he wanted America to keep God’s blessing.

  30. clint jenkins says:

    Were they worshiping god when they trashed hillary from the pulpet? I didnt say they didnt worship god. I said they should lose their tax exempt status based on the endorsement of a political leader and the happenings inside the church. This “church” is a political/social movement more than a church.

    Your church was screwed up- you said it Catholics hiding guns to take over the county.

    Charlotte, you know as well as I do negitives work. Its ok to be scared of relations he had with people who use the US flag as a doormat. That stuff sells to your lib crowd but not main stream America.

  31. clint jenkins says:

    For their organizations to remain tax exempt under IRC section 501(c)(3), religious leaders cannot make partisan comments in official organization publications or at official church functions. To avoid potential attribution of their comments outside of church functions and publications, religious leaders who speak or write in their individual capacity are encouraged to clearly indicate that their comments are personal and not intended to represent the views of the organization.

  32. Clint:

    I have already addressed the issue of tax-exempt status in a post some time ago, so I am aware of the issue of mixing politics with religion.

    A group of churches is trying to push the issue to try to get the regulation overturned.

    Not on my tax dollar – I already support way to many ventures with which I do not agree. If churches want to be political then they should lose their status.

  33. Frankly, I think all of America is sick and tired of all this bickering. McCain is going to mess up really badly by trying to retread old issues. They were discussed ad nauseum over the last year – people are tired of it.

  34. J. Q. Taxpayer says:

    Well Charlotte if people get tired then they will turn off McCain/Palin. Which works for your person. So if I was you I would just set on the sidelines and smile knowing John McCain is going down in flames….

  35. clint jenkins says:

    I guess I dont see this as McCain against Obama. I see this as Free agency capitalism vs socialism/communism. Lets learn from others mistakes. What is the best country on the planet and how did it arrive at that point? Communism/socialism or Capitalism. Pretty simple choice

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