John McCain is about to crawl down into the muck trenches in a last ditch attempt to beat Barack Obama. Apparently McCain’s campaign strategists have figured out the McCain/Palin ticket isn’t quite convincing the American public that they are “the ones.”

McCain’s biography as a war hero, experienced lawmaker, and straight-talking maverick just aren’t playing to the American voters, and his campaign is just plain out of material.

With November 4th looming on the horizon, McCain’s strategists have decided, in a desperate, last-ditch effort, to return to attacking Obama’s honesty, judgment, and personal associations – as if that hasn’t been done now for months and months.

Of course, the more McCain and company can stray from the economy – an issue which favors Obama – the more McCain is relieved from showing just how much he doesn’t know about the financial foundations of the country.

One of his operatives – speaking on the condition of anonymity of course – said:

“We’ve got to question the guy’s associations. Very soon. There’s no question that we have to change the subject here.”

But the downside is that McCain risks losing independent, swing voters who haven’t quite decided for whom they will vote. McCain’s new strategy of “down and dirty” may just be what they need to steer them toward Obama.

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Obama should remain on task and not retaliate with dirty attacks. His strategy of focusing on the economy and other issues important to Americans has been working, so, my advice, let McCain be the one to sink to new lows.

Let McCain be the one to slide into the muck trenches with the last gasp of “if you can’t beat ’em – muck ’em.”


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