Ah, shucks. I bet those edgy right-wing Republicans who were trashing Gwen Ifill’s role in last night’s debate are totally disappointed. For those who are not familiar with Ifill, she is the moderator and managing editor of Washington Week and senior correspondent of The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer.

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She also supports Obama and is releasing a book, “The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama.” Republicans questioned her selection because of those reasons and screamed that she couldn’t possibly show any professionalism and neutrality in moderating last night’s debate. Local right-wing blog rags were off the wall with outrage and derogatory comment.

Well, guess what. She came through just fine.

Ifill was charged with preparing the questions, and, as she stated last night, no one had pre-approved the questions or even knew what the questions would be. Her handling of the entire debate process was above reproach. She was attentive and respectful to both candidates. She addressed both candidates by their titles – Senator and Governor – and she never showed one bit of partiality.

So now the vindictive right-wing bloggers and Republicans have nothing to whine about. Their vice-presidential gal was treated professionally, and she was given ample opportunity to make clear her and McCain’s positions on a range of issues. Too bad Palin didn’t take advantage of the occasion.

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  1. jonolan says:

    Ifill did a good job and initial public responses haven’t indicated that anyone – on either side of the political divide – feels otherwise. I’m surprised by this, but quite pleased.

  2. Jonolan:

    Thanks for stopping by. I thought she did a very professional job, and I am pleased too. If she had done otherwise, it would have simply added fuel to the fire.

    I believe she understood her role. How she feels personally on such an important occasion should not impact her public performance, and I am glad it didn’t.

  3. jonolan says:

    I had grave concerns and still think it would have been better if Ifill had recused herself from the Moderator selection process due to conflict of interest. I freely admit though that she managed to perform her duties very well and very fairly.

    I wasn’t one of the people concerned about Ifill’s personal views; she’s time and again proven to be an objective reporter. I was concerned with her financial interest in the matter. Her book stands to make more money – I believe by a large margin – if Obama is elected. That seems to me to be a clear conflict of interest and one that very few people could be expected to overcome. Thankfully Ifill did manage to overcome that issue.

    I’m also somewhat – and pleasantly – surprised that it seems that the general population seems to believe this as well. I was certain that both the Left and the Right would over-parse every word, action, question, tone, eye-blink, and whatever and decide that she had favored one candidate or the other. On some occasions I’m happy to be wrong.


  4. mark says:

    Ifill did a fine job. You, on the other hand, blatantly misrepresent the criticism of Ifill. Please, give me a few examples of Republicans who “screamed that she couldn’t possibly show any professionalism and neutrality in moderating last night’s debate.” There must be dozens of examples since you have no problem making such a generalization.

    Ifill had an obvious conflict of interest that she failed to disclose. That was the problem and the criticism. Performing well despite the conflict doesn’t remove the conflict or the criticism.

    Her conflict actually worked out well for McCain/Palin, who took full advantage of it. I’m a partisan, so I loved every minute, but, objectvely, Palin’s performance begged for the moderator to say “Governor, you are not addressing the question.” Palin actually announced her intention not to follow the rules! And Ifill sat silent. Her conflict of interest put the gag in her mouth. She was afraid of being accused of being partial because she will make much more money if Obama wins in November, so she let Palin run the show.

  5. Mark:

    I am not going to do what is easy research for you to do, but I am providing some links for you below. Go to the internet and type in any kind of phrase that includes “Ifill”, “criticism”, or any other combination. You will have dozens of articles pop up that address the issue.

    As to local bloggers – pop over to Angry White Boy’s site and read his take on her role as moderator.

    The issue was raised by numbers of people. I assumed you might have read something about it.

    But, just to get you started, here are some links (some are blogs and some are news sources. Enjoy, and please don’t tell me that you didn’t know this controversy was occurring.,0,4286442.story,2933,431613,00.html

  6. Mark:

    By the way, Ifill did mention that both participants had failed to answer certain questions. I assume that display of neutrality, in your eyes, is not professionalism but rather fear of being called on the carpet by those who were waiting with bated breath to criticize her.

    If you think Palin ran the show, we must have been watching different debates. If Ifill was silent and let Palin ramble – which Palin did well – then that only did more to show the disparities between the two candidates.

    A number of polls show Biden as the winner by large margins. It was a good debate, Ifill was just fine, and Biden performed very well.

    The polls:

    CNN/Opinion Research Biden 51 Palin 36
    CBS Biden 46 Palin 21
    Fox Biden 61 Palin 39

  7. mark says:

    Yes, Charlotte, I read lots and lots of articles discussing Ifill’s obvious conflict of interest and criticizing her for failing to disclose it. You said, however, that Republicans were “screaming that she can’t be impartial or professional,” which is the opposite of what McCain, for example, said. Most all who criticized the conflict actually anticipated she would bend over backwards to avoid appearing partial at the debate.

    You knock down a lot of straw men here.

    Ifill and most of the PBS crowd do pretty good journalism, whatever their bias. A monetary interest in the outcome is a conflict that ought to be disclosed.

  8. Jonolon:

    I think what a lot of people are overlooking about Ifill’s book is that it isn’t solely about Obama. It is about the younger generation of black politicians. Obama happens to be one of them, but the book is also about other up and coming black politicians.

    I think one thing that is really interesting is that even though Ifill has been working on the book now for months and it is already listed on for purchase, her detractors made it an issue on the eve of the debate.

    Here is the link to Amazon:

  9. Mark:

    You asked for sources, and I gave you a few with which to start. Obviously, realizing you were not accurate in your first response where you accused me of not having sources didn’t sit well.

    Your statement:

    “Most all who criticized the conflict actually anticipated she would bend over backwards to avoid appearing partial at the debate.”

    If that were the case, then why bring the issue to the forefront on the eve of the debate? Seems to me if her critics believed she would have been impartial, there wouldn’t have been the need for articles such as the one in the National Review.

    By the way, visit the Amazon website. Her book is on the site for sale. How is it that the book has been in the works for months and is up for pre-order, and the day before the debate, the Republican mudslingers come out of the woodwork.

    Finally, McCain was concerned and he made this comment “Frankly, I wish they had picked a moderator that isn’t writing a book favorable to Barack Obama.”

    He has others to sling the mud, and this way he appears to be the person “above politics.”

  10. “So now the vindictive right-wing bloggers and Republicans have nothing to whine about” Yep, Just cbs,msnbc,abc,nbc,NY times, cnn,

    I cant wait, me and the wife are going to see An American Carol tonignt. How awsome, finaly a consevative movie to put Micheal Moore in his place.

  11. mark says:

    I give up Charlotte. I don’t think you understand what a conflict of interest is. One lawyer can’t represent both parties to a divorce. The rule doesn’t change if he/she does it anyway and does a bang up job for both.

  12. Can you imagine if Rush Limbaugh were chosen, Im pretty sure the left would not have been as gracious as Palin/McCain.

    And isnt it amazing-when a journalist is found to be neutral/professional-it is celebrated as being “aced” by the left. Her hands were tied and she showed it.

  13. Andy says:

    Sarah Palin showed up for the debate, did not stumble walking to the podium, and managed to repeat largely scripted answers to the questions she chose to address. The bar for expectations was so low for Sarah in this VP debate that her just showing up seemed to be a reason to declare victory. Ironically, Pat Buchanan and Rudy Giuliani declared her performance to be a tremendous success.

    To me, Joe Biden was clearly the more informed, polished, respected statesperson present on the stage last night.

    I cringe at even the remote possibility of Palin being one heart beat away from being our Commander-in-Chief.

    Sorry, it takes a little bit more than winking at the camera and reciting caddy quips such as, “You betcha”, “Doggone it”, “Six-pack Joe”, “Darn right”, “Drill Baby Drill”, frequently referring to herself as a “Maverick”, and giving a “Shout out” to the school kids back home.

    I have an extremely difficult time even contemplating Sarah Palin at the helm of the United States. There are so many similarities between her little quips and the dumb-down talking points used by George W. Bush, that its terrifying.

  14. Mark:

    I understand conflict of interest in the law. We were all taught in law school that we shouldn’t – not can’t – represent husband and wife in a divorce action. We were given explanations as to why we shouldn’t, and I always thought they made sense. Some attorneys still choose to do it, but at their own risk {see Rothschild v. Devos, 757 N.E.2d 219 (Ind. App. 2001) and Ind. Professional Rule of Conduct 1.7. Conflict of interest: Current Clients.}

    Now, to your notion that I do not understand what a conflict of interest is in the present case. The conflict in Ifill’s case, as argued by the right-wing and other Republicans, was that she is about to publish a book about black politicians and one of them happens to be Barack Obama. She will benefit financially if Obama wins. She will benefit financially if he loses.

    But here’s my real issue – if this was such a conflict, and McCain was aware of it (as he was), why didn’t he simply protest the selection with the Commission? Could it be that all along the plan was to raise the issue at the last minute and cry foul, sabotage the debate knowing another one probably couldn’t be scheduled before the election, and breathe a sigh of relief because Palin wouldn’t have to debate?

    You tell me. Why do you think your side raised this issue so late in the game – a day or two before the debate – when the information was well known months and months before the debate?

  15. jonolan says:

    Actually, I believe that the release date of The Breakthrough was made public just last week. That Jan 20th, 2009 release date made the book an imminent item. Before all that was known was that Ifill was writing a book – with publishing contract in place – about Obama and other Black politicians in post ’60s America.

    It’s one thing to know someone is writing a book; it’s another to know that it’s due for release in a few month on Inauguration Day.

  16. Clint:

    Comparing Gwen Ifill to Rush Limbaugh is an apples to oranges comparison. Rush Limbaugh gets on the air every day and spouts his brand of hatred and screams about Democrats, liberals, etc. He puts his hatred right out there for everyone to hear.

    Gwen Ifill does not even compare to Rush Limbaugh. I bet you have never watched her show, so watch her show, Washington Week, sometime. She rarely displays a bias toward anyone. And she certainly doesn’t use the trash-talk that is the trade mark of Limbaugh.

    As to why I said she aced the debate? Come on, in the last two or three days, the right has been jumping up and down about her acting as moderator. They had this theory that somehow she would be the sole reason people might turn against McCain and vote for Obama.

    My response was done after I watched the debate. She couldn’t win either way, that is shown by your comment.

    If she was neutral and professional, the right said “Ah her hands were tied.” If she had been assertive and appeared partial, the right again would have said “See we told you so.”

    I hope you enjoy the movie – we on the left have Fahrenheit 9/11 and all the other great Michael Moore movies to laugh at the follies of the right. You guys might as well have fun too. 🙂

  17. Jonolan:

    According to reports,,

    Ifill has not even written the chapter about Obama yet. And a PBS journalist said that Time magazine noted she was writing a book in August, and that it has been available for pre-sale on for months.

    The book also is mentioned in a Sept. 4 interview she gave the Washington Post.

    The debate moderator was agreed to on August 6th. References to Ifill’s book were out in the media on July 23rd, a full two weeks before McCain agreed to the moderator.

    So I again have to wonder, if this information was out there even before the moderator was selected and was talked about by Ifill, why did McCain and company decide to wait until a day or two before the debate to raise the issue? Either there was a motive behind waiting until the last minute or McCain’s camp was unconcerned about the issue.

  18. jonolan says:

    LOL Throughout all of this the McCain camp has been unconcerned about the issue. McCain, when ask said that this was no problem and that Ifill would do a good job. It’s a bunch of the rest of us who – when we got the details – were concerned.

  19. Jonolan:

    I have to admit, I didn’t even know this issue existed until Thursday. I am on vacation this week, and I was surfing some of the local blogs. One of the right-wing bloggers was really mad about Ifill acting as moderator, and he wrote about it, and her bias. Until then I wasn’t even aware that she was writing a book.

    After I read his ranting about it, I thought “wow” not only will it be interesting watching the candidates but also it will be interesting watching Ifill. As I said, I watch her show every Friday night, and I don’t see anything but professional behavior.

    I bet some of the fall out will be that if people didn’t know about her book before, they sure should know about it now. This will probably have a greater impact on sales than the election.

  20. For all of you scared of Palin. Lets be honest Andy.. HOW IN THE HELL COULD SHE SCREW UP WASHINGTON WORSE THAN THE INSIDERS HAVE? With all of their degrees what have they given us?
    And Andy, your lines could be easily turned to Obama on his first debate.

    Social Security=broke
    Finacial system based on Govt Sponcered Entities=broke
    Coruption on both sides.

    At least I hope we can agree Palin has taken on the established status quo and turned it upside down.
    I guess I would like to know how Biden is going to make interest rates and even PRINCIPLE payments (amounts) negotiable by a judge?

  21. Charlotte. The movie Im going to go see is a comedy, maybe they should have classified it as a documetary, it would contain as much fact as that fat liars work. I used to like Moore. When roger and me came out I was a young and niave demacrat. I felt bad for the people and thought twice about GM. Then I read about how messed up the timeline on the “documentary” was. I also grew up and realized what life was about.

    One other thing about the debate. I cant believe Joe was 100% sure about global warming being 100% man made. What do you think of that. Sarha could have kicked his butt with one rebuttle. I could have made him look like an retard on this one.

  22. Clint:

    I know it is a comedy – it is on the internet. Farenheit 9/11 contains a factual look at how Bush handled the 9/11 crisis. Initially, he sat in a stupor in an elementary classroom and took no action even when he was told what happened. He just sat there – nothing. It contains many other facts that those who aren’t willing to admit about the mess that we made of Afghanistan and Iraq.

    I guess a person’s perspective will guide whether or not one believes Michael Moore to be a liar. If you are a “Bushee” and support all his failed policies, then Moore becomes a liar about everything. If you are not a Bush supporter, then Moore becomes a person willing to take on the establishment. Talk about Palin and McCain as mavericks – they don’t hold a candle to Moore’s willingness to be crucified by right-wingers. Good lord, McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time. How is that “being your own man” or a maverick?

    Just because McCain every now and then comes out of the woodwork and takes a position not in line with his party doesn’t make him a maverick.

    I guess Sarah wasn’t as prepared as everyone thought if she missed an opportunity to kick Joe’s butt. Maybe she just doesn’t understand the concept of global warming or wasn’t sure herself about the role human beings play in global warming.

  23. Andy says:

    Clint –

    “And Andy, your lines could be easily turned to Obama on his first debate.”

    Sorry Clint, no comparison between my lines regarding Sarah Palin and Barack Obama’s first debate. I don’t recall Barack Obama winking at the camera and using the lines: “You betcha”, “Doggone it”, “Six-pack Joe”, “Darn right”, and “Drill Baby Drill”.
    But if this sort of quaint, dumbing-down of the English language appeals to you, then obviously Sarah Palin and George W. Bush are the better choices for you. I might add, this type of “shoot from the hip”, “tell it like it is” diplomacy has worked fantastically well over the past eight years. To want and desire more of it is something I find difficult to fathom.


    Based on what I’ve seen of Sarah Palin so far, I’m not willing to find out how much worse she could screw our country up.

    “With all of their degrees what have they given us?”

    Are you implying that Barack Obama’s education and the degrees he obtained through hard work and dedication from Columbia University and Harvard are not relevant and have little impact on the type of leader he has become ?

    If you are, I strongly advise against underestimating the importance of obtaining a quality education, especially from such prestigious universities such as Harvard and Columbia.

    Keep in mind former US Presidents Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower all attended Columbia. I would say all of these former Presidents contributed greatly to the success of our nation.

    And in regards to Barack’s tenure at Harvard, upon graduating he was bestowed with the rare and high distinction of graduating Juris Doctor magna cum laude from the university. I think the majority of people would agree this is NOT an easy feat to achieve, and he should be commended for graduating with such a rare and respected distinction.

  24. Keith Olberman, on his “Countdown” show Wednesday night said the Repubs had known since July that Ifill wrote that book. Guess pretending it came as a big surprise was just one of their ordinary, everyday lies–so what else is new?

  25. J. Q. Taxpayer says:

    I stated I would never write here again but must eat my words. Charlotte, you have lost it with regards to the world we live in.

    First, everyone did not know about the book. That includes the Debate Commission! That falls on Ifill’s shoulders. Was it an oversight? It could have been but it was her’s to disclose.

    Second, everyone did not bash her. You have Dan over at the AWB blog going off. He is much like Rush, with a blinded vision only toward the very far right. If you check few people that read his blog and often comment, piled on.

    Third, the networks played this up and I think they did is because none of them landed a role in the debates. Yes, sour grapes from both the left and right.

    Four, Ifill has some writings out there that are known to be left of middle. However, it never has shown up in her reporting of story. She has, and to me still maintains a fairly neutal point of view in her reporting. She showed that last night.

    Five,Farenheit 9/11 does contain some facts that show how human people can be. However, if you took off your leftsided glasses you would also agree there is a fair amount of BS in it. Plus parts of the movie can be looked at viewed from both sides of the world and result in differant anwers.

    Six, you have no real knowledge of what happened on some of the collages during the antiwar movement. Because it has never been released but only those involved know.

    Seven, you have no clue to war. You have never seen the results of what some men go through when a buddy they grew up with, joined the army under the buddy system, and shipped off to Nam side by side. To have that same buddy, sharing an MRE, come under attack, duck for cover, steps on a landmind and the largest piece of him left is his head. Yes, the one buddy lived but is still confined to mental hostipal today not that far from Fort Wayne.

    Repeated testing has shown those who have taken an active roll in a war are far less likely to starting a new war. Repeated testing has also shown that those who are taken active roll in a war also support the belief, if you are going to fight a war, you fight it with everything you got. You don’t go 25% because many people are going to die.

    Eight, if you know so much about Obama you would also know that if four “gang bangers” under 18 broke into your house, raped you, beat you to a pulp, and stole everything of value would not see adult court.

    Nine, if they where adults they would serve their time, then when they got out they would be paid to go to school. While the rest of us smucks try to figure out how to help our children to pay for school.

    Ten, you never tell your enemy when you are leaving. To tell them anything else is about the dumbest thing one can think of.

    That is about like telling a new car salesman that you would be willing to pay sticker price for a car but will start out offering lower.

    Eleven, if you look at Obama’s top finance person you would learn her bank was one of the first to fail from pushing subprime loans. That newspapers have copies of letters she even wrote promoting such. She paid one of the largest settlements to the FDIC to stay out of court. The accounting firm that had certified the bank’s books paid one of the largest fines also.

    Her bank did not get stuck with these mortages in a paper movement. They went out and signed the people to them.

    Twelve, if you search Obama with regards to low cost housing and read only newspaper stories from the left you would be shocked. He was involved up to his eyeballs in ripping off the poor. Yes, just like a mafia boss he stayed just far enough away he did not have direct blood on his hands. Only read the stories published prior to July of this year so you can not say they where done to assist John McCain.

    Thirteen, read your own posts when Hillary was running. Search the words “Clinton vs Obama” on the Internet and read the material that all of sudden no longer counts in your world.

    Fourteen, do you have a clue as to why we have to send our National Guard units on 3-4 tours of Iraq? Do you know that if someone had not gutted our standing militry that few, if any of the National Guard units would have ever been called up?

    Fifteen, do you know if Obama cuts 90 billion dollars (his figure) from Iran war and returns the troops to the US, what remains will not even cover their annual costs of their operation in the states?

    I give you great credit for standing up for our vets and every person should appluad you for your efforts. That I will never take away from you and thank you for doing so.

    However, for someone who does a great deal of research and builds a knowlege of the issues you have have missed it with Obama. You are so blinded with the word Democrat that I feel you have lost your often good train of thought.

    Do you have a clue what he did today in obtaining a few more votes for the bailout? What he told some reps on the Democrat side he would do if elected President so they would support the bill? If you think it out is should concern you.

    In closing, it is not the Obama is a Democrat in the least. Much like he scared many Hillary supporters early on, he should scare the rest of the voters now. The promised land is some place else and promising something to everyone is just not something that can be done here on earth!

  26. Commnon sence trumps education every time. You dont force lenders to loan money to people that cant pay it back. Even if groups like acorn are calling your organization racists. Again, I bet there are some pretty highly educated people at the top of the F mac and mae. Not to mention Wachovia, WAMU etc. Yet they made less money last year for their companies than Joeys lawn service down the road.

    FDR, is that the 7% of my money I will never see again? Another great investment in my future. But dont talk to Joe Bidden about FDR, he thinks he was president in 1929 and went on tv to calm everyone down.

  27. Well done Taxpayer!!!!!!!!! I cant figure out what scares these people about Palin. Its not like she is a communist radicle with terrorists friends and racist America hatin preacher.

  28. J.Q.

    You have now lost it yourself, and that is your problem. You have said on other sites that Obama “frightens” you. I can’t imagine why. Frankly, McCain frightens me more than anyone because his philosophy of the world is to “bomb away” and worry about the consequences later. His foreign policy would be disastrous – stay in Iraq, go into Iran and Pakistan, if “he” felt it was warranted.

    You might want to pay attention when you read my posts. So let me correct you on your statements.

    1. I did not say everyone knew about the book; I have no clue where you came up with that.
    2. I did not say everyone bashed her. I, again, have no clue where you came up with this. I gave some examples in response to Mark which included blogs in addition to AWB’s blog.
    3. It was news, of course the networks played it up. Don’t tell me you are surprised.
    4. I watch Ifill’s show every Friday night. I believe I mentioned that she is very professional and very seldom appears partial. So your point under #4 is?
    5, 6, and 7. Where in this post did I mention anti-war movements and wars? As to having direct knowledge of what it was like to be in Vietnam, no I don’t. But I do remember my classmates and how they were crippled and maimed for life – losing legs, faces,their sanity, and their lives.
    8. I am not sure where you are headed with this one. Are you insinuating that Obama is a gang banger?
    9. And your point is? Life isn’t fair. Legislatures pass the laws that deal with crimes. Vote them out if you don’t like what they do.
    10. Huh? Please decipher – I can’t read your mind.
    11. And McCain has no connections to any of the financial mess? His own campaign director, Rick Davis, was and is on the payroll of Freddie Mac. I think there are plenty of connections to go around.
    12. The only articles I could find were from blogs. Any stories on the national media? Or is this just another attempt to smear Obama in the blogosphere?
    13. I know I posted some negative articles about Obama. I did not post them out of fear, which seems to be a favorite word of yours. But my candidate lost, and I have accepted that. I wonder how many Romney and Guiliani supporters wrote negative articles about McCain? It is pretty well known that Romney and Guiliani and their supporters trashed McCain at different times in their campaigns.
    14. The problem is we shouldn’t have gone to Iraq in the first place. That would have allowed us to keep our troops. By the way, you keep throwing out all these accusations, but you don’t refer to websites or sources that are verifiable.
    15. Your faulty math on this one is amazing. The $90 billion is a figure that had to be appropriated in the first place. Cutting it would be returning it to levels prior to our misguided involvement. We shouldn’t have any troops left in Iraq. It isn’t out country, and we don’t belong there.

    Again your final comments about what Obama promised is simply more unsupported slurs. If you have some inside info then please share it. Simply saying “think about it” is a cop out.

    Your ad hominem attacks really won’t work on me. So you can tell me all you want that “I have lost it.” That is your opinion. Obviously, then everyone who agrees with me, in your mind, has also lost it.

    You continue to use the word “scare.” I wasn’t scared of him when I was a Hillary supporter.

    I have to say, you appear to be on the verge of a meltdown when it comes to Obama. I said on another site that you dislike him. I have changed my mind; that statement was much too mild. You are so obsessed over him and the idea that he might be president that it is affecting you mentally.

  29. Clint:

    Whose afraid of the big, bad Palin? No one. She showed last night that there really isn’t anything to be worried about. She winked, she joked, she avoided answers, she threw out quips, she acted like a perky little teenager, not a candidate for VP.

    Palin can’t even think of any Supreme Court decisions of note with which she might disagree other than Roe v. Wade. I guess that means she agrees with Plessy v. Ferguson, Buck v. Bell, Kelo v. City of New London.

    Where has she been? Oh that’s right, way up north shooting moose, watching the Russians, and managing a state with 683,000 people.

    Her friends just include her husband who was a member of a separatist group. Sounds to me like he disliked the U.S. so much he wanted Alaska out of the Union.

  30. You have to go see An American Carol. It is dead on balls accurate depiction of Hollywood and the American Left played by Michael Moore. If you dont laugh at this one something is wrong.

    Climate change 100% fact 100% man made. Anybody know what my rubuttle would have been?

  31. First, I want to see “Flash of Genius” about the intermittent windshield wiper, then maybe I will take a chance. What is interesting is that even though the movie is a “spoof” or whatever of everyone’s view that Hollywood is left-wing, almost all, if not all of the actors and actresses are Republicans as is the director.

    I just got my copy of “Ironman”, so I think I will watch that tonight.

    I have a headache from all the writing today. 🙂

  32. Yeah, the actors put their careers on the line. But at least everyone knows they are right leaning. If you wait a few weeks there will be more bush bashing movies and probably a few America bashing movies. There is also a movie about a the first heisman trophy won by a black guy coming out. Every other word on the preview was “change”. Pretty convienent.

    But speaking on Flash of Genius. Look up for your own record who invented cruise control. That is a success story beyond compare.

  33. Clint:

    I doubt they put their careers on the line – they have been around too long to lose their careers over appearing in a movie.

    I did see on the internet that the movie was not rated because the director did not want to have anything out there about it ahead of time.

    Isn’t it change when you have the first of anything, whether it be an award, a case of first impression, or an accomplishment such as landing on the moon?

    Besides, I would think that now that McCain/Palin have co-opted the mantra of change that the use of the word wouldn’t bother you.

    My vacation is almost over, so I think maybe I will treat myself to a matinee either this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon – too cheap to go to a full-priced one! 🙂

  34. Did you look up the inventor of cruise control?
    No one wants to tackle my rebuttle on climate change and joes opinion. Could you please just ask me how I can prove him wrong.

  35. Clint:

    I have to get some errands done – unfortunately my vacation is about over, and I haven’t done much this week other than work on my home.

    So, I will look it up, but as to your comment about proving Joe wrong. Both sides believe it is hard to prove the other side right or wrong.

    Sorry, you will have to come up with your rebuttal to Joe – you did say you could have kicked his “butt.”

  36. Where the hell did the glaciers go big joe? Was it that big cummins diesel those damn indegents had heating their homes?

  37. clint jenkins says:

    Still no answer to the glacier question. I will keep taking this to the top of the board until someone admits joe screwed up. Or if you global warming freaks can tell me how man made
    1 the glaciers come down over the midwest
    2 how man made them receed.

  38. clint jenkins says:

    Come on people where did the glaciers go. Big joe got it wrong. And apparently im right or you freaked out environmnental activists would be telling me where the glacies went. Back to the top

  39. Clint:

    I believe that global warming is real, but I believe it is a combination of a cyclical occurrence which human beings are hastening into reality.

    Here is a website with aerial pictures of the arctic icecap at two different points – 1979 and 2003.

    Come on, are you going to tell me that you think human beings have nothing – 0% – to do with global warming? If that is so, then that is no different than Biden’s position that humans are 100% at fault.

    I believe it is a middle ground, and we have to take action from our side. We can’t change the Earth’s cycles, but we can change what we do to our planet.

  40. clint jenkins says:

    It is different because i can prove the earth goes in cycles. Joe joe the clown cant say the same thing. I do believe we have no effect. Now prove me wrong. I will agree that humans have an effect if the govt wont impose taxes to limit carbon emmissions. This global warming thing is all about the money. Cap and Trade is a communist/socialist princple.

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