We are rapidly approaching the deadline to register to vote for our November 4th election. Leonardo DiCaprio and many of his friends have put together a great video. Register if you haven’t done so already, and, if you are registered, then for heaven’s sake, vote on November 4th.

Registration deadline is October 6th in Indiana. Once that date passes you are a loser. You lose the opportunity to vote in one of the most important elections of our time. Will you vote for a future of change led by Barack Obama or will you vote for four more years of one of the worst presidencies in our history by voting for John McCain? You decide. Obviously, you know for whom I will be voting – Barack Obama.


About Charlotte A. Weybright

I own a home in the historical West Central Neighborhood of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have four grown sons and nine grandchildren - four grandsons and five granddaughters. I love to work on my home, and I enjoy crafts of all types. But, most of all, I enjoy being involved in political and community issues.
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26 Responses to THE “DON’T VOTE” VIDEO

  1. Andy says:

    Was that Benicio Del Toro I saw in the video ?

  2. Yes – it was. I am on vacation this week, so I watched the debut on Ellen. I am already seeing some negative comments about the video, but some people will be negative about anything.

    I think it is a great video. My concern is that after the excitement of this campaign, future campaigns won’t measure up for first-time voters or younger voters. I have lived through many campaign cycles, and there have been dozens and dozens that were boring and unexciting. But that never stopped me from voting.

  3. If you are in Ohio, remember to vote early and often! Thanks to the register and vote the same day rule. Go ACORN!!!!!!!!

  4. Judith says:

    Senator Obama is the one who finds solutions to problems by seeking advice and deliberatly choosing the best option. Senator McCain starts with name-calling, then threatens action without thought to consequences.

    Senator Obama is the one with a complete plan, available on his website. I agree with most of his platform.

    I am surprised to be saying that I am supporting Mark Souder for re-election to Congress. I appreciate his going against his party on many votes, including the all-important Economic Rescue Package.

    Furthermore, somehow I got on the Allen County Right-to-Life mailing list. Mike Montagano believes that abortion should not be legal in any case, even to save the life of the mother! I cannot understand how anyone can feel that the government and corresponding laws can make that decision instead of the woman and her family!!! Montagano should have opposed Souder in the Primary, for his views seem more Republican that Democratic!

  5. Judith:

    Many of us in the Democratic party were distressed with the ad that Montagano put out about a month ago. The ad started with “Can you believe it, some people think I am a typical Democrat, well I am pro-life, pro-gun, pro-farm, and pro-prayer.”

    The ad ran for about three weeks or so. I haven’t seen it for about a week now.

    I will still vote for Montagano. I have had way too many dealings with Souder over the VA Hospital issue now for over four years.

  6. Kenny says:



    Outside of campaigning and getting elected, please name one problem Senator Obama has found a solution for by seeking advice and deliberately choosing the best option.


    BTW My jury is still out on Souder. I’m voting for McCain/Palin. We can’t afford tax and spend ideology in the White house. Obama seems too ambitious to throw money at our problems. I also don’t need a bunch of people with more money in the bank than I will see in my entire lifetime telling me about health care and how bad the economy is. “Millionaires for Obama” can’t wait to party on Pennsylvania avenue… …and please, please vote.


  7. Judith says:

    Have you been watching the news lately? Or are you viewing facts through prejudiced eyes?

    Barack Obama’s reaction to the financial crisis was to gather the Bill Clinton financial advisors including Treasury Secretaries Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers(remember the prosperity during the 90″s?) to discuss what needed to be done. He consulted with former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker as well as the current Chair, Ben Bernecke. He also talked with Secretary Paulson at least once a day. He discussed options with Congressional leaders. He consulted Warren Buffet as well as other successful businesspeople. He attended the White House Conference requested by John McCain, even though he (Obama) felt that much political publicity would derail delicate negotiations. (It did.) Obama was the only one of the two presidential candidates who questioned the insurance-based option brought forth by House leaders at that meeting, getting information about their beliefs that brought understanding of how an insurance plan could be beneficial.

    Obama was the first to propose that the FDIC increase the amount insured in bank accounts to $250,000 per account. This increases financial confidence among people and small businesses who depend on a safe place for capital.

    Senator Obama spoke on the Senate floor, urging bi-partisian cooperation for passage of the Economic Rescue Bill, saying it was the best that could be proposed in the limited time available before a financial collapse.

    Contrast John McCain’s reaction. First he declared that “the fundamentals of our economy are strong.” Then he realized the gravity of the situation and began a familiar practice of name-calling and threats. He blamed the situation on the greed and crookedness of Wall Street, and said if he were president he would fire the SEC chairman, which would be against the law. But remember McCain had always, until the crisis, called for deregulation of the markets, saying oversight caused too many problems. His financial advisor until recently, Phil Gramm, was the Senator who was able to get the extreme deregulation passed as an admendment included in a bill at the last moment in 1999. This should have been reviewed during the Bush administration, but it was not.

    McCain agreed, upon a suggestion by Obama, to issue a joint statement in support of legislative action. But he backtracked on much of the wording, and “suspended his campaign” to go to Washington to bring cooperation. Instead he mainly telephoned from his office, then claimed credit for the passage on the first vote in the House as it was being taken. Of course, it failed through Republicans voting 2 to 1 against it.

    When the Senate voted on the bill, McCain did not speak to the body. And the next day, even though he did vote for the bill, he commented that President Bush should veto it because of the pork added to garner more votes in the House.

    This is just one example of Obama’s leadership style. He seeks opinions from Democrats and Republicans, professors and former successful economic leaders in Washington D.C., and especially from those who are disagreeing with him, seeking to find common ground.

    Another important point, Obama is an inspirational leader. We will need such a leader in the next four years as we must all cooperate to get our economy back on track.

  8. If obama is so inspiring and reaches across the isle, why could he not get 12 more dems to vote yes the first time around. Im not talking repubs, he couldnt even get dems to vote with him.
    I dont remember obama sponsoring a bill in 2005 to reform the housing act. Calling the mac and mae profits as “illusions”. Here is the exact quote “illusions deliberately and systematically created” by the company’s senior management, which resulted in a $10.6 billion accounting scandal.”

    You keep telling yourself this is a rep created problem. Why was this voted down party lines.

    Obama also says the fundementals of our economy are strong “After this immediate problem, we’ve got the long-term fundamentals that will really make sure this economy grows.”

    Can one of you libs at least admit McCain took this to the floor of congress 3 freaking years ago?
    Could you also admit that if a repub could be hung for this it would be done by now!


  9. Judith says:

    Did you read the article and comments that you submitted?

    When did Obama start serving in the Senate?

  10. I knew you would be a coward and not admit McCain tried to do something.
    Obama hasnt served in the senate yet he has been too busy running for president

  11. Judith says:

    The key word here is “tried.” A “Maverick” has trouble getting cooperation from both sides of the aisle.

    Senator McCain did try to investigate the workings of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac when he saw a problem starting. He could not persuade his party (R) to agree to heed his warnings. They controlled the Executive and Legislative branches at the time.

    Senator Obama has achieved successes during his brief term in the Senate. The first was to write and sponsor a bipartisian Ethics Bill that passed. He has worked with Senator Biden on Foreign Affairs legislation and with Senator Lugar on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. He secured better medical care for our returning veterans and supported a modern “GI Bill” to reward their service.

    Senator Obama decided to run for president because where ever he went to give uplifting speeches about our country, people urged him to seek the highest office, to inspire our people to work together for the advancement of our nation and for the good of all the citizens.

  12. Thank you for at least admitting it. That takes a little honesty.

    But why couldnt obama get the other 12 votes on the original deal for the buyout.

    I will quit being partisan now. He couldnt get them and no one can without bigtime pork spending on both sides (bribes). These elitist govt politicians on both sides are bought and paid for. I dont care what their education level- they are all corrupt. Give me an honest layperson anyday over harvard.

  13. sarah smith says:

    I would think Charlotte, that through your dealings with Souder, you would have gained respect for the man, not contempt. It is too bad people can’t look at the BIG picture when it comes to politics…it seems to me that so many people decide yeh or ney based on one issue. So Obama is an “eloquent” speaker –does what he say have merrit, does he stay consistent in his beliefs from venue to venue? And better yet, do his terrorist ties make him a bigger threat to the US than he is an ally? What exactly are his fundamental beliefs? I would think that my “fundamental beliefs” are based much in part to what I learn and believe to be true in my church–scary huh? I also believe that my “fundamental beliefs” are based on my day to day associations with co-workers and friends (where I weigh out what I agree and disagree with and continue and terminate relationships based on that)…humm…Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky & William Ayers–again very scary!
    What exactly do you feel Obama’s merrit is? He’s a good speaker? He’s good with a teleprompter, he keeps his “story” straight from one stump to the next–or is it that he changes his story based on his audience??

  14. Judith says:


    You are totally misinformed and prejudiced about Barack Obama! Have you tried listening to him without deciding that you cannot agree because he is not a Republican, or because he is “black!”

    Barack has achieved the highest educational credentials. Then he has earned the trust of Americans through his efforts to raise the standard of living and the inspirations of us all. With his accolades he was offered numerous high-paying positions in prestigious law firms. Instead he worked to make America a better place for displaced workers in Chicago.

    He decided he could accomplish more by being elected to the Illinois state legislature. While there he was able to work with leaders of both parties to benefit those who live in Illinois.

    His speech at the National Convention 4 years ago inspired people across America. Upon being elected to the U.S. Senate he was in great demand as a speaker. Everywhere he went members of his audience said he should be the president of the United States, for he would be the one to unite us, to get us working together, to improve our perception throughout the world.

    While in college Barack Obama searched for answers about God and our relationship to Him. He studied the writings of philosophers and religious leaders. He read the Bible. He came to his Christian belief through this process. Most of us were taught about God through our families and churches, but Barack Obama learned through study and meditation.

    Where do you get information about terriorist ties!!! This is such a disturbing lie distributed by people who do not look for facts!

    Part of the appeal of Barack Obama is his ability to use his intelligence and compassion to solve problems using the viewpoints of many people. He evaluates the information he is given and then plans what to do. He would not have only those who agree with him in his circle of advisors.

    Please choose the person you vote for for president based on his character, leadership skills and plans for teh future. The McCain campaign staff just admitted that they plan to blast Obama’s character. They have no other way to persuade voters to want to vote for McCain–four more years of the same policies. But for those who study Obama’s record and listen to his plans for our country, the strategy will not work.

  15. Sarah:

    It really is hard to respect the man when he threw up his hands and wouldn’t even try to keep the hospital inpatient beds open. He said we couldn’t make too much noise or fuss or we might lose all funding. Isn’t that just American? Keep your mouth shut, or you will lose out. Kind of goes against your theory that he operates on his beliefs. Apparently he didn’t believe that veterans deserved a place to go that wasn’t two or three hours from here.

    He only got interested in the issue when veterans got together and started making some noise. I have a newspaper article where he admits that had it not been for the outcry of the area veterans, he wouldn’t have taken the actions he finally did. And now he is all over the place talking about how he supports veterans.

    And even then he wanted to take all the credit. All you saw in the newspapers was Souder this, Souder that, when it came to the VA Hospital. He never once until just this year gave any credit to anyone else. That is an egotistical politician.

    Your allegation of terrorist ties is over the top. If you want to talk terrorist ties, how about the many years that the Bushes courted the bin Ladens. Bush II gave the bin Laden family in the U.S. at the time of the 9/11 attacks a free pass out of the country. I wonder why.

    Name me one politician who remains true to his or her roots or never changes a position on an issue. Some change over time because they learn new information or they see things in a different light.

    If staying true to beliefs is something that is important to you or any other churchgoer,then I assume you believe in death for adultery, fornication, etc. I believe that used to be the punishment in the Bible. If not death, then you must surely believe in keeping those activities criminalized.

    As far as Obama’s qualities, I am sure anything I say won’t make one bit of difference to you. And if you are supporting McCain, nothing you say will change my mind.

  16. sarah smith says:

    I would not vote for someone BECAUSE they are black…what a slap in the face to black america! I am appauld that you would suggest that I wouldn’t vote for him because of the color of his skin…what a racist you are!!!
    I do vote on character…which is why I won’t vote for Obama! Are you saying that he doesn’t have ties to Saul, William and Frank? And I have, in fact, listened to his plans for the country, all of them, the ones where he says he won’t raise taxes and the ones where he says he will. I’ve also noted his voting record and made my decision on what I feel he actually will do. It is sad that because he is a “great speaker” people feel he is qualified to be president…what a joke! I’m great at getting splinters out, does it make me qualified to be a Dr.??
    Again, how do you wash over his association with such terriorist and anti-Americans as listed above? How very narrow minded of you not to look at the facts and jeopordize the future of our country just so you can say you voted for a black man. It truely makes me sick to my stomach…becasue if you remember (although I am sure it’s easy to forget, since he wants you too) he is half white! -and it still doesn’t make crap difference…he is not qualified to lead this country, he is affiliated with many anti-american’s and shares views with them. That alone is enough for me to vote for someone else, almost anyone else!

  17. J. Q. Taxpayer says:

    Judity, playing the race card. How nice of an Obama supporter tosses that out. That is right out “Chicago Crosstalk 101!” Even people in Chicago don’t pay attention to that one any longer.

    Excuse me… Obama did his three years of community work and then went back to law school. Reportly he did turn down some pretty good offers to major law firms.

    He worked for a law firm that he promoted as serving the poor and down. Excuse me, some of their biggest clients where slumloards of the large housing projects in Chicago. You will not find one case where he or the law firm took them on!

    I urge you to search the Internet under “Obama low income housing!” This will provide you stories and listing of people of who donated to his run for Illinois Senate. Plus some other insight to his dealings. Don’t bother with the blogs but read the newspaper stories.

    I will not address his faith as I consider it a private matter. However, I think you would be wise to learn why he started attending Rev. Wright’s church.

    I have no idea what your age is but those of us that lived during the bombings of government buildings remember Bill Ayers very well. Again search the Chicago Sun-Times and the Tribune as they outline the close connection the two had.

    Obama can spend money on all the social ills we have. But he has never addressed or worried how these bills would ever be paid. His entire career in Illinois and the US Senate has been on spending money. Believe or not, this may come as a shock but the piggybank only has so much money in it!

    Judith, please tell me all about the Lugar-Obama arms deal… No, forget it, I will tell you.

    It was a funding only bill for about 37 or 47 million dollars. It took nearly a year floating around before it was passed on a voice vote just before a recess. Then it took six more months to get the money released for it. Go read the act and the “nukes” are not even part of the text…

    How about research the famous ethics bill in Illinois…. Yep, that left every person with a cash kitty for future campaigns to convert it to themself prior to the date to keep it as their own money.

    In the US Senate all his ethics bill did was stop some travel and gifts from being handed out from Lobbyist firms. However, it allowed all the legal firms to keep up the same crap and funding money to the canidates just like always.

    Sorry you have not converted me. Obama can talk the talk but has yet to do the walk. He could not even carry the shoes of John Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., or even Bill Clinton.

  18. clint jenkins says:


  19. Judith says:

    Sarah Smith,

    In your Oct. 4, 2:30 comments you stated concerns about Barack Obama’s elequent speech, but his lack of merit. You referred to his beliefs (without example) and charged him to association with terrorists. That’s what my rebuttal concerned. It appeared you had not tried to find information, but only used rumor and emotion.

    Later you are astonished I concluded both political party and race might be factors in your opinion. I’m glad to hear race means nothing in your deliberations, as it does not in mine. I’m very distressed to say that I’ve heard someone say he wouldn’t vote for a “black man.”

    Everyone is only 6 people away from knowing every other person in the world! Barack Obama served on a committee in Chicago with a man who had been a “terrorist” in his youth. Show me any evidence that Obama has been influenced by anti-American or terrorist-approving persons!

    I respect anyone who has studied voting records and political positions before deciding how to vote. Many believe, as you, that our government should not mandate health insurance/care for all of our children. Even more cannot support health insurance that is available to all Americans. Many believe that deregulation of our financial transactions is right. If you support these and other McCain objectives, then you have made a choice based on your beliefs.

    J.Q. Taxpayer,
    I am a retired college-graduate white woman. Does that make any difference to your acceptance/disapproval of my opinions? I HOPE NOT!!! I read, but do not accept your opinions regarding Barack Obama. That’s a right we have here in America for which I am very thankful.

  20. clint jenkins says:

    If obama is such a damn scholar on the constitution maybe he can show me where it says everyone gets healthcare. Maybe joe biden can tell me where in the constitution it says it is the job of our govt to take from the rich and redistubute wealth. He calls it fairness, I call it socialism. If America wants this fine, just do it legally and amend the constitution.

    Life, Liberty, and the PURSUIT of happyness.
    Obama kicked off his political career at an unrepentant killer/terrorist house to gain street cred.
    Obama is of the school Alinsky
    “Alinsky’s teachings influenced Barack Obama in his early career as a community organizer on the far South Side of Chicago.[8][10] Working for Gerald Kellman’s Developing Communities Project, Obama learned and taught Alinsky’s methods for community organizing”
    Saul Alinsky is a freaking communist.
    Wright is a scumbag preacher racist. Who said Americas chickens are coming home to roost. I would assume you agree with this sence you are in the Blame/Hate America first croud.

  21. clint jenkins says:

    Can you imagine if Palin kicked off her career at a child rapist murderers house, pretty sure I would have a hard time defending that. But you guys keep it up. You guys are practicing ostrich politics.

    But i guess it is ok for you to kill people as long as you are doing in the sprit of hating on America. Killing cops–just aint cool.
    And if you want to say this was a long time ago, fine, Ayers hasnt changed. Said he wished he had done more. Pick up his latest book, its a real winner

  22. J. Q. Taxpayer says:

    Judith, the only reason I ask the question of your age (race was not asked or ever referred to but you seem to have a problem with it) was if you had been around for some of the events you talked about.

    As for William Ayres let me ask you this? Back in early 2008 the Chicago Sun-Times did a story on Obama. That they pointed out that when he ran for Illinois Senate and one of the first, if not the first, fund raising events for Obama. It was hosted by in and in the home of William Ayres. Obama, using a spokesman from his campaign, took issue with some other parts of the story but never said a word about the fund raising event. Does it not seem odd that one fund raising events, if not the first, by a person he hardly knew?

    It does seem strange he knows so little about the person who selected him to the board of directors of group that helped fund school programs programs via grants. That the board, which included Obama, and Ayres reviewed and approved the spending of millions of dollars. Does it not seem odd that at no time Obama learned anything about where the man came from, his history, and thoughts?

    The Ayres deal was not a major deal to me until Tony (the slumload) was found involved with Obama (to which Obama has tried to limit his connections but Chicago Sun-Times paper paint something else). Then his distance he tried to place between himself and Rev. Wright (which provided him the inside track to his first few runs for the Illinois Senate and as a US Senator). The Catholic Preist (who Obama had worked with when he was in the Illnois Senate). I could go on but the point is one single or even two events would not be a big deal. But when the list just gets longer and longer one has to wonder about his character. He has taken the position he hardly knows any of them. Which is BS, if one looks how things work and get done in Chicago.

    Do you know what one of the first banks was to fail because of pushing “subprime” and “teaser mortages?” Do you know what that person is doing today?

    I have never ask anyone to accept my opinions. However, I have asked people to research the subject matter on their own. They search for their own truth and not to just buy into what has been tossed out by either side. If they find information opposed to what I have asked them to research it is to offer it up. Nothing less and nothing more!

    Then again sticking one’s head in the sand and just pulling the letter “D” or “R” is every person’s right! We will get the government we deserve. If the last two weeks has not proven to everyone how bad our government has gotten must be blind, dumb, and stupid!

  23. clint jenkins says:

    JQP, I think guys like us had better go get knee and back braces if obama gets in. It is going to hurt like hell carrying all of these po folks on our backs.

    I can only imagine if Palin did a fund raiser at David Dukes house.

  24. clint jenkins says:

    Notice the great Ayres’ door mat he is standing on. This is about the time obama kicked off his career in Chicago. RATIONALIZE THIS LADIES

  25. Debranne says:

    I firmly believe Obama is the better choice for POTUS. Go Obama/Biden 2008.

  26. J. Q. Taxpayer says:

    Clint that funny outside the Duke/Palin comment because about Thursday CNN will be reporting a blog claimed Palin had a fund raister hosted by David Duke.

    The only thing that drives me nuts is the Obama people can not argue facts.

    He has nothing to back him up in writing, he will not release any papers, no one can find friends he hung out in school (well two- one working on his campaign and one who will not talk to the medis). No papers from when he worked in his community group, no papers that anyone will be released from his lawyer days, the school he taught at has nothing to say, and he did not keep any of his Illinois Senate time. Sounds like a person with a plan… The plan of leaving no papertrail…

    Therefore his character is and should be questioned…

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