In the latest round of nonsensical twaddle in this year’s presidential election, voters are more focused on Sarah Palin’s glasses than on answers to real issues. One headline shouts, “Sarah Palin’s Much-in-demand Glasses Bring Sexy Back.” Wow, way to demean women. Palin becomes a talking bobble head with a pair of glasses.

Voters – and I would assume most of the vision-struck are women – seem to be more interested in Palin’s glasses then her anti-choice and anti Roe v. Wade, anti-ANWR, anti-global warming, pro-book banning, pro-creationism in schools positions, just to name a few.

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But, if you want a pair, they come from a Japanese designer. The frame is from Kazuo Kawasaki’s 704 series, in grey, made from titanium and mounted via a screwless tension system. The price starts at $375 for the frame and can go up to $700, depending on the lens. Guess that puts them out of my range. I paid just under a hundred dollars for both lens and frame at J.C. Penney. And, even then, I was looking for something less expensive. I hadn’t needed glasses for over 30 years, so it was quite a shock.

What is it with media and voters? When it comes to women candidates, their accessories trump their intelligence, values, positions, and ability to lead. Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits provided fodder for the media and voters on a daily basis as they tried to guess what color she would wear. She was labeled “dowdy” and “chunky.” Never mind her accomplishments throughout her life and her current position as a well-liked and respected senator. Never mind that she put up one hell of a fight for the opportunity to represent the Democratic party in this November’s election.

When Katie Couric stepped into the CBS nightly news slot as the anchor woman, the media went into a frenzy about what she would wear. Would it be a pantsuit? Would it be a dress? What colors would she wear? How many in the media and viewers care about what Bob Schieffer, Charlie Gibson, or George Stephanopoulus wear when they appear on their programs?

When focus is turned to such meaningless issues as clothing and accessories, the media and male political establishment have effectively diminished the ability of women to be taken seriously. Now, back to Palin’s glasses – they are simply glasses. Are they really so important that voters – in particular Republican women voters – cannot tear themselves away from looking at them? Are they really so mesmerizing that women will ooh and ah and become brain dead on issues?

While I don’t particularly care what Republican women do, I do care how women of all races, parties, and ages are perceived. The fixation on Palin’s glasses does a tremendous disservice to women in both political parties. So now you know where she got them. And, I still say who cares?


About Charlotte A. Weybright

I own a home in the historical West Central Neighborhood of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have four grown sons and nine grandchildren - four grandsons and five granddaughters. I love to work on my home, and I enjoy crafts of all types. But, most of all, I enjoy being involved in political and community issues.
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  1. joe says:

    This was a great posting! I read, I laughed, I agreed!

  2. Uzi says:

    Real nice, using a picture that makes a lovely lady look like Sally Jesse Raphael.

  3. Uzi:

    So Sally Jesse Raphael isn’t nice looking? Is that what you are trying to say?

  4. dan jehl says:


    I am trying to contact you about the “Present and Future of the Fort Wayne VA and Medical Center” for Wednesday at Noon at the Downtown Public Library. I have contacted Dr. Tom Hayhurst, Eve Bratton and Rev. Phillip Johnson. They are each preparing a 10 minute presentation on their viewpoints on the present and the future.

    As moderator, the audience would appreciate an update from you, including what the consultant study concluded and whether there will be public meetings on it and anything else that is current news or future news.

    You can reach me at either fw.public1@yahoo.com or 442-8619.

    Thanks so much for your citizen and public advocacy for the public good of all.


  5. Andy says:

    Aside from an important topic like, “Where did Sarah Palin get her glasses?”, I would hope the American people would be asking more pertinent and substantive questions for a candidate who will have the second most-powerful position in the country/world.

    What’s ironic to me is Mrs. Palin only recently obtained a Passport to travel outside of the US until last year.

    I find this incredibly frightening. How will a candidate bring ANY kind of foreign policy experience to their candidacy if they had not traveled outside the US until so recently ? And remember, Sarah Palin last week referred to “their” campaign as the, ” Palin – McCain” campaign.

    I guess when your resume for foreign policy consists primarily of “you can see Russia from my house”, one has to get very creative to convince the American people he or she is well-versed in world affairs.

    Welcome to the 21st century – the world is now considered to be flat. To be an effective, respected leader of America, one has to have EXTENSIVE knowledge on world events, leaders and potential/ongoing conflicts. I have yet to hear/see Mrs. Palin demonstrate any kind of knowledge or leadership in this area.

    The McCain campaign can not continue to seclude and shield Sarah Palin from answering serious questions regarding world affairs and current events. It seems as if they are borrowing a technique from the Bush/Cheney administration by refusing to answer questions or have her be held accountable. In my opinion they are making a bleak attempt to “run out the clock” – but there is way too much time left in the ball game here.

    The glasses, hockey mom, lipstick on a pit bull, or “we’re gonna shake things up in Washington” bit will only go so far. The American voters deserve to know what experience, views and credentials Sarah Palin subscribes to in order to make an informed decision.

  6. Andy:

    The kid gloves should come off. No one spared Obama anything – Democrats and Republicans before the primary season ended.

    I don’t get the mentality that, according to some media personnel, Biden will have to be careful in his debate with Palin. Why should he have to be careful?

  7. Again, common sence will help Palin. Something the community organizer doesnt have. No one spared Obama anything

    Why cant he answer the question that when capital gains taxes are cut govt revenues went up?
    Why hasnt he been asked about Johnson
    Why hasnt he been asked about Raines
    Why Does he get away with saying Venezuela/Iran is a small and not a threat to saying they are a grave threat without question
    Why cant he be asked about Sol Alinski
    Why not ask him a little more about William Ayers
    Why Cant Biden get the date of FDRs presidency right, not to mention we didnt have tv in 1929?

    So thank God for folks like Andy and their support of the most foriegn policy experience………… McCain. Thanks for your vote Andy and for falling into the trap of who
    has more experience “Obama or Palin”

    What a BOOB. Did you see Biden say no clean coal ever in America–yet that is one of OBamas solutions?

    Did you See Biden Say no bailout for AIG, same as McCain. Yet Obama differed 3 minutes later . This team is falling apart.

    Yall Keep focusing on Palin, she holds the base. Meanwhile your team cant figure out what they believe in

    Yall are funny

    God love America and the commies living here

  8. Charlotte, please reference the above for reasons Biden must be careful




    These are from the last week or so. And you think he can take on Palin? We have Andy worried about foriegn affairs when Bidden the experienced one on the ticket cant name presidents or figure out when TV was invented. But you guys keep worring about Palin. Hell, A guy mis spelled potatoe a while back and was shunned for eternity. I guess this just proves the media bias doesnt it

  9. Clint:

    Remember the famous goof by the “foreign” expert McCain when Lieberman had to lean over and whiser in McCain’s ear about just who was doing what in the Middle East?

    Here’s the YouTube link:

    What a boob! McCain is running on his foreign policy expertise and he can’t even keep the parties in the Middle East straight.

    Biden will do just fine against Palin. You will notice the Repubs are keeping a short leash on her and not letting her answer too many questions.

  10. Clint:

    By the way, McCain and Palin don’t agree on everything – does that mean they are falling apart?

  11. Yes that short leash would be the more than 60000 (thats sixty thousand for you lay people) that showed up in Fl for her tald. Was McCain around? Be afraid, the constution will have meaning. By the way, what happens when you give everyone the right to own houses? Oh, thats righ, a big Freakin mistake.

    So what do you think of Bidden not knowing who was president and when tv was invented? This is the guy with experience

  12. Andy says:

    Clint –

    I find it difficult to take you seriously when your tactics for debating issues are comparative to having a discussion with someone who is yet to graduate middle school, let alone high school.

    I am going to make an assumption here, but I assume you are a religious, devout follower of the FOX News network. This would explain the vast similarities I observe after reading the majority of your posts. Its a good thing blogs are set up to give every poster the opportunity to post his or her opinions equally, because I fear having a vocal conversation with you would resemble trying to reason with a child during the middle of a temper tantrum.

    Foreign policy experience is a major factor for determining who will be our next Commander-in-Chief. I don’t feel Mrs. Palin has any, and the experience Senator McCain has, I find to be quite worrisome.

    A year ago, Senator McCain joked about bombing Iran, and earlier this year as Charlotte correctly pointed out, he had an extremely difficult time distinguishing between the Sunni, Shiite and Al Qaeda, as to which group apparently was receiving training in Iran. Not to mention, Senator McCain also has repeatedly stated American troops may be in Iraq for 100 years. He also needs to understand the country of Czechoslovakia ceased to exist in 1992. We now have the Czech Republic and Slovakia. (If you ever have a chance to see the city of Prague, don’t hesitate to do so).

    Barack spoke out against the US Invasion of Iraq in a time when it was not popular to do so. He has demonstrated to me, he has the courage to speak out in a time of need.

    Joe Biden called for President Bush to FIRE Rumsfield years before Rumsfield supposedly resigned. (Ironically, we haven’t seen or heard from Rumsfield since have we ???) Although, I have to wonder if “Rumy”is hanging out with “Brownie” some where in the Caribbean far and away from all the mess they helped to create.

    I could go on and on about the qualifications I feel make Obama and Biden the better choices to lead our country in such a crucial time, but I can see you are fixated on having a continuation of the Bush/Cheney years. It is true there are still a few “Bush-Cheney Strong Leadership” bumper stickers still showing up on the back of cars from time to time. Unfortunately, “Strong Leadership” turned out to be the furthest thing from the truth.

  13. Andy, I dont watch Fox news as I do not have cable. Answer me this

    How can Obama be trusted when in one statement he says Venezuela/Iran are small and not a threat
    Next statement says they are grave threats?

    Biden and dems called for heads to role and started investigstions from the start so Im not impressed with his call for rummy to be fired.

    Do you remember Baracks statement on the surge? Clintons? To a highly decorated General Petreaus?

    He would talk to terrorists without precondition one day the next he wont.

    Obama, if in congress at the time of the vote to go to war would have voted present anyway.

    Its quite amazing that one would insult my intelligence, yet not answer the questions posed about Obama. I can forgive getting names mixed up or confusion on an area every president could be accused of this. I cannot forgive changing positions on foreign policy based on how the wind blows ie threat one day, not the next, talk to terrorist one day then not the next. I love Obamas leadership on this economy too. The call me if you need me approach is awsome! And no one is calling him are they?

    I can tell you are upset at the facts. You wont defend Obamas actions, and have called me a middle school student, and acused me of a temper tamtrum? I didnt think it was politicly correct to make fun of people who didnt finish high school?

    Thanks for proving my point that if one cannot defend obama–disrespect the one raising the questions.

  14. Renee says:

    The Bush-Cheney era continues with McCain-Palin. Tell the Republican boys to let the leash off of Palin. Let her answer the tough questions that all other candidates in the past and present have had to answer. If she’s really ALL that qualified, unlock the gate and lift the shroud. It is time to let her speak freely and take questions from reporters and not specially selected reporters.

    Also, as the Bush-Cheney era continues, when will Palin and her husband be prepared to talk about Troopergate?

  15. Trooper gate? You mean the police officer that was caught drinking in his patrol car and tazered a 14 year old boy? I suppose she ought to get it out in the open, wait she was grilled by Chalie Gibson and others wasnt she? I think Obama ought to be grilled on William Ayers. Ask him why when cap gains taxes are cut govt revenues go up, but dont just ask, make him answer. I think he should be asked about Raines and Johnson. What do you think the hardest questions Obama has had to answer?

    I wish the media would treat her the same as Obama.
    Katie asked her several times about what McCain has done in 20 years about the housing/banking trouble. She answered the 2005 bill cosponcered by McCain to bring justice to the creeps at mac and mae. She kept asking “what else” trying to make her look bad, And I think it did. After the third time I would have said “Katie, I have a cure for those nasty crows feet around your clinched mouth”.

    You know dems act like she is this air head, nobody (I suppose it is in their blood). It seems to me she has been put through the ringer when she ran for gov, mayor and her boards. I agree bring it on. But at least bring it on equaly.

  16. Andy says:

    Clint –

    “How can Obama be trusted when in one statement he says Venezuela/Iran are small and not a threat
    Next statement says they are grave threats?”

    I personally trust Senator Obama’s judgment on deciphering a potential foreign threat hands down to Bush/Cheney and McCain’s. Remember in my previous post stating McCain joked about bombing Iran ? (Bomb,Bomb,Bomb Iran – to the tune of the Beach Boys) I’m sorry, but the decision to go to war is not a joking or laughing matter. Also, McCain stated a few weeks back, “We are all Georgians” and implied the US would use military strength to defend Georgia. Anyone with a reasonable amount of intelligence knows our military is already stretched about as thin as it can be. Putin knows it, and is playing his cards accordingly. Military action should be the LAST resort for resolving a conflict, not the first. Senator McCain has a short fuse – and he has acknowledged this. Senator Obama does not. Throughout this campaign Barack has demonstrated over and over again he has the temperament, judgement and intelligence to be Commander-in-Chief.

    “Biden and dems called for heads to role and started investigations from the start so Im not impressed with his call for rummy to be fired.”

    You are missing the point, Biden had it right. At Rumsfield’s “retiring” ceremony in December 2006, Vice President Cheney made this statement, “Don Rumsfield is the finest Secretary of Defense this nation has ever had.” Unbelievable isn’t it ? Perhaps not after considering the source who uttered it.

    Thankfully, Joe Biden saw through the debacle of Rumsfield and realized long ago he was an ego maniac who wanted complete and total control. Based on Cheney’s statement, one can only assume he still holds high praise for Rumsfield’s actions and thinks his poor legacy as the Secretary of Defense was the best the US has ever had.

    “Do you remember Baracks statement on the surge? Clintons? To a highly decorated General Petreaus?”

    When one is sending sons, daughters, husbands, wives into the line of fire, he or she should be damn sure it is absolutely necessary before committing them. Holding our military leaders accountable and not giving them a free pass (Rumsfield) is a good thing and should be expected. Barack has acknowledged the surge was PART of the reason for the decrease in the level of violence in Iraq, but it is not the ONLY reason. To proclaim the “surge worked” entirely on its own is being naive and indifferent to the many other factors at play in Iraq (i.e., Sunni Awakening, payments by the US to militia forces to NOT FIGHT, massive ethnic removal/relocation in certain neighborhood/cities, etc.)

    “He would talk to terrorists without precondition one day the next he wont.”

    Senator Obama’s approach and suggestion for dealing with Iran has now been implemented by the Bush administration. They have been and continue to explore “talking” to Iran first, but keeping all options on the table including military options.

    “Obama, if in congress at the time of the vote to go to war would have voted present anyway.”

    First off Barack Obama was not a member of the US Congress during the vote, and based on his public speech he gave on October 2, 2002 denouncing the Iraq Invasion and labeling it as a “dumb war. A rash war”, one would easily conclude he would NOT have voted for the US Invasion of Iraq.

    “I can tell you are upset at the facts.”

    No, not at all. I think I have pretty much pegged your type of posts/responses accurately. The last eight years have been testimony to the intoxicating power of fear, intimidation, and deceit. Take a look at the current state of our economy, Dept of Justice, Valerie Plame scandal, Hurricane Katrina response (heckuva job Brownie), unauthorized wire-tapping on American citizens, Cowboy Diplomacy, Jack Abramoff scandal, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, acknowledgement of US-induced torture, reduced military strength and over-all lack of respect in the world just to name a few.

    If this is what you refer to as “Strong Leadership”, I beg to differ. Having a bit of humility and taking responsibility for one’s own actions seem to be increasingly absent in the present administration. I fear a McCain – Palin administration would not fair any better.

    I believe the time has come for those of us who have had enough, to stand up and take our country back. You may use childish and immature tactics like calling me a “commie” or any other name you choose, but I consider myself an American who is ready and eager for a change from the last eight years.

  17. Andy- you still didnt answer the question on why iran/venezuela is a threat one day and not the next.

    I know Obama wasnt in the house when we went to war, reread my post

    If you think this economy has to due with bush/cheaney, I will have that debate.

    “Take a look at the current state of our economy, Dept of Justice, Valerie Plame scandal, Hurricane Katrina response (heckuva job Brownie), unauthorized wire-tapping on American citizens, Cowboy Diplomacy, Jack Abramoff scandal, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, acknowledgement of US-induced torture, reduced military strength and over-all lack of respect in the world just to name a few.”

    Andy, again, Dems have sought to destroy every rep in the house if they could and especialy Bush/Cheaney. Dont you think if they could hang a rep on this bail out it would be done.

    Why is it a childish thing to call someone a commie? If you support a man who clearly has socialist/communist tendancies would that not make you one? You only have to read the works of his teachers and mentors to know where his heart is.
    Why are dems so afraid of the labels of socialist or communist? If it is what you believe in be proud of it! I meant no disrespect calling you a commie. I appologize. But I have a saying about kids that may relate to this situation. Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.
    Sol Alinsky
    Rev Wright
    William Ayers

    I am not comfortable with the likes of his friends. I dont know how people just look past all of these people? I would not vote for anyone associated with or a student of these guys.

  18. Clint:

    “Why cant he answer the question that when capital gains taxes are cut govt revenues went up?”

    They don’t in the long run. See http://www.cbpp.org/policy-points4-18-08.htm (capital gains lose revenue in the long run).

    “Why Cant Biden get the date of FDRs presidency right, not to mention we didnt have tv in 1929?”

    See McCain’s goof about the Middle East.

    The people who show up for rallies for Palin do not ask questions – they are too “star struck” at this point to ask her any serious questions.

    Charlie Gibson grilled Palin? I watched the interview, and Gibson certainly did not grill her. The only time he even got close to pushing an issue was when he kept asking – four times in all – if she approved of invading Pakistan without Pakistan’s consent. And, just like a good politician, she avoided answering. Some things she has learned quite well.

    Why were the press allowed in for only 29 seconds when Palin met with Karzai? Even then, the conversation didn’t involve political issues. After 29 seconds of benign banter, the reporters were escorted out.

    The American people should be insulted that the McCain camp’s strategy is to keep her away from as many interviews as possible and to simply parade her around on a platform without saying much.

  19. “According to New York Times reporter Matt Bai, CBPP is one of three left wing think tanks funded by the Democracy Alliance. The other two are the Center for American Progress and the Economic Policy Institute. According to Bai’s account, representatives of CBPP and the other two Democracy Alliance-sponsored think tanks attended the May 2006 meeting of the Democracy Alliance at the Barton Creek Resort near Austin, Texas. Their role was to “talk about the agendas they were busy crafting that would catapult Democratic politics into the economic future.”[2]

    Please, dont use left wing Soros backed groups for “facts”

    Palin is lining up the interviews, she hasnt had 20 months, or should I say 46 years to prepare and be prepared by everyone.

  20. So the Republicans never use their think tanks. The bottom line is that either side can find support for its positions.

    As to Palin – thank you – you make not only my point but also thousands of others who say Palin “isn’t prepared.” She never will be. The only reason she is “lining” up interviews is because McCain and Palin are trying to control who, where, and when she talks to the media. The longer they can stall, the better off they will be.

    She simply isn’t qualified, and that is becoming painfully evident.

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