Enough said. A governor who has no respect for wildlife. You may not care about wolves and other wildlife, but I sure do.


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  1. Cara says:

    It is my understanding the citizens of Alaska voted overwhelmingly to stop the aerial gunning of wolves, but Palin proceeded to spend $140k of the tax payers money to win the propostion. Talk about pandering to special interests…..

  2. Janie Morton says:

    Cara’s comment is entirely incorrect – the citizens of Alaska recently voted FOR allowing aerial wolf control. This is pest control by state wildlife officers, not any kind of recreational hunting, and is approved by biologists. The point is if the wolf numbers of out of balance other animal populations – moose, caribou, dee – will suffer.

  3. Janie:

    Twice the residents of Alaska have voted to ban aerial wolf killing. Here is information from an Alaskan report from just this past month:

    “ANCHORAGE, Alaska– Citizens have voted to ban aerial wolf hunting twice but the issue is back.
    This is the third time there’s been a statewide vote on this issue. The other votes were in 1996 and 2000, both against aerial shooting.

    The first vote was overwhelmingly against the issue and the second vote was a very strong majority. However, the state Legislature overturned both of those decisions.”

    Doesn’t do much good to put measures on a ballot for majority determination if the legislators are going to ignore the decisions. Seems like someone got to the legislators – apparently Palin.

    To label wolf slaughter “pest” control shows a complete lack of respect for forms of life other than human beings, who, by the way, are usually the reason in the first place that an imbalance occurs.

    Wildlife usually pays the price for humans who have either over hunted one species over another or destroyed the environment in which a particular species is successful, thus leading to a decrease in that species. The decrease in one species then results in an over abundance of another – which may be a species which had originally preyed on the now-diminished species.

    It becomes a never-ending cycle in which human beings primarily hold the key (although at times disease also plays a role).

  4. Greg says:

    Pest control? I guess from the hunting industry’s perspective. There is not a wildlife scientist around that support this. In fact, a consortium came out on record opposing it.

    To the poster (Janie Morton), are you saying that the moose and caribou have become threatened by the wolf population? Please read up on what the wolves primary diet is. It is not primarily moose and caribou. And if the moose and caribou are threatened, then why can I book any number of Alaska hunting trips online to specifically go out and hunt them?

    Let’s keep the facts honest please:

    Alaska’s aerial wolf hunting is NOT being done because of any threat to people or livestock, rather it is to boost the moose and caribou population for Alaska’s big game trophy hunting tourism industry. It has been driven by the hunting industry lobby and ironically funded by taxpayer money (it was a $400K campaign taken from taxpayer money not $140K). And we, the taxpayer, are to pay that $150/leg bounty.

    Views typical of an American soccer/hockey mom? I sincerely hope not…

    This ad should air nationwide. Please encourage its support at:

  5. Greg:

    Great point about the hunting industry in Alaska. Here is a snippet I found about wolf diets:

    “To avoid using too much energy catching their food, wolves prey on weaker members of a herd, such as old, young or sick animals. In summer, when the herds migrate, wolves eat mice, birds and even fish. They may also eat carrion.”

    It doesn’t sound to me like wolves eat the healthy moose or caribou. So if wolves eat smaller prey and cull the weaker animals, why is it that Palin and her cronies want to kill wolves?

  6. Greg says:


    Thank you for bringing this topic up and discussing it.

    It is occurring due to a misconception that wolves are substantially preying on moose and caribou. There has been no scientific evidence or proof that the state’s aerial hunting and bounty program will result in more moose for hunters. As you learned by your research, healthy moose and caribou are actually avoided by the wolf as the wolf will often get severely injured and expend too much energy to make it worthwhile. Think about it, a moose can weigh up to 1500 pounds! Wolves primarily hunt for smaller rodents and sick/injured animals.

    There seems to be a difference of opinion between the state appointed game officials, many of which have hunting industry relationships, and the scientifically-based opinion of wildlife biologists. Alaska’s big game trophy hunting business is financially lucrative for the state and thus it is heavily lobbied by hunting groups (Sierra Club, etc.).

    There is a detailed discussion of the conflict between state appointed officials and wildlife scientists in this article:

  7. Cara says:

    Charlotte and Greg,

    Thanks for setting the record straight. I’ve been a member of Defenders of Wildlife for many years, and you are correct, it is the hunters interests driving this action.

    Today’s New York Times ran an in-depth article on VP nominee Palin.

    For those who care for the environment and the creatures in it, there is not much to admire about Ms. Palin. Seems she is as good with a hatchet as with a rifle.

  8. Cara says:

    One point to clear up—Sierra Club supports protection of the wolves with the Endangered Species Act.

    As to the wolve’s diet–they eat voles and small rodents most of the time, have a pack hunt about once a month for larger game.

    Keeping the wolf population healthy allows them to cull the weak and diseased from the deer, elk, caribou herds. In the West we are seeing a wasting disease in deer and elk. Predators kill the diseased, stopping the spread of the illness. Lowering the number of predators and risks losing the herds to disease. Nature is not always pretty, but it is efficient.

  9. Greg says:

    Yes, that was a dyslexic typo. I meant Safari Club, NOT Sierra Club! The Sierra Club OPPOSES aerial hunting and the $150/foreleg bounty.

    Thank you for the correction. Sierra Club = Good. Safari Club = Bad

  10. Stack all of those wolves up and it still doesnt add up to an aborted baby. What if that hunter wants to chose the ending of the wolves lives? I didnt hear the wolf say no. Obama ought to run with this since he is getting back to the important issues.

  11. Anonymous says:

    For a disgusting portrayal, you must click on Clint Jenkins name above to get to his website showing an image of, I am assuming Clint, and 5 or 6 dead and bloodied animals in the back of his pickup truck.

    Very classy and representative of a typical American, no doubt. OMW…

  12. sigmund5 says:

    did I forget to hit send or did you finally get tired of my posts?

  13. sigmund5 says:

    I REALLY REALLY hate to agree with Clint, but he is onto something.

    Why worry about wolves in Alaska, god knows I support them, when there are local issues to consider. It is easy to bash Palin, she is an idiot-you feel better? We can all be media “types” and know and feel good because we express our opinion because we read all the right websites and blogs.

    Why not observe local issues that could make a difference?

  14. Kent:

    If you are going to post about a topic, it is called staying on point.

    I am not sure how many times I have to state this, but it is my blog. Jeff Pruitt writes about local issues almost all the time, you can post there on local issues. I will continue to write about whatever I choose.

    I write about all kinds of topics. In case you didn’t see it, I just posted about the anti-choice ordinance that the County Commissioners are considering.

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