First, let me express my disappointment in that I have barely had time to turn around this week – let alone write. I had to meet some major deadlines by today, so I have worked seven days this week – somewhere in the neighborhood of 75 hours.

Second, now to the latest news that isn’t so new at this point. I have to admit, when I first heard the news, I was totally shocked. My first thought was that the unconvinced Hillary supporters would now truly desert the party and flock to John McCain’s camp. And all because he picked Sarah Palin, an unknown as his vice presidential selection.

Oh me of little faith. The reasons behind McCain’s pick seem fairly obvious. Perhaps, in an effort to reclaim his moniker as a maverick – a nickname that is belied by his voting 90% of the time with Bush – he decided to bolt from the assumed picks and select a vice presidential pick who has little experience in government but espouses the correct political philosophy that will ensure McCain’s hold on the drifting right-wing of the Republican party.

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With Palin’s selection, McCain, considered a moderate, has apparently redeemed himself in the eyes of those who are anti-abortion, pro-gun, pro-prayer, pro-Iraq, etc. Palin is all those things and more. Her experience in life coupled with her political career in Alaska – a state known for its rugged frontiers and its rugged individuals – purports to reflect a range of qualities that McCain felt made her an ideal pick as his vice presidential running mate.

But don’t let McCain pull the wool over your eyes. This is a calculated attempt to pull in the Hillary supporters and blue collar workers who are still not quite sure which way to go in November. While the Republicans and McCain sorely hope this will bring them much needed votes, his decision will ultimately backfire.

Palin is an admirable example for young women as well as older women. But she has little political experience in a state that is ranked 47th in population – 683,478 – a population that is less than many cities in the contiguous United States. But unless the disaffected Hillary supporters are wearing blinders, they will, in the end, stay with the Democratic party.

McCain’s pick also cuts to the heart of the unending Republican rants about Obama’s lack of experience. Palin has little experience in governing. She served in a couple of political offices prior to her election as Governor of Alaska. From 1992-1996, she served on the Wasilla city council, and then as Mayor of Wasilla from 1996-2002 – a city with a population of roughly 8,500. While she was serving as Mayor of a city of 8,500, Obama was serving in the Illinois Senate. Her own mother-in-law couldn’t quite grasp why she was chosen and commented, “I’m not sure what she brings to the ticket other than she’s a woman and a conservative.” Ah, the mother-in-law hit the nail on the head – she’s a woman.

Even McCain’s own people were purportedly stunned by the sudden and unexpected selection. The talking heads hit the airwaves this morning in an attempt to shore up the idea that Palin has all the experience she needs to be a “heart beat away from the presidency.” I watched as Tim Pawlenty, once a name on McCain’s short list, stoically attempted to defend the pick by swearing that Palin has all the experience necessary to serve as vice-president.

But McCain has little use for the office of vice president. In the YouTube video, McCain, a candidate in 2000 for the presidency, disdainfully gives his opinion as to the role of the vice president – a role that he now has thrust upon Palin.

When the dust finally settles, McCain’s choice will be seen as little more than an attempt to pander to the left-over Hillary supporters who have not yet decided to support Obama. What a shame that he has chosen to subject an articulate, intelligent, and ambitious woman and caring mother to his own shortcomings. And what a greater shame that he sees her as a tool to be used not as a serious candidate for vice president but merely as a draw to disaffected women by filling a position for which he has little respect himself.


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I own a home in the historical West Central Neighborhood of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have four grown sons and nine grandchildren - four grandsons and five granddaughters. I love to work on my home, and I enjoy crafts of all types. But, most of all, I enjoy being involved in political and community issues.
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  2. When all of the quotes and clips end of Palin on the role of VP etc. end it is refreshing to know the common man (woman) will be taking back the white house. The roots of this country come from the common man, not from wall street and lawyers. I beg to differ on the seriousness of her VP candidacy. She is every bit as qualified and then some of Obama. The govenor controls things such as military, budgets, human resources etc. She has been in this role for about 700 days. Barry has been a senator for 150 or so days and he has done nothing but run for president. I think she will bring an honesty to the ticket that hasnt been seen in a long long time. Simple answers for simple questions. Obama is a result of the Chicago political machine- Palin is a result grass roots effort to take on the status quo and corruption.

    I guess my problem with experience with obama is when he in one breath says Iran and Venezuela are small country that pose no threat— next breath says they are major threats. Lack of experience doesnt bother me as much as flip floping and being wrong on everything. Give me a small town mayor with integrity and a brain over a chicago politician anyday.

  3. selfproclaimedpundits says:

    Are you kidding Clint? His choice of Sarah Palin is RIDICULOUS! I am not a republican but there are SO MANY other republican women he could have chosen that were actually qualified for the position….but he didn’t. He wanted a woman because he’s so narrow minded to think that women Clinton supporters would just follow the next woman…no matter what her politics. How ridiculous! He wanted a woman that he could control…one that doesn’t know much about how big government works so he could lead her how HE wanted to lead her. Do some reading Clint and you’ll find a couple things….1. Sarah Palin asking what exactly a VP does and 2. A video clip showing Sarah Palin saying she wouldn’t want to be VP….talk about flip flopping!

  4. Do you know what a vp does? The question is a good one considering there are only 3 real things they do. Head up the senate, Take over if necissary, and role count the electoral college. But Im sure you knew that. Now what do they do the other 360 days of the year (its up to the President and not written in stone). We dont want another washington insider!!!!!!I think her answer was honest unlike people like you and John Kerry who begin every debate by saying “well if someone were smart” Come down from your Ivory tower and realize this is what the right wingers want and everyone for that matter. Someone who doesnt claim to know everything, someone with principles, someone who stands up against corruption. The base is fired up and you are done. Sounds like youre a little pissed because your socialist boy obama just got upstaged by a tough woman. If you are so sure it is a rediculous pick why dont bet on it.

  5. Judith says:

    Why should we settle for the “common” man/woman when we can elect a Harvard graduate, at the top of his class, who was elected by the Harvard scholars to be president of the Harvard Law Review? Barack Obama has not only excelled scholastically, but has years of leadership experience from improving the lot of workers in Chicago who were left unemployed by the steel mills closing. New jobs and educational opportunities were the result for these citizens once they were able to work together. They also received their fair share of city monies for their neighborhoods once they were united.

    But Obama didn’t stop there. Instead of accepting prestigious jobs in large law firms, Obama decided to pursue greater opportunities for the average American by turning to politics, where laws that affect us are decided. In Illinois he was able to get thousands of children health insurance, amoung other accomplishments.

    Obama used his years of studying and teaching the United States Consitution to envision a future for America, giving power to the common man/woman instead of to those with enough money to influence laws. His first successful legislation in the United States Senate was an Ethics Reform bill that curbed the “gifts” our Senators can accept.

    Citizens have joined with Obama at a grassroots level to get back to the dream of the writers of our Constitution, equal opportunity for all, and leaders who will follow the values of the American people.

    The abuses of power, the waging of a war against a sovereign nation that had nothing to do with 9-11, the alienation of our former allies, the refusal to provide health insurance for all children, the easing of regulation that caused our current economic crisis, and many other bad decisions of the current administration should make all Americans yearn for a highly educated leader who will follow our Constitution and who will be well received internationally.

    Obama chose a VP candidate who could be president at any time, and who has the experience and wisdom to do so. Unfortunately, Sarah Palin, with only a Bachelor’s degree, who admits she has no foreign policy knowledge, who as mayor left a large debt, who has not worked with the state legislature to put forth a balance budget this year, and who has a far-right agenda, does not meet the criteria as being ready to be the president of the United States. It’s degrading to females to think that they will vote for someone simply because she is a woman; espcially to Hillary Clinton supporters who will find that Sarah Palin disagrees politically with almost all of Clinton’s proposals.

  6. selfproclaimedpundits says:

    I’m not “pissed” about anything, and I hardly feel that Palin has upstaged anyone….in fact, it’s nearly impossible for her mediocrity to upstage anyone. From the last 8 years of Bush madness, I can no longer afford my “Ivory Tower” and McCain promises at least 4 more of this madness. Palin, doesn’t have any opinion on that, because she’s not sure what she should be doing anyway. I can assure you that I have NO intentions of voting for the McCain/Palin ticket. I can also assure you that Palin is not what “everyone” wants. I want the PERSON, be it male or female, that is in that position to have a little knowledge about what they’re doing there….I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Would you go to a job interview as say, an engineer, and ask the interviewer what exactly an engineer does? I don’t think you would and I don’t think most people would. It’s not okay for the potentially 2nd most powerful person in the country not to know what she would be doing if she took the job. That’s just not okay.

  7. Clair Chaplin says:

    It is a sad state of affairs when late night comedians call the VP nominee “hot”. It is a sad state of affairs when someone, not even elected, sets an example, with her own daughter, that is is OK to be 17, unmarried and bring a baby into the world. All commercials show the consequences of a 17 year old with a baby. As a soccer mom, Sara could probably help her daughter but as the Vice President, who is going to raise not only the baby but the baby’s baby mother. What happened to the “issues” in this election. What happened to addressing the concerns of us, the American citizens. John McCain said the American people would have to “suck it up” and look at themselves and not always the government for help. George Bush threw the burden of government help back to the states, just more Republican bull with a shorter, grayer Bush. If these candidates don’t get back to the democratic reason for an election, ISSUES, this country that George Bush murdered economically, socially and morally, is done. And McCain’s statement that we would have to suck it up, does that also mean Iraq, Bagdad, Afganistan, Korea, China, Isreal, and every other country Bush has stuck our noses in, should also suck it up and stand on their own two feet. Think Americans, can we truly afford this mismatched Republican party to lead us on into Hell. Or is it time to vote Democratic.

  8. Judith, nice talking points. So the common man is just to stupid to lead the country? We need Harvard and other elitist schools to do the job. Thanks for proving my point about the Ivory tower statment I made earlier. PS you are running against Mccain/Palin not GW so get it right. Wait, thats right obama never voted against the money going to the war effort.

    Pundit lady.. Classic liberal stance..Because of George Bush you cant afford your home? that is what you said. Now, anyone with a sence of judgement might say that laws passed by pressure to make everyone equal gave you a chance at a loan that you cant afford. Dont be embarassed, many people are living beyond their mean and blaming a president they have never met.

    Chaplin, kids will be kids, they plan to get married and have the baby. Is this the first time for this in America? Also, is it a womans obligation to work as the 60s told them or to work. Or even better I thought the left said they should do both, exactly what Palin is doing now you rag on her for following the leftist agenda. And dont talk about examples being set. It isnt like she was blowing the president under a sacred desk cheating on her husband you freaking… No, I promised I would be nice. By the way you might want to tone down the whole teen pregnacy thing.

    From all of this I have learned
    1 One must attend harvard to lead the country
    2 Your boy barry is untouchable and selfless, his brothers keeper even though he wont send money to his own real brothers in Africa
    3 having a teen pregnacy is bad and the grandmother should stay home and take care of the baby or have it aborted so it wont burden their lives

  9. Seriously, I just reread chaplins comments. What happend to the day of Dont ask what your country (govt for you lay people) can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

    I say the same as Mccain, SUCK IT UP. Obviously we are all on computers using the internet, if you cant afford your Ivory tower, sell your comp and get rid of internet service.

    SUCK IT UP, GET ANOTHER JOB, QUIT BLAMING OTHERS FOR YOUR SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS. I know when they founded this country they thought, what can govt do to pay peoples bill and make decisions for them

  10. Kent,

    So what part of personal responsibilty do you have a problem with that you need to degrade me?
    Is healthcare for all a socialist Idea?

    Seriously, you guys have to establish a point. I thought Kent had more of a brain than to put words in my mouth but I guess not.

    Charlotte, see how your buds have been reduced to? I knew this Palin thing would stir things up but didnt know I would be called a redneck/racist for believing in personal responsibility.

    And Kent I bet you are not a man. You use big words on the internet and call people racists and rednecks but I really, really would caution you on this. If you would not do it to my face, dont resort to doing it. Otherwise we can meet up and talk about your accusations toward me.

  11. Clint:

    First, let me say that I do not know most of the individuals who post on my blog. So to call them “my buds” is inaccurate. I write because I have a point of view with which not everyone agrees. I don’t see why people can’t disagree and do so in a respectful way.

    The individual that Kent is talking about has a blog called “Angry White Boy” or now he has renamed it “Fort Wayne News.” Here is the link in case you care to read a hate-filled blog from the right. Both sides are guilty of misleading and misinterpretation.

    I also reserve the right to remove comments as I have done with a couple that Mr. Strock posted. I don’t like name-calling or bashing.

    My intro on my blog page reads as follows:

    “I ask only that you communicate in a civil and respectful manner.”

  12. Ice ironman says:

    I have never been to “angry white boy” wont even go there to check it out. Im angry enough without help:)

  13. little debbie says:

    clint you are so deeply immersed in the idea that anyone who thinks differently than you is wrong..sad for you!
    1. why are you not including in obamas experience his 7 years in illinois legislature?
    2. on the duties of the veep..kinda hard to say after the veep experience we have had for the last 7 1/2 years isnt it? apparently its at the discretion of the president as your party has made abundantly clear. since cheney has basically run the show of bushco!
    3. what is wrong with being a well-educated person such as obama is?? feel threatened by that? isnt a good education for kids a top priority for most parents? methinks your insecurities are a huge undertone in most of your posts!
    4. on your proud comment referring to–Palin is a result grass roots effort to take on the status quo and corruption– apparently you are only listening to faux news because she was for the bridge to nowhere before she was against it; she is the first veep pick in my 60-year lifetime to be chosen while she is under investigation for abuse of power; she fires anyone who disagrees with mayor she even fired the town librarian but there was an eventual settlement because she cant legally do that–she actually wrote the woman a letter and informed her she is being fired because she hadnt supported her in her election; have you seen the vid clip of her giggling like a schoolgirl when she was a guest on a radio show–about another woman republican–a cancer survivor, giggling while the radio show host is making digs about how she is a cancer and a dig about the womans weight? governor behavior?

    4. one of my problems with palins judgement is that she brags about flying to texas to give a speech during her last couple months of a high-risk pregnancy..her water broke prior to the speech, she gave her speech, she got on a plane and flew home to alaska to have the baby. plumb dumb..put her own and the babys lives at serious risk for infection and other problems. i have serious doubts about this..and no i dont buy into the silly stories it was her daughter who had the baby…but there is something very fishy about any woman doing what she did, knowing this is a high-risk pregnancy.
    5. i agree with obama, the daughter should be off-limits in political discussions.

  14. little debbie says:

    i think she was chosen soley because she is pro-gun, anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, and a woman. those are the qualifications needed to get the right behind him. those who want our government to be LESS intrusive but want the government to legislate sin better beware..which sin should NOT be legislated if the ones they want are? careful what you wish for because it wont only be those who demand the right to have safe legal abortions or the right to marry whatever consenting adult they want to who will suffer at government legislation of sins..many christians i know could wind up in prison for their biblical sins. and how is that religion-ruling-the-masses working out in iran?

  15. WIld and Free says:


    Kent – Your words mimick some of the hate-filled, ignorant statements echoed by the Bush/Cheney administration for the last eight years.

    I think the majority of voters are tired and quite frankly, sick of this type of rhetoric.

    This is why I’m proud to say I’m voting for Barack Obama this fall.

  16. Ice ironman says:

    Yeah, Id never been much per education, who needs to go to college to learn. Hell, I know that if you cut taxes, people spend the additional income and thus produce larger revenues for the govt. But I’s just a layman. I also know when govt gets involved, things go down hill.

    I though Carl Rove made all the decisions, not Cheney, yall need to make up your mind on these things.

    Im sorry for telling people to pick themselves up. I have seen too many people do it to know that can be done. Ive also sat back and watched friends think Obama or Mccain or any politician for that matter, will vastly improve their lives. Sorry to tell you, It aint gonna happen.

    Ps under the Bush administration, I have tripled my income. How is this possible? I guarentee you one thing-Bush/Cheney/Rove didnt have a damn thing to do with it!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can you point out where I spewed hate? I say the same things to my kids when they dont succeed or get knocked down. And again, not once in Bidens speach on life did he say wait for the govt, his dad said YOU get up, YOU go get it. Same with his mother. I guess hearing “just lay down and wait for govt or the god Obama to get here” isnt as sexy.
    I help those who need help and deserve it, the govt gives help to anyone who can sign their names. I gave my first car to a lady who needed one, gave my second to a charity, gave away my Chrismas bonus to a family in need, Spent all of our Chrismas budget last year on a family that takes in foster children. Dont realy think I need a lecture on hate. I lead by example, And I have had to eat those words “SUCK IT UP” after I lost my job. It isnt hate speach, its reality

  17. Judith says:

    Working together the “common man/woman” concept is what makes our country great. But someone must inspire them to communicate with each other and to cooperate for the common good.

    Most people recognize that the more information and viewpoints we have and the better we can organize that data, the greater chance we have of making the best decisions. Education is the key to achieving these objectives.

    With a variety of life experiences as well as the finest education available in our country, Barack Obama has the credentials to be president. He has also proven that he can generate enthusiasm for working together to make America great again. Then Obama chose Joe Biden, with world-wide experience, deep knowledge of our country’s history, and a true believer in American values, to be his VP. Biden would be able to assume the presidency if necessary. Biden’s views are well-known, for he has never been hesitant to express them.

    You are right that George W. Bush is not a candidate in this year’s election. But John McCain has voted with the Bush administration over 90% of the time–95% last year. And John McCain shows no signs of having the negotiating skills necessary to bring the leaders of nations to work together for peace and prosperity.

  18. Ice ironman says:

    For the common good? Now member I aint no educaded man but that is creeping toward kinda of a marxist position.

    Obama has not proved to be a uniter- half the country cant stand his politics.
    He is a great motivator and has brought alot of enthusiasm to the race—— for Conseritives. I know obama has the creditials to be president==just as Mccain, Palin, and Biden and Everyone else in the country born here and over the age of 35.

    My problem with Obamas education is that it revolves around people like Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky, Carl Marx, and a host of other misguided socialist/terrorists. These problems wont go away and they will make a pregnant teen seem like non existant. I hate to go a little off topic but no one wants to talk about the terrorist/socialist elephant in the room.

    I dont always think the liberal point of view is wrong because it is different than mine. I just look at liberal or socialist countries to see how its going for them and then say to myself…is that where I want America to be? Do I want higher taxes. Do I think The rich are overtaxed and being treated unfairly? These are core quetions that make my decision easy. Did you know in Canada I couldnt even start a farm without paying the govt 100000 dollars per cow to begin my business? Do you know how long it takes to get an operation? Do you know it is illegal to have private practice, unless you call yourself a specilist, then you have to pay extra to go see this person. How the heck does that help the little man?

  19. Ice Ironman:

    Just a correction on your statement about private practice in Canada – the Canadian Supreme court struck down the prohibition against allowing private practice in a 2005 decision. The court’s decision strikes down a Quebec law banning private medical insurance.

    See the following link:

  20. Judith says:

    Ice Ironman,

    I know you are feigning ignorance in some of your comments. Of course “common good” for the U.S.A. does not mean socialism.

    Our Constitution lead to a government that depends on its citizens to be educated, responsible, working together and protecting the rights of the majority and the minority.

  21. little debbie says:

    ice ironman..your comment

    “My problem with Obamas education is that it revolves around people like Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky, Carl Marx, and a host of other misguided socialist/terrorists. These problems wont go away and they will make a pregnant teen seem like non existant. I hate to go a little off topic but no one wants to talk about the terrorist/socialist elephant in the room.”

    kinda like saying john mccains education was molded by his POW captors/terrorists. you dont have any way to know what it really did to him…ever heard of stockholm syndrom? he was there for 5 years as a POW listening to their idiology. and based on what he NOW says is torture (since romney dropped out specifically) he wasnt tortured. he is basically running on being a former POW..milking that cow til she runs dry.

    we all have respect for our POW john mccain, and get that his POW status is his claim to fame and presidential capability…his choice to put it out there, nobody elses. frankly i could get thru now and november without hearing POW again.

    if the republicans arent socialists, which of those silly cradle-to-grave handout programs have they eliminated in the last 7 years while they have been spending known billions plus the huge loans from china on his war? uhhh none? well guess they are socialist too! do you, like cindy, have to take off your republican hat in order to put on your american hat? i dont. i can be an american and a proud liberal democrat without changing my hat…what an accomplishment!! maybe I should run for prez at next election!!

    the terrorist socialist elephant in the room is john mcsame aka do as bush did.

    ….fyi just wanted to show you how it looks to need to tear down the other candidate in order to bolster your chosen candidate. its such school-yard-bully behavior..not attractive.

    i dont see anyone casting any judgement on the palin teen. your trying to cross a bridge that isnt there.

  22. Ice ironman says:

    i dont see anyone casting any judgement on the palin teen. your trying to cross a bridge that isnt there.

    LD, have you watched the news?
    I actualy heard the news lady ask “Which is Sara Palin going to short, the country or her children”?

    Can you imagine if the Repubs tried to kill welfare? Can you imagine if the Repubs tried to privitize Social Security? Oh wait they did and everyone said they were in Bed with big business. Not a socialist agenda to privitize things.

    Canada struck down the law but you have to be a SPECIALIST to be private- Business partner has a brother there, so that is where I am getting my info.

  23. April Sands says:

    I watched her speak tonight and she can deliver a line. She did a great job and she speaks well but we still don’t have any idea of what she is, what she’s done and what she’s going to do to get our country back on track. As a whole, I’m disappointed that for the 3rd night of the Republican convention, they really didn’t talk about the economy. If the economy is the #1 issue on most voters minds, it seems that the R’s are doing what they’ve always done with this issue. Ignore it…..

  24. April:

    I watched her also. She gave a good, rousing speech, but I really think she will be out of her league when she gets into the one debate she has with Biden. And I really hope Biden doesn’t back off “just because she is a woman.”

    News commentators are already saying he will have to be careful. Why? No one was careful with Hillary. Why should Palin be handled with kid gloves?

    None of the speeches so far have dealt with the issues. In fact, I was shocked at the attitude about drilling. I thought the crowd was going to go nuts with their chants of “drill, drill, drill.” How adult.

  25. little debbie says:

    II–your comment “Can you imagine if the Repubs tried to kill welfare? Can you imagine if the Repubs tried to privitize Social Security? Oh wait they did and everyone said they were in Bed with big business. Not a socialist agenda to privitize things.”

    LOL so the repubs arent socialists like the dems are…but they maintain and support all the SOCIALIST gov programs. grudgingly but do it anyway. so they can pat themselves on the back and feel they arent AS socialist as the dems? cracks me up!!

  26. kent strock says:


    This is amazing. Clint says, “And Kent I bet you are not a man. You use big words on the internet and call people racists and rednecks but I really, really would caution you on this. If you would not do it to my face, dont resort to doing it. Otherwise we can meet up and talk about your accusations toward me.” Jeez a redneck ignorant threat is allowed to be posted? While my post is deleted. I respect your standard, but damn. Help me out here???? How is what I said…never mind.

    Your comment, “Both sides are guilty of misleading and misinterpretation. ” is factually wrong and intellectually lazy. ya, you can always find one or two on each side..unfortunately when it comes to Fox News, Rush, O’Reilly,WOWO, the JG, CNN etc. and the racism and coded words they put out….it becomes an empirical question.

  27. kent strock says:

    How is threatening to kick someone’s ass an OK post?

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