Many right-wingers consistently criticize Obama for being elitist and out-of-touch with the average American. Well, apparently, John McCain owns so many houses he has lost count. Unbelievable!

When asked on Wednesday in an interview with the Politico newspaper, McCain was asked how many houses he owns with his wife, a wealthy heiress to a beer distributorship. His fumbling response? Uh – uh – uh (my words). “I think — I’ll have my staff get to you”.

Holy bonkers, Batman! The man has so many houses he doesn’t remember? Talk about being out-of-touch and elitist. I doubt his memory lapse was due this time to anything other than simply being confused about how many he owns by himself, with his wife, or how many she owns.

According to Arizona public records, Cindy McCain owns plenty of real property – most of it held in a trust aptly named the “Cindy Hensley McCain Family Trust” or some combination thereof. John McCain owns very little in his own name. They signed a prenuptial agreement prior to their marriage and have generally kept their finances separate.

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McCain not only doesn’t know how many houses he owns, he also believes that being rich starts at $5,000,000 – that’s five million dollars. He should know; he and his wife are worth millions above that figure. Perhaps McCain and his crowd should be careful about calling Obama elitist. In a contest, McCain wins hands down or should we say “high rises” up?


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I own a home in the historical West Central Neighborhood of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have four grown sons and nine grandchildren - four grandsons and five granddaughters. I love to work on my home, and I enjoy crafts of all types. But, most of all, I enjoy being involved in political and community issues.
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  1. bolsonon says:

    Clearly, the Obama campaign is in meltdown… Firing off baseless and banal commercials in an attempt to divert attention to the fact Obama is plunging in the polls. And of course, the mainstream media is hellbent on coming to the campaign’s aid by trying to run as many anti-McCain stories as possible. (The Washington Post admitted on Sunday their own 3-to-1 coverage bias in favor of Obama.)

    The McCain campaign responded with this hard-hitting spot of their own now that Obama has opened the door to the topic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjC2AlWy6CI

    While the McCain commercial is based in fact, the Obama commercial is in fact perpetuating a lie as you touched on. McCain does not own 7 houses. The Obama campaign conveniently forgot to mention that it’s actually McCain’s wife who owns most of the seven properties. The McCains’ property is mostly in the name of Cindy McCain, chairwoman of Hensley & Co, a huge Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship that was founded by her parents.

    But the Dim-ocrats never let facts and reality get in the way of attacking and trying to smear John McCain. That’s why they find themselves plunging in the latest Zogby Poll.

    Obama’s handlers are also blowing a golden media opportunity by delaying their announcement of their pick of VP for Obama. They clearly have a fear of the person being vetted in public view this week and don’t want to risk dropping any further in the polls before the convention and want to use the camouflage of next week’s convention as political coverage.

    Not exactly the way to ignite a fledging and failing campaign that is, in recent weeks, off message, out of sync, and at times, just stupid.

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  2. Jim Wetzel says:

    “I have a mansion, forget the price,
    Ain’t never been there, they tell me it’s nice.”

  3. little debbie says:

    too bad rick warren didnt ask that question..mccain would have said..”however many the bible allows..can we talk about judges now?”

  4. kent strock says:

    You are just using selective facts and a “lib” ideology to fool everyone…don’t you know it is the fault of the unions and libs who have controlled the government for the last 8 years? that is all ya got to look at…and oh yea you hate Bush and now I guess McCain.


  5. kent strock says:

    PS. I am wondering how Turkette is covering this..but alas I can’t view his page. Seriously why do you still have a link to his racist garbage?

  6. Andy says:

    Not being able to answer how many homes he and Cindy McCain own, is just another gaffe which paints Senator McCain as being out of touch with the majority of working-class Americans.

    To defend Senator McCain’s response by stating “The McCains’ property is mostly in the name of Cindy McCain” still doesn’t register or matter with the average American voter. Whether the properties are registered in his name, his wife’s name, an LLC, a Trust Fund, etc., still doesn’t take away from the fact Senator McCain had absolutely no idea how many properties “they” owned when asked this basic question.

    Couple the inability to state how many homes he owns with Senator McCain’s response over the past weekend in which he defined “rich” as having at least 5 million dollars ( I guess having assets of 4 million puts you in the middle-class range) doesn’t help the stigma and hole in which Senator McCain is creating for himself.

    To the vast majority of Americans who are worried about putting gas in their car and trying to figure out how they are going to pay for rising food, energy and higher costs of living, not being able to answer how many homes one owns is extremely difficult to fathom.

  7. kent strock says:

    What Andy said….the 5 Million dollar rich threshold is the most damning thing he has said recently.

  8. clint jenkins says:

    The 5 million comment was a joke.
    If he answered incorrectly on #of homes he would be called a liar by the press
    Being an elitist is in attitude. Maybe he doesnt know how many homes he and his wife own because they dont go to parties with the Kerrys and Kennedys and brag about killing woman and how many propeties they own.

    Since when is being rich a problem.

    I guess I would rather not know how many homes I had (pretty much defines the American dream) than stand on the house floor and fight for the killing of babies after a botched abortion.

    Once again, way to misrepresent a comment that was a joke and run with it.

  9. clint jenkins says:

    “How about $5 million?” McCain joked back to Pastor Warren who asked for his definition of rich, “No, but seriously…I’m sure that comment will be distorted – but the point is that we want to keep people’s taxes low, and increase revenues.” Mccain at Saddleback

    Maybe he should have said that question is above his paygrade. What a loser Obama is to answer a question with that line I dont care if its about abortion or war. He is trying to become the pres of the greatist country in the world and has no spine or brain. Worst, he wont take a position and if he does he goes back on it.

    Rich is inherently subjective so why not have fun with it.

  10. clint jenkins says:

    I watched that video. I cant believe the gull of Mccain to actualy say to Americans get a second job or skip a vacation. What a jerk, I shouldnt have to work a second job or skip a vacation. The govt should step up and provide everything for me. Even though my second job is a result of trying to keep up with the Jones and vacationing in the Bahamas.

    If you had a sibling or child that constantly overspent and lived above their means what would you do?

    1. Ask them to get a second job
    2. Give them money to go on vacation
    3. Teach them fiscal responsibility
    4. Ask them not to work any harder
    5. Help them but cut up their credit card
    6. Tell them to have Obama get elected and everything in their world will “Change”

    I notice in life that libs want govt programs to help the “needy” or poor. However, they make excuses for these people who they have never met. They speak of “them”—that they never had the oppertunities of others. The needy and poor are never responsible for their position in life, and if they are it is a small % like one or two. Yet, if they knew the poor or needy person in real life 1 they wouldnt stop to help and two if it was a relitive or aquantance they would tell them to get a second job and skip vacation. The reality is we all know someone on the edge of losing their home or pay chech to paycheck who makes bad choices finacialy and in a real situation we would suggest a second job or cutting back in areas. And we would be right to do so if they want help from us. I am not too may paychecks ahead, and I have one person to blame–ME. Overtaxing the “rich” will do absolutley nothing to help me or America. The govt regardless who is in power(true conservitive aside) will blow it. Have medical expenses gone down since overtaxing the health threat tobacco gone down. The taxes were meant to deter smoking and tobacco use, I havent really seen my premiums gone down or seen that tax money spent to help anyone.
    The war on poverty has been going on for decades—I say we pull out now and go back to the principle that Help yourself, then family helps- then church-then community. Can we all agree that there have always been poor people and there always will be?

    And oh yeah. When your rebuttle states we are talking about the working poor that cant afford a vacation yada yada. Please name some of these people. Then think about what ammenities they have in their home or trailer and how did they get where they are.
    1Cable TV
    2Are they buying beer and cigarettes
    3How many times do they eat out a week
    4Are they married
    5how many jobs do they have
    6how educated are they
    7how many kids do they have
    8do they have air conditioning
    9what kind of car do they have
    10what kind of entertainment do the kids enjoy
    11what are they doing to make life better
    12how many cell phones do they own
    13is any of their situation their fault-do they admit it, can obama help them

  11. Kent:

    While I rarely read Turkette’s posts, I don’t see the issue of putting some blog links on my page that perhaps do not meet everyone’s approval.

    I am sure my blog does not always meet with the approval of other bloggers, and, if they choose to link to my blog or not link to my blog, is not my concern.

    The blog world is not subject to the same constraints as traditional media, so, short of the host website shutting a blog down – as happened to Turkette last year – bloggers have thrown out just about any kind of trash you wish to read.

    I doubt many of my readers link to Turkette’s blog, but, if they do, that is their business.

  12. Clint:

    And how do you know the $5 million comment was a joke? I would imagine that comes from the Republican side when those who run his campaign realized the damage that was done by McCain’s opening his mouth. Damage control would have kicked in with McCain and his advisers immediately laughing and saying, “Oh, I was just joking.” Of course, rich is subjective, so why didn’t McCain just say that and move on? He didn’t have to answer that question any more than Obama made the comment about his “paygrade.” But you see what just happened, don’t you?

    You believe McCain was joking when he said $5 million and you bashed Obama for not answering a question. So if you answer a question as a candidate, be ready to take the heat for you answer.

    Let’s face it – once politicians get to the point of running for national office – they all are fairly well off and no longer live like the middle class or the lower class. I don’t care whether it is John McCain, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, etc.

  13. Bolson:

    McCain’s wife may own a number of properties, but the fact still remains that McCain didn’t know how many he owned himself.

    Come on, how many of us can’t remember how many homes we own? To argue that he is excused because his wife owns so many properties shows that you just might be out of touch as well.

    If I end up eventually buying a property or two here in West Central for rental income, do you think I will have to answer, “Gosh, I don’t know – I’ll have my staff get back to you?”

    McCain is out of touch, and there isn’t any way around it. The reports of Obama’s income have also been influenced by his book earnings. Although McCain has donated substantial amounts of book royalties to charities, I wonder if he would have been so generous had his wife not been so well off?

    The bottom line is that McCain can afford to be uninformed on finances since his wife is extremely wealthy. The fact that they keep their taxes separate doesn’t mean she doesn’t support him in any number of ways.

  14. clint jenkins says:

    I know it was a joke by the fact that I put the quote up “the no, but seriously” part gives it away. Its pretty black and white, Im not using anything but the quote. I dont blame Mccain for joking, the problem is when the libs take it CLEARLY out of context to use it against him. Im also sure the supreme court wont get involved in a desision Mccain makes about being rich. However, the supreme court will get involved in the question the spinless Obama dodged. I think Mccains answer was perfect “but the point is that we want to keep people’s taxes low, and increase revenues.” Mccain at Saddleback

    I dont think anyone will answer the questions I posed on self reliability

  15. clint jenkins says:

    I think Mccain is in touch with America. He is telling us in the video if you need money get a second job or skip vacation. Thats America. And you know if he would have miscounted he would be a dead man in the press. Labeled and out of touch LIAR and so on. We do know about Obamas homes dont we (indictments, Rescoe). I think Obama is more out of touch on say, things like, killing babies outside the birthing canal. Playing the class envey politics is an old tactic and I dont think it will play out this time. If anyone earned a few homes through fighting for this country and putting blood on foreign soil- I would say Mccain fits that role.

  16. Clint:

    I know plenty of people who have second jobs and still are struggling. Jobs that pay $7.00 – $9.00 an hour don’t cut it in today’s world with today’s costs. ($7 x 40 = $280/week = $14,560/year) ($9 x 40 = $360/week = $18,720/year)

    All a second job does is tie up even more time of the breadwinners, taking them away from their kids even more. And, if it is a single parent raising children, it is even more difficult to hold a second job. Child care costs are out of sight.

    Many of our students work, raise families, and attend school. About 25% use public transportation because they can’t afford a vehicle and the insurance. I see the struggle on a daily basis, and, contrary to Republican belief, it isn’t because they are lazy or don’t want to work.

    It is easy to say there are tons of programs out there that provide “give away” money – until you work around those who are struggling. It is also easy to blame those who have less by saying you shouldn’t have items like TVs, cell phones, etc.

    The cell phones our students have substitute for a land line. They don’t have both. How is it that a phone service is now seen as a luxury? Or a TV?

    It would be nice if we all lived in a world where everyone had all the money, food, housing, medical care, etc. that they needed, but we don’t. What truly amazes me though is the consistent notion that those in need brought everything on themselves, that they are lazy, that they don’t deserve material items, etc.

  17. tim zank says:

    Charlotte sez “And how do you know the $5 million comment was a joke?”

    I know because I was watching that debate. It was clearly taken completely out of context just like the 100 years in Iraq mis-quote. They were both quick retorts to questions followed by an explanation, but you’ll never hear the explanation part from the MSM.


  18. clint jenkins says:

    I dont think people say it is always the poor persons fault. I think 90% of the time it is a part of life most of us go through then get out of. The problem is too many early 20 folks think they have to have the jet skis and fancy entertainment centers etc. So in your example above thats 640 a week. Not too far from where most of us start off in early workforce development. You see them on a daily basis, and they either better themselves or quit. How many do you follow up on. Do they struggle the rest of their lives. Doughtful. Sometimes we go through hard times to help us recognize what we have- youve done it, Ive done it, it sucks but it is a part of life govt wont help. Tell me how Obama will directly help your students. And PS would you be willing to pay tuition for a student who doesnt show up? Would you help them finacialy if they did? If a person is struggling I would help them out if I knew their character, not if they are a loser. And yes many poor people are poor because they chose to be.

  19. Tim:

    The YouTube clip has the complete conversation. Come on, if McCain knew his quote would be taken out of context, why did he even say it in the first place?

    He could have just as easily picked $1,000,000 or some other figure, but he chose $5,000,000. Perhaps he should watch his quick retort, foot-in-the-mouth comments.

    And, wow, I bet Republicans never, ever take anything that Democrats say out of context? They both do it, and you know that as well as I do.

    So, typical? On both sides.

  20. J. Q. Taxpayer says:

    I just wonder where you would place the late Jim Kelly in this world today? Here was a guy who owned a great many car dealerships, golf courses and many other businesses. He also owned many homes around the US. Here in Fort Wayne, Lake James, Atlanta, and some along the Alanta Coast area.

    He was a great man and also a good Democrat.

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