Jill Long Thompson stopped in Fort Wayne this evening to address supporters and answer questions about her plans for Indiana once she is governor. The fundraiser drew a large crowd including many elected officials as well as Third District Congressional candidate, Michael Montagano and his wife, Bethany.

Jill spoke to the audience and then participated in a question and answer session. She recently garnered several critical union endorsements and will be attending the Labor Day union picnic to be held at Headwaters Park this year.

Jill Long Thompson answers questions from her supporters


JLT suppporters, (from left to right) – Phil GiaQuinta, 80th District State Rep, Bethany Montagano, and Michael Montagano, Third District House of Representatives candidate


JLT supporters listen to Jill’s plans for Indiana




  1. jezz, sorry but this isn’t the picture that gets the base out or encourages political thought. Where did Montagano get that tan? That is the question the people in DeKalb and Noble Co. are gonna ask-however they think about Souder. If Montagano wants to make inroads into these areas he needs to get on the county roads. He needs to talk to the soil and water county committees and woodlands and water groups in NE Indiana. Exploit the resentment against CAFOs. But he needs to lose the suit!

  2. Kent:

    I am surprised at your answer given your background in sociology, etc. I would assume you studied charateristics of groups of people.

    Michael is Italian. Italians generally have an olive to tan complexion. While it may look like an artifical tan to you, I am going from teh assumption that it is his ancestry.

    Also, he has been traveling the Third District extensively. He has been out on the county roads and goes to virtually every event he can find.

    I assume he worked yesterday, so he probably came straight from work to the fundraiser which started at 5:30.

    I am surprised you jumped to such quick conclusions.

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  3. My computer screen even cuts off Montagano from the photo, but I know what he looks like–very handsome. So Kent’s computer must have the entire picture? But I thought we were past judging any candidate by his skin color or clothes!!!

  4. Judith:

    Some computers cut off the pictures and other don’t. I have no clue whether it is the browser or something else.

    I doubt some people are past race and skin color. I think we will see it come out more and more as we get closer to the election.

  5. Charlotte,
    I had my tongue planted in my cheek. Yes, we should be “past judging candidates by their clothes and skin color”…unfortunately that isn’t reality-esp. in the areas that Souder continues to win. I have incredible admiration for his effort and views. If you have a bug in his ear he needs to talk to some people in DeKalb County esp. the soil and water board. There is incredible discontent with Souder, but from what I have heard he hasn’t made many inroads.

  6. sorry, I can’t resist. The first picture is a promo for “The traveling sisterhood of the black pants”? Sorry, just having some fun.

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