Much is being discussed about Obama’s using the “race” card when he stated that he didn’t look like all those other guys on those dollar bills.

Looks like McCain forgot that he already beat Obama to using that particular reference. McCain and camp aired an ad a little over a month ago in which Obama’s face was implanted onto a $100 dollar bill. Of course, McCain supporters will say it isn’t the same thing for some reason or other.

So the fact that Obama says he doesn’t look like all those other guys on the dollar bills has already been usurped by McCain’s own ad.

Here’s the commercial.


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3 Responses to McCAIN – FORGETS AGAIN

  1. Craig Grant says:

    Britney Spears and McCain 2008 Dream Ticket..Craig đŸ™‚

  2. kent strock says:


    I notice you have a link for Dan T. aka Angry White Boy’s site. He has an openly racist post concerning Obama that has a video that involves the theme song from the Jefferson and clips of Hitler. As other people who disagree with Dan, I have been blocked from his site for calling him out for his racism.


  3. kent strock says:

    I take it you have seen the ad that was posted on McCain’s website on Friday concerning Obama as the messiah and uses images of Charlton Heston as Moses. Talk about
    “bush league”…McCain said it is just a “joke”.

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