In a strong showing of financial support, Jill Long Thompson raised $1.6 million in the second quarter of 2008. That figure darn near matches Daniels’ $1.8 million. Could it be that the powers that be in the Daniels’ camp have underestimated JLT’s ability to raise funds and fight this campaign?

To date, Daniels has spent $7,297,990.66 and has an ending balance of $2,847,140.73. JLT has spent $1,463,385.17 and has an ending balance of $1,040,323.24. Got that? Daniels has already spent over $7,000,000 – and for what? He has sunk much of his funding into TV commercials, which he apparently thought he had to do in order to get a head start. You will notice that he has changed his campaign tactic this time around.

We probably won’t see him running around in the RV and his flannel shirt and his baseball cap – whoops, sorry, he is still wearing the baseball cap. He has, instead, called on average Hoosiers to appear in front of the cameras to swear to what a wonderful governor he has been. You know, all those thousands of jobs coming to Indiana in 2011 and 2012.

Of course, there are those naysayers who question the source of her donations. Personally, I don’t think too many people care where she gets her funding. I would almost bet that Daniels received a substantial amount of his funding from out-of-staters four years ago when he ran for his first term as governor.

So, let me use a phrase here that I have usually avoided – YOU GO GIRL!


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