General David Petraeus slid easily through Senate confirmation on his way to his promotion as the top commander in the Middle East. Democrats again could not seem to find the intestinal fortitude to take a position that would indicate active disagreement with the Iraqi war.

The vote in the Senate was 95-2 with the sole opposition coming from Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia and Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa. Despite constant criticism of the war, Democrats kowtowed to the administration’s ploy to keep in command a general who has relentlessly supported and defended the need to keep troops in Iraq.

Petraeus has been nothing but a mouthpiece for the war in Iraq and a puppet to the administration’s end game to maintain troops in Iraq. Once again, Democrats had a chance to stand up and show that they oppose Bush’s irrational and misguided occupation of Iraq, and, once again, they failed.

Photo credit: BBC


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