Obviously, Jim Schellinger has decided to maintain some type of distance from the governor’s campaign since he was defeated by Jill Long Thompson almost two weeks ago. His concession speech did not once congratulate Jill Long Thompson. Here is his concession speech as found on his still-accessible website:

INDIANAPOLIS – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jim Schellinger called his primary opponent, Jill Long Thompson, at 4:15 p.m. to offer his congratulations and concede the gubernatorial primary race.

“We’re disappointed that we won’t get the chance to take on Mitch Daniels in November, but we wouldn’t trade the last 15 months for anything,” Schellinger said. “It truly was an amazing journey for me and my entire family.”

Earlier in the day, when more precincts were still unreported statewide, it appeared that the race was too close to call; however, the vote margin increased by a few thousand votes throughout the day. The final margin will likely be less than 0.5 percent.

“This was a hard-fought race that unfortunately was overshadowed by the presidential campaigns in Indiana,” Schellinger said. “I want to thank my fellow Democrats, my staff and my family for all of their support and kindness. We’ll never forget this experience.”

While the initial sentence indicates that he called JLT to offer congratulations, no where in the website speech does he once mention joining to support her in her bid against Daniels.

In a news conference at the Indiana Statehouse on May 14th, Indiana House Speaker B. Patrick Bauer (D-South Bend), Senate Democrat Leader Richard Young (D-Milltown), State Party Chair Dan Parker and several other state legislators, Marion County elected officials, and party leaders pledged their support to Long Thompson’s candidacy.

My understanding is that he was out-of-state when the Democratic party hierarchy gathered to support JLT at a news conference. You would think at some point though, he would have to come out of hiding and at least announce that he will work with the Democratic party and its nominee. If he doesn’t, it should give those who supported him pause to question his true loyalty to all Hoosiers and not just to himself.

JLT on election night



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