Although John and Elizabeth Edwards have not swung their support to either of the remaining candidates, Elizabeth Edwards has let it be known she prefers Hillary’s healthcare plan to Barack Obama’s plan.

Elizabeth Edwards appeared on the Good Morning America show and stated:

“You need that universality in order to get the cost savings,” Edwards said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “I think they both have the same goal; I just have more confidence in Senator Clinton’s policy than Senator Obama’s on this particular issue.”

Clinton is pushing a plan requiring people to obtain insurance with subsidies so everyone can afford coverage, and Obama is focusing more on affordability to achieve universal coverage, arguing that people won’t get insurance unless they can pay for it.

Photo Credit: JohnEdwards.com’


While neither Edwards may back a candidate, Elizabeth’s confidence in Hillary Clinton’s healthcare plan may go a long way to those who were Edwards’ supporters and have not yet made up their minds.


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