Hillary Clinton has recently been pilloried for her representation of her trip to Bosnia as dangerous. So of course Hillary Haters have made sure a video of the Bosnian trip was plastered all over the internet to show what a “liar” (their words – not mine) she is. Well, get a load of John McCain’s doubletalk and lies.

Pay particular attention to the one were he says the Iraq war can be won easily and quickly and then turns around and says that it will take a long time. Which one is it?

McCain originally thought the Iraq war would be easy. But note how he has changed his mind. Wow, either a colossal loss of memory of what he said back in the early days or an outright lie. Will the real John McCain please stand up?


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  1. Bobett Kelley says:

    My gosh Hilliary was in town. I’m sure you will share her views.

  2. Yes, I do share her views. I hope you aren’t suggesting that I can’t post about McCain’s failures and faults.

    My point is that Hillary Haters who support McCain are not looking back at his lies about Iraq. If Hillary can be trashed for misspeaking or “lying” as many have said, then McCain has done the same thing. That is very evident when you look at the video where he states, quite confidently, that Iraq can be easily and quickly won.

    What is fair for one is fair for the other.

  3. PunditMom says:

    I don’t think we’ll see the real McCain for a long time. And thanks for the link. (I just go by PunditMom) ! 🙂

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