Well, we all expected it, and we knew it was coming soon to a theater community near us.  Daniels has dug out his farm hats and dusted off his down-home looking shirts and is all set to travel the state again with his dog and pony show.  Gone will be the polished suits and the CEO style that surfaced the day after his election in 2004.  Back are those quintessential Hoosier items – the farm caps – the rolled up simple cotton shirts – the “aw shucks” demeanor.

But will he travel the state again in an RV, or will he be more conventional this time around?  His RV One must be in mothballs by now although it seems I remember a flap some time ago about his use of the vehicle to attend a political event.  

With his TV commericals beginning soon, we will once again be treated to his attempts to act like “one of us.”  He simply isn’t one of us, and the sooner Hoosier voters realize that, the better off they will be. 

He no doubt will tout his accomplishments from the first couple of years when he had the support of his Republican-controlled General Assembly.  But he won’t have much to talk about for the last two years because he pretty much disappeared after the Democrats took control of the House. 

Ah, let the fun begin!


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I own a home in the historical West Central Neighborhood of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have four grown sons and nine grandchildren - four grandsons and five granddaughters. I love to work on my home, and I enjoy crafts of all types. But, most of all, I enjoy being involved in political and community issues.
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  1. Andy says:

    Oh come on Charlotte, why do you keep picking on Mitch ?

    He IS one of US. Heck he even stated, in his new television campaign commercial, that he was shacking up with fellow Hoosier peasants as he made his way across Indiana in his new fandangled RV (which probably gets 5 miles/gallon).

    I keep looking and peeking out the window, waiting for Mitch and his RV to pull up in my driveway. I went out and bought the latest Larry the Cable Guy video cassette (for our viewing pleasure) and even have a pull-out sofa ready for Mitch to crash on.

    So what he cashed out on his IPL stock in 2001 at a tune to nearly 1.5 million while other shareholders saw their retirement accounts dwindle right before their eyes ? He’s just an ordinary bloke just like you and me.

    So long as he stands against gay marriage, sells out our highways to overseas investors and dons a flannel shirt and ball cap, I’m votin for ’em !!

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