George W. Bush has agreed to supply arms to Kosovo – and the game of one-upmanship begins.  Bush sells arms to Kosovo; Russia sells more arms to Serbia. 

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In a memo to the State Department made public by the White House, Bush said: “I hereby find that the furnishing of defense articles and defense services to Kosovo will strengthen the security of the United States and promote world peace.”  Yee gads!  Bush still lives in his virtual unreality world.  How does one argue that providing more instruments of death promotes “world peace?”  Absolute lunacy.  But then what can you expect from a president who sees himself as the saviour of the world and the purveyor of democracy. 

A senior official said the authorization followed US recognition of Kosovo’s independence and was part of the normal process of establishing relations with a new government.   Somewhere along the way, what is normal has become warped.  When people argue that providing arms is normal and helps establish peace, they are being disingenuouos.  And it all leads to increasing world tension and a game of one-upmanship that cannot be won.

Photo Credit:  The New York Times


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  1. Where are the weapons going to? What’s the value of the weapon’s contract?

  2. I haven’t seen a lot of detail as of yet, but I will definitely be watching.

  3. Phil Marx says:

    I do believe there is a time to fight. Sometimes that temporary disturbance might be necessary in order to protect the longer-term peace. So the phrase “fighting to keep the peace,” does not always seem like an oxymoron to me.

    But looking at this issue, it is clear that King George himself is an oxymoron. For the guy who originally campaigned on “The U.S. shouldn’t be the worlds policeman,” is through his policies actually saying “We should be the world’s Emporer.”

    Many of the people who are currently shooting at us are probably only doing so because we are occupying their cpountry. If we leave, they won’t follow us home. They’ll go back to tending their gardens and shooting each other.

    What Bush has done in Kosovo is to forcibly subjugate a group of people (Kosovar Serbs) under foreign domination. There is no strategic interest to this. The only fathomable reason is that it is a slap to our formal Russian enemy.
    Russia poses no seriuos threat to us today, but our actions in the Balkans will only provoke them and others, to become more concerned about the growth of the American Empire.

    But as any good emporer know, Bush realizes that there can be no real peace until the entire world unilaterally surrenders to us. It is a sad thought indeed to realize that the idiot that runs our country today suffers the same mentality as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

  4. Clyde says:

    Bush– what an idiot. So IOW, he wants to make the world safer… by sending arms to an unstable neostate like Kosovo in the Balkans, with a proven record of arms and drug trafficking, *and* documented links with al-Qaeda?

    The only caveat here is that both Bush and the Clintons in the prior administration have been guilty of this stupidity, so it seems like both parties are too dumb to do anything right.

    No wonder all my smart friends have been emigrating from the USA lately. If you have skills, then learn a language like French, Dutch or especially German, and look for opportunities across the ocean. (Not the UK or Australia, they’re in the same messes as we are.)

    The no-longer-great ship of the USA is sinking faster than an anvil in a swimming pool.

  5. DANNY says:

    clyde you’re saying that bush and clinton are stupid so is the whole america stupid then, why they didn’t chose you to be the president of united states you would make peace in the wolrd huh? stay where you are, you dont have any idea about politics low life

  6. Jim says:

    Clyde…I agree w/Danny. You’re clueless…just like all the other lemmings who follow such trash as this website. I lived in Kosovo over a year…in the slums w/the absolute dregs of society & can tell you: there is no (that’s zero to you) link between Kosovo & Al Queda. Where’d you learn that…from another garbage site like this? Holy cow, my man…this kind of stuff has people fishing for Jaws again at Martha’s Vineyard.

  7. Jim:

    Apparently you are the clueless one. Read the following links, and research a little bit. It always helps to know what you are talking about before you attempt to convince readers of your knowledge.


    So you lived in Kosovo for a year. Does that qualify you as an “intelligence” expert? Obviously you missed this piece for quite some time, so you “antenna” must not be too good. I wrote it way back in March.

    You do not cite to one source that negates Clyde’s information. All you do is throw out a bunch of statements with no foundation. You simply blabber about a subject but make no attempt to provide any backup.

    I imagine you just hope that readers will see it and believe it.

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