John McCain makes no secret of the fact that he will keep us mired in the Middle East for decades to come if he assumes the office of the presidency.  While many have talked about the similarities between Vietnam and Iraq, one major difference exists – oil.  Anyone who thinks this foray into nation-building isn’t about oil hasn’t been paying attention to our history with the oil producing countries. 

With oil rising at an almost unbelievable rate, what better course to take than to occupy our own private oil fields in Iraq?  The Bush administration has built the world’s largest embassy in Iraq in order to maintain a presence for an undetermined number of years.  In addition, Bush and Maliki are in the process of negotiating the terms of an agreement which will keep U.S. forces entrenched in Iraq until …. freezes over.  

McCain will simply continue a misguided and disastrous course of action a la George Bush.  Should McCain be elected, Bush will no doubt be smiling broadly as he exits the White House in January 2009.  George Bush, along with his neo-con cohorts, manipulated an American crisis into an invasion of a country which had no connection to 9/11.  But John McCain has no intention of manipulating anything – he blatantly and arrogantly says he will keep us there.

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We have had close to eight years of a president who is out of touch with reality and who has never let sanity and logic interfere with his quest to conquer Iraq.  The last thing that is needed is another tunnel-visioned president who sees Iraq and Afghanistan as nothing more than future American bases.


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  1. Publius187 says:

    Dear John (McCain),
    You were not a good naval pilot, you got shot down! The only thing you are known for is being a P.O.W. and temper tantrum!

    And now you want to keep a war going for another ten years! Who’s going to pay for it? Can’t wait to see who your running mate is going to be…perhaps another P.O.W?

    Information is the oil of the future. Not blood!

  2. another decorated war hero, trophy wife. short temper. volatile disposition, half crazy. elected by a desperate populace, during an era of economic collapse, and impending wars of expansionism.
    unpopular foreign trade treaties. skyrocketing fuel and food prices. bank/financial market implosions. mass unemployment and poverty. great depression.
    silver tongues devil ” I can change this economy around, and bring propserity to all.”
    a 1000 year reich.- a 100 year war.
    not to mention all the other trappings of police statism we already enjoy..
    all we need is for McCain to declare war/invade iran. just like operation barbarossa.

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