As a starter, here are the JOBS LOST numbers for 2007 under the Guv:

January – 911
February – 334
March – 569
April – 1836
May – 962
June – 111
July – 570
August – 1088
September – 908
October – 1115
November – 118
December – 483

9005 Hoosiers out of work.

Daniels is astute at using the podium from which to announce job “commitments” while in the background Hoosiers are losing jobs.  Many of the new jobs Daniels brags about are two to three years in the future.  A commitment is simply that – it mean a pledge or promise.  And pledges and promises can be broken as the Guv has learned with Getrag.  For those who don’t recognize the name, Getrag is a leading manufacturer of manual automatic transmissions.

Earlier this month, Inside Indiana News reported that autoparts supplier Getrag had suspended construction of a $530m dual sequential gearbox (DSG) transmission plant in Tipton County. Starting in 2009, the factory was set to produce 700k transmissions per year and employ some 1400 people.

Photo Credit: The Truth About Cars website

Indiana had provided several incentives to Getrag.  The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) ponied up $8.75m worth of performance-based tax credits and offered up to $500k for training grants. The state was on the hook for $3.4m for local road improvements.  According to Getrag Human Resource Director, Randy Cyman, the plant is on hold indefinitely while Chrysler and Getrag work out a supply agreement. 

But look for the Guv to step up his job announcements this next year. Something tells me we will be hearing more and more “commitment” announcements which have no impact on unemployed Hoosiers today.


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