Howey Politics Indiana is reporting that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jill Long Thompson is expected to report around $700,000 in the reporting period ending December 31, 2007 .

A large contribution of $200,000 from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) will not be included since it came in after the filing deadline of December 31, 2007. The SEIU contribution was reported on January 4, 2008, which will place it in the next reporting period.

Although JLT’s Democratic competition for Governor, Jim Schellinger, appears to still be in the lead financially, Jill is closing the gap. Schellinger’s campaign cannot quite seem to hit home with all Hoosiers. For all his fundraising and his traveling the state, he is still behind in name recognition.


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  1. Robert Rouse says:

    I’m 100% on board with the Jill Long Thompson campaign!

  2. EHS says:

    Actually the $200,000 is included in the 31st report, as the campaign reportedly received it on the 31st, but didn’t file it until the 4th (Indiana Campaign Finance). So that leaves $700,000 contributions raised before she reports her expenses, but I don’t expect they’re very high.

    Doesn’t often write checks with large sums of money in the bank.

  3. Just to clear up my confusion – the Howey Report said the $200,000 would not be included in the report. So is the $200,000 part of the $700,000, or is it in addition to the $700,000?

  4. EHS says:


    That says the campaign received it on the 31st (so part of the $700,000)…Maybe Howey thinks they picked it up after, but either way I think as long as it’s dated the 31st???

    Either way, Mitch posts all of his contributions on his website and it looks to be way above the $5 million plus mark.

    Hopefully one of the candidates steps up with the complete package soon in order to present a unified and comprehensive alternative to Mitch.

    Doesn’t often write checks with large sums of money in the bank.

  5. EHS says:

    the Bloomington Herald Times is reporting Jill backs I-69

    Doesn’t often write checks with large sums of money in the bank.

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